IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-12-14

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dadengaelkner: Hi01:04
dadengI'm off to bed01:13
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aksyvl: hello10:50
yvlmorning aks10:55
aksyvl: did you guys think having different version.cfg file for each schooltool build?10:55
yvlschooltool version.cfg slowly changes during develompent10:56
yvlthough it should change little from now on10:59
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aksyvl: but what if I need to know the KGS for 1.5.1?11:40
yvlhmm, let me look for it...11:43
yvlmenesis would know it better11:43
yvlI think it's buildbots rev 135...11:44
aksmenesis: ^^^ any idea?11:44
aksyvl, menesis: I've found a few problems, and hence I need to check my packages against the KGS11:44
aksyvl: building for 1.5.3 now11:44
yvlcool :)11:46
yvlprobably it would be nice to mirror our buildbot branch in Launchpad :)11:48
menesisthat was a plan, but have not decided a name11:51
menesisschooltool.release, schooltool.project, or schooltool.org11:52
aksmenesis: when you make a change, let me know11:52
yvlaks, I've sent you 1.5.1 versions.cfg11:52
aksmenesis: I'll have to adjust my scripts to read the version.cfg file properly11:52
aksyvl: thanks11:53
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menesisversionator needs to read versions.cfg properly as well..11:57
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algaDoes anyone know to what extent does SchoolTool support LDAP authentication, MS ActiveDirectory in particular?16:30
yvlalga - schooltool.ldap plugin :)16:36
algayeah, but does it work?16:36
yvlfrankly, no idea16:36
yvlit should work in some cases16:37
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aksth1a: hello20:55
th1aHi aks.20:55
aksI've built v1.5.3 yesterday (it's already 00:41) in the midnight here20:56
aksth1a: ^^^, i'll be testing the packages tomorrow20:56
th1aCool.  I sent Mark Shuttleworth a link to your blog.20:56
aksth1a: great20:57
aksth1a: I'm going to Rwanda this Jan to support their OLPC deployments, and one of the items on my TODO is to ingest SchoolTool in their school server infrastructure20:57
th1aExcellent.  Yes, I need to do some OLPC promotion.20:59
aksth1a: :)20:59
th1aI'm just an hour from OLPC HQ, so I should go visit sometime.20:59
aksth1a: was just working on some 32 bit packages, so still awake20:59
aksth1a: yeah20:59
th1aI did get to have a long talk with Walter Bender once, which was nice.21:00
th1aI went to a *really* early informational meeting at MIT as well.21:00
aksth1a: also regarding the versions.cfg file, we can have different files for different version and a symlink probably "latest" that will point to the most updated version, what do you say?21:00
th1aYou should ask menesis about technical issues.21:01
aksmenesis: ^^^ what are your thoughts on this?21:01
th1aHe's probably not around now.21:02
aksth1a, menesis: well it's already midnight here, so I better go to sleep. th1a: goodday to you and goodnight for me :)21:02
th1aGood night!21:02
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dadengaelkner: hi22:09
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aelknerdadeng, hey23:50

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