IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-12-13

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dadengaelkner, u should be resting now09:23
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dadengaelkner, are u there?15:44
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fsufitchello peoples16:15
fsufitchhere for the dev meeting, but going afk briefly to get some breakfast16:16
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th1aHi replaceafill, aelkner, yvl, menesis.16:31
fsufitchwhat about me, th1a ? :(16:31
th1aAh, hi fsufitch!16:31
fsufitch:) hi16:31
yvlmorning :)16:32
th1aOur meeting last week with Critical Links went very well, and I'll probably tell you to start booking flights to Portugal later this week.16:33
th1aI should probably just re-confirm with Alex before we all jump.16:34
th1aBut the current plan is to meet in Coimbra Feb 7 - 11.16:34
th1aActually, I should also confirm that we should be going to Coimbra.  ;-)16:35
th1aHow to get there, etc.16:35
th1aWe'll probably be taking the bus from Libson.16:35
replaceafillth1a, what will be the focus of the sprint?16:35
th1aWell, we'll be meeting with their ui and usability consultants, so mostly that.16:36
* menesis hello16:38
th1aSo you should plan on arriving the 6th, which means leaving the 5th for those of us crossing the Atlantic.16:38
th1amenesis: You're invited to this too.16:39
menesiscool :)16:40
th1aWe're all making a great sacrifice visiting Portugal in February.16:41
th1aIt would be even better if they still used their own currency, which would probably be devalued by now.16:41
th1aSo, I'll send you more detailed instructions later in the week for your travel plans.16:42
th1aI'm also going to re-do to emphasize our larger scale projects now -- Critical Links, OLE Nepal, etc.16:43
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th1aOK, moving on, aelkner, how are you doing?16:43
aelknerok, i guess16:44
aelkneri gave david back his links16:45
aelknerwhich allowed me to uncover his gradebook average score system problem16:46
th1aWhat caused that?16:46
aelknerhe created some custom score systems for i don't know what, then chose one for the average column16:47
aelknerhe has been playing around quite a bit with schooltool feateures he doesn't understand, i figure16:47
th1aWell, presumably everyone has to do that.16:48
aelkneryeah, so maybe he'll remember why he chose that score system for the average16:48
th1aSo he was just getting the titles he gave the score systems.16:48
aelknerhe actually has a title of '77-100' in one of them16:49
th1aWell, maybe we can make that clearer.16:49
th1aHow's the census report coming?16:49
aelknernot much progress there last week on that16:50
aelknerdid you see his note regarding demo fields16:50
aelknerhe seemed to suggest that what is on the census form he gave us is not decided yet16:51
aelknerhe wants to decide for himself what fields go in those forms16:51
th1aThat doesn't make any sense to me.16:51
aelknerto me neither16:51
aelkneri explained in one of my notes that there needs to be a standard set of fields for all schools16:51
aelknerone that the ministry would be looking for, but he has other ideas on that16:52
aelknerdid you see his note?16:52
th1aFrom my point of view, I just want to you come up with a basic version of the census report he sent us and then we're done after Thursday.16:52
th1aI'm not sure which note you're referring to.16:52
aelknerwell, anyway, i can work on finishing that up this week based on the fields that i gave him16:53
th1aBasically yes, do that.16:54
aelknerok, he had an interesting journal issue which i looked at16:54
aelknersome of the students had 'X' in some of their cells16:55
aelknerit looks like a student can have a different set of meetings for a given section than the rest of the students16:55
aelknerand i'm guessing that david had changed the schedule AFTER having already added some students16:56
aelknerso some of the students didn't get the whole set of meetings assigned to their calendar16:56
aelknerafter removing one of the students with the 'X' cells and putting him back into the section16:57
aelknerthe 'X; cells went away, so i suggested that to david16:57
th1aWhat do you think about that yvl?16:57
aelknerthere is no documentation for the 'X' feature, it's just a fail safe in the code16:57
yvlI'm trying to remember how it worked...16:58
aelknernot easy to do, is it? :)16:58
yvl(well, I kind of have two implementations in my head ATM)16:59
yvl(the one that was, and the one that I'm doing right now)16:59
th1aYes, this sounded to me like something that would be changing soon anyhow.17:00
yvlIIRC Alan is right17:00
yvlmeetings are built from timetables17:00
th1aSo we can just table it until the new timetables land.17:00
yvlon certain occasions17:00
th1aMoving on...17:01
th1aAnything else aelkner?17:01
aelknerso that's it for me,17:01
aelkneri'll keep looking for davd in the chat17:01
aelknerand finish up the census report17:01
th1aThanks aelkner.17:02
yvlstatus is basically the same17:02
yvlstill moving forward, still quite slowly17:02
yvltimetabling uncovers a myriad of small issues with... well with everything17:03
yvlST, Zope17:03
yvlI kind of understand Ignas' pain when somebody metions anything that has something to do with time17:04
yvland localization17:04
yvlso, on the more interesting moments from last week17:04
yvlI checked about hour formats, and if we can use localized versions of them17:04
th1aI probably should have just had you remove timetable support at the same time.17:04
yvlZope's formatters are pretty naggy there, so it's a bit useless for the UI17:05
yvlyou must enter precisely (9:30 AM) with correct case and spacing17:06
yvlor it's a format error17:06
yvland in Lithuanian entry somebody put HH:MM format17:06
yvland that means that 9:30 is illegal, you must use 09:3017:06
yvlThere are similar places in the database17:07
yvlsome countries have p.m., some PM, etc.17:07
th1aIn Zope's localization?17:07
yvlsome of them have PM in their own language - but evaluation is too strict to be practical17:07
yvlit just interprets the xmls downloaded from.... I don't remember from where17:08
th1aThis is the kind of thing you can't get bogged down on right now.17:09
yvlI know17:09
yvlbut you know how it happens with trails like this17:09
yvlit seems that the desired result is 15 min away17:09
th1aYes, I know.17:10
yvland then after an hour it seems like it's an hour away17:10
yvljust thought it was interesting to mention17:10
yvloh, and I managed to get sick(er) again17:10
yvlbut +- in condition to work17:11
yvlso, working from home...17:11
yvlother than that, timeline stays the same17:11
yvlwe need this done and over with this year17:12
th1aYes.  ;-)17:12
th1aOK, anything else?17:13
yvlno, that's it17:14
th1aThanks yvl.17:14
menesisnot much to report from last week17:15
menesisI had two days off because my wife was in hospital17:16
th1aSorry to hear that.  How is she doing?17:16
menesisit was a planned surgery for her daughter17:17
menesisit all went well17:17
menesiswas home after two days17:17
th1aGood to hear.17:17
menesisI pushed a few packages, not much last week17:19
menesismost of those that I have made available were uploaded by Daniel and Jonathan17:19
th1aOK, good to hear.17:19
th1aWe just need to keep that rolling then.17:19
menesissome have problems17:19
menesiswith the wrong license version. so they are not uploading those17:20
menesisI will have to fix that both in Zope repository and Ubuntu packages17:20
menesiswas doing some of that today17:21
menesisalso spent some time, most of Friday, on Zope/Ubuntu issues not directly related to schooltool17:21
menesisthat the new buildout (1.5) does not really work with system python17:22
menesisread much mail, launchpad, hopefully found a cause for failure17:22
menesisI would like SchoolTool to use buildout 1.5 as well17:23
menesisbecause it will allow us to use lxml, PIL, libicu, etc. from system packages17:24
menesisso this was of interested for me.17:25
* th1a nods.17:25
menesisalso because I'm the maintainer of Zope, and the original bug report complained that our packaging is wrong17:26
menesisI think that's all17:26
th1aOK, thanks menesis!17:27
menesiswill upload more packages so that sponsors have sometihng to work on17:27
th1aGood.  Keep that rolling so that we don't have a giant pile at the last minute.17:27
replaceafilllast week i worked on cando's gradebook17:28
replaceafillmenesis, i sent you an email requesting a new cando release17:28
replaceafillalso, i helped glenda lewis with a problem with the validated resume in cando17:29
replaceafillalso, i met with Trevor Joefield and asked him for his schoolbell/schooltool custom code17:30
replaceafillhe sent it and i modified the database exporter to 'export' his custom fields and person notes17:30
replaceafillhe seemed happy after that :)17:30
replaceafilli also tested aks' scripts for building schooltool rpms in fedora 1317:31
replaceafillafter sending him my log files i talked to him and he told me everything seemed to work17:31
replaceafilland finally, th1a did you see dwelsh email (the last one)?17:32
replaceafillthere's a school which would like to use Cando + gradebook + attendance17:32
replaceafilli replied dwelsh with my comments on how jelkner's instance is set up17:32
menesisreplaceafill: I saw your cando branch. good work!17:33
menesisI don't think all the styles like "cell" are needed17:33
replaceafillmenesis, :)17:33
replaceafillah yes, i noticed some of them are useless17:33
replaceafillbackground transparents and all...17:33
menesisbut most important that you separated .js from template17:33
replaceafillah, th1a i also checked the gradebook, and uses the same approach17:34
menesishowever, schooltool.gradebook has the same problem17:34
replaceafilli'm planning to move to gradebook mode again this week, maybe i can do the same there?17:34
menesisif it is possible, would be very good17:35
replaceafillth1a, i guess that's all i have, im going back to the gradebook preferences work, i'm still in the UI17:35
th1areplaceafill:  This is probably an excellent time for you to do general cleanup.17:36
replaceafillth1a, the css is other one i'd like to do17:36
replaceafillfor good17:36
th1aWe're not going to start you on a big new project right before the holidays.17:36
th1aAnd there are plenty of things to tidy.17:37
replaceafillthat's why i fixed that other cando bug, because it was small17:37
replaceafillok, i'll keep looking for things to clean and ask17:37
th1aOK, anything else?17:37
replaceafillno, i guess that's it17:37
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:37
aelknerdid we keep his attention? :)17:38
th1aThese kids today with their MTV attention spans!17:39
th1aWell, in the meantime, one last thing from me.17:40
th1aJust a note that now that you're all eligible for bonuses, that also means that if the exchange rates go wacky next year, we'll compensate by lowering everyone's bonus pool proportionally.17:41
th1aIf we've lost fsufitch, then...17:41
th1aHave a great week gentlemen!17:41
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:42
replaceafillthanks everybody!17:42
yvlgreat week guys :)17:42
aelknergreat week everyone17:43
fsufitchoh hey17:43
fsufitchi was zoned out17:43
fsufitchyou did sort of keep my attention, but i'm also running on a bit less sleep than usual, since i normally wake up later than i did today17:44
fsufitchth1a, ping?17:46
fsufitchi am clearly bad at this :-|17:46
th1aDo you have anything to report to the group?17:47
fsufitchnot really, no, i just thought that since you pinged me at the end of things, you had something for me, but no, i dont have anythign for you17:47
th1aOK then.  ;-)17:47
th1aI've not managed much EVE lately.17:48
fsufitchme either, im just getting back into it17:49
th1aHave you played with the character creator?17:49
fsufitchbut the current state of U'K is a bit unfriendly to frigateering, so im actually in the process of applying to T.R.I.A.D17:49
fsufitchyep, on Sisi17:49
fsufitchthough it was an old version that was still glitchy and buggy17:49
fsufitchi'm waiting  until they put the newer version on Sisi17:49
th1aYeah, I'd imagine they'll be updating it soon.17:50
fsufitchit'll be a challenge getting Petrus to look at least remotely like he originally did, brutors undergo a massive change17:50
th1aJust go for a fresh start.17:50
fsufitchi guess, lol17:50
th1aI'm glad they aren't worrying about backward compatibility for faces.17:51
fsufitchwell yeah, it's hard to maintain backward compatibility when the realism changes so much17:51
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replaceafillwe should change the order of the 'make realclean' rule :)18:51
replaceafilldelete eggs and instance first, and then run 'make clean'18:52
replaceafillit looks for all the pyc files in the eggs directory!18:52
replaceafillwhen it's about to delete it :/18:52
th1areplaceafill walks around the code with his broom.19:02
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replaceafillth1a, what should i do about ?19:43
replaceafilli mean, we already helped trevor19:43
replaceafillthanks th1a19:49
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