IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-12-10

replaceafillfunny, i used one of your invoices when i asked that question :)00:00
replaceafilli can send you one sample00:00
fsufitchhaha awesome.00:01
replaceafillfsufitch, sent00:08
fsufitchnice file format :)00:15
replaceafilland i put this in my email signature:
fsufitchyeah i saw00:18
fsufitchwas the irony not on purpose?00:18
fsufitchmeh, to make sure people can read files i send them, i just do PDF if they don't have openoffice00:19
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aelknerdadeng, hey01:41
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aksreplaceafill: hello05:21
replaceafillhey aks05:21
aksreplaceafill: your log files were quite okay05:22
aksreplaceafill: now for the failed build, we can manually intervene to fix the errors05:22
replaceafilli wish i understand more about packaging or fedora :)05:22
replaceafillwow, th1a wrote instructions for your rpms in the book!05:23
aksreplaceafill: yeah05:25
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dadenghey aelkner17:16
dadengand th1a17:16
dadenghow are u all17:16
th1aI'm fine.  aelkner is probably asleep.17:18
dadenghey, he needs it, programming makes one nocturnal17:29
dadengwe got final budget approval for the meeting finalize today17:29
dadengthe budget is shared between NIEPA and UNICEF17:30
th1aGood.  Date still the 16th?17:34
dadengare u there now?17:52
dadengno, the date is 20th, there was an indecision whether the meeting should hold in Kaduna State or in Ondo17:53
dadengbut we finally agreed on in NIEPA because the cost for Kaduna is twice that of Ondo17:54
dadengI'll give a full update hopefully on tuesday when all invitation emails have been dispatched17:54
dadengbut i have here the list of all invitees here17:55
th1aI'm here.17:56
th1aOK.  Sounds good.17:56
dadengwe are inviting all known stakeholders in education for the meeting18:00
dadeng87 participants in all18:00
dadengUNICEF seems keen on it18:00
* th1a smiles and nods.18:01
dadengbecause all their education program officers will be in attendance18:01
dadengi hope i'll do a vidoe coverage of the meeting and share with us after18:02
dadengi'm leaving the UN premises for my office now, cya later18:05
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replaceafillth1a, i finally could play with Notes :)18:06
replaceafillwill add it to the script, according to Trevor that's the last thing he needs18:07
th1aI think we only took them out as part of a general push to get rid of things we weren't actually maintaining.18:07
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replaceafillth1a, now that i'm in cando mode, could i fix this:
replaceafillit's not too difficult20:31
th1alike a few hours?20:35
th1amight as well on a fri afternoon20:36
replaceafill1-2 most20:36
aelknerdadeng, ayt?20:37
dadenghey aelkner20:46
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* replaceafill whishes he could take meeting notes like those... :)20:56
aelknerreplaceafill, haha20:58
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