IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-12-07

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aksyvl: ping11:22
yvlpong, aks11:22
aksyvl: how was the dev meeting?11:22
yvlgood, thanks :)11:23
yvlwe didn't discuss RPM packaging though - as Douglas is testing them anyway11:24
yvlhope it's ok with you?11:24
yvl(he sent you an email just before the meeting)11:24
aksyvl: yes, he cited some errors which i'm fixing now11:25
aksyvl: Douglas is not online though11:25
yvlyes, he is located in El Salvador :)11:27
yvlits 3AM there if I got my timezones right11:27
aksyvl: oh ok11:28
ignashaha timezones :)11:28
yvlwhat? ;)11:28
ignasstill feel a sting when I see 'got timezones' and 'right' in one sentence ;)11:30
yvlhence the abundant usage of ifs and maybes in all sentences containing timezones ;)11:31
ignaswolfram is quite useful when you get the hang of it11:33
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aksyvl: did you get my reply on the mail that Douglas sent yesterday? I'm afraid if my reply got lost12:32
yvlthe one with "update SPEC from git repo"? yes.12:44
yvl(aks, and I got another one again few minutes ago)12:46
aksyvl: ok12:46
aksyvl: if Douglas's tests confirm okay, i'll push the recent changes to the master branch12:46
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th1areplaceafill:  Have you tested your fix at ACC yet?21:09
replaceafillth1a, i'm talking with dwelsh right now21:10
replaceafillth1a, matt is coming so we can set it up21:13
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replaceafillhey mattva0121:13
replaceafillmattva01, i have a new branch in launchpad:21:14
replaceafillth1a, setting my sandbox now in the ACC server21:25
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mattva01hey replaceafill, what was the port again?22:02
mattva01thanks :p22:03
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th1areplaceafill:  How's it looking?22:20
replaceafillth1a, matt said he would go to test it, no news yet22:21
replaceafilland dwelsh is Away in gtalk22:21
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mattva01replaceafill, it seems to work22:24
replaceafillmattva01, great22:24
mattva01heading back to main comp :p22:26
replaceafillthanks mattva0122:26
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replaceafillth1a, just changing the templates :)22:27
replaceafillthe python code for that view is maccaroni (as yvl says)22:27
replaceafilli profiled it yesterday, and some things are done too many times22:27
th1aWell, yeah, I realized it must be pretty simple when I understood that only part of the page wasn't loading.22:28
replaceafillmethodA is called in __init__ and then in update()...22:28
th1aBecause I don't even know how I'd do that if I tried.22:28
replaceafilldwelsh said he will ask some teachers to test it tomorrow, so we'll have more info about it22:29
th1aI don't expect it will be very complicated from here.22:29
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mattva01so replaceafill, just get gediminas to get me an deb upgrade path and we are golden :p22:32
replaceafillmattva01, will do22:32
mattva01you rock :p22:33
replaceafillmattva01, dwelsh said he will ask some teachers to try it22:33
replaceafilllet's wait for their input22:33
replaceafilljust in case22:33
mattva01yeah will do22:33
replaceafilland that will give me time to clean a little more22:34
mattva01sounds good to me22:34
replaceafillmattva01, btw, are these workstations running firefox or ie?22:34
replaceafillah ok22:35
mattva01cando's layout breaks horribly in IE722:35
mattva01and the dynamic update doesn't even work properly :p22:35
mattva01looks fine in ie9 though22:35
mattva01ok time to go play some world of warcraft: cataclysm :p22:39
replaceafillthanks again mattva0122:40
mattva01np, and thank you ! i'm sure the teachers will be very happy once this is verified and deployed :p22:41
mattva01ok i'm out , cya22:41
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* replaceafill will investigate if the schooltool.gradebook is using this "2 views in 1" pattern...22:42
dadengaelkner hi22:54
aelknerhey dadeng22:55
dadengnow some observations22:55
dadengpls login with AKINWALE and use adeyemi as password22:56
aelknerbtw, i have a fix for the initial crash problem, it may fix the problem you have now, maybe not22:58
dadengok, so should i update first?22:58
aelkneryes, here's how:22:59
aelknergo to the terminal session where you have the server running and stop it by hitting ctrl-c22:59
dadenggo ahead22:59
aelkneryou should be in the schooltoo.niepa directory23:00
aelknerbzr pull23:00
aelknerthat command will pull the latest changes from the internet23:00
aelkneryou should see some file names with + or - next to them, i forget23:02
dadengbut it is pulling already23:02
dadengit finished pulling23:03
aelknermake run23:03
aelknertry loogging in as teacher and you should not get crash problem23:04
aelknerthen try the bug were about to report, and if it still stands, i'll look into it23:04
dadengyes, it is in the journal view23:07
dadengit is still there23:07
aelknerwhat is the script to get to the bug?23:08
aelkneri.e., i logged in, i'm at the cando 'What would you like to do?' view23:09
dadengno loging in23:10
dadengwith the same teacher i gave u b423:10
aelknerwhy wouldn't you log in?23:11
dadengi'm log in23:11
aelknerok, now what?23:11
dadengJournal -> Technical Drawing 27023:12
dadengis the view ok?23:12
aelkneri see periods appearing twice23:13
aelkneri know there's a reason for that, i'm trying to remember23:14
dadengeven with that it doesn't look consistent23:14
dadengok, u can look later23:14
dadengnow let's move on23:14
dadengunder school info23:15
dadengit is just some of the setup values23:16
dadenglevels of education23:17
dadengit should be23:17
dadengJunior Secondary Only, Senior secondary Only, Combined23:18
dadengbut why is this a setup value and dynamically provided?23:18
dadengand not dynamically provided?23:18
aelknerhow dynamically would schooltool know whether a school was any of those types?23:20
dadengby the user providing it instead of predefined23:20
dadengthat value should be provided by the administrator once and for all23:21
dadenganyhow let's go on23:21
aelkneradministrator of what?  the schooltool server?23:21
aelknerso that person sets the value in that form to the correct one23:22
dadengnow under type of school23:22
aelknerlet's not move on23:22
aelkneri'm in the middle of talking about the schoolo info23:22
dadengfill it in23:22
dadengyes it is still under schoolt info23:23
aelknerwe were talking about school type23:23
aelknerand you asked why not dynamically23:23
aelknerbut schooltool can't guess what type of school is using it23:23
aelknerthe user must fill in that value23:23
aelknerthat's what the form is for23:23
aelknerit let's the user tell schooltool what the values would be23:24
dadengmost of the predefined values on the form should be filled in once by schooltool administrator23:24
aelknerwho's stopping the adminstrator23:24
dadengwhat do u mean?23:25
aelknerit HAS to be done once23:25
aelknerhow else would schooltool know the vales!!!23:25
aelknerso the admin user fills them in23:25
aelknerand then they are set forever23:26
dadengi don't understand, do u have ur instance on over there?23:26
dadengso pls check it23:26
dadengso that we're talking about the same thing23:26
aelkneri went to Schol Info23:27
dadenglook at it23:27
aelknerI pulled down the list next to Schhol type23:27
aelkneri selected one23:27
aelkneri hit Apply23:27
aelkneri returned23:27
aelkneri found that the value was set23:27
dadengLevels of education offered first pls23:27
aelknerwhat else would one expect23:27
aelkneryou would like that to be two different questions, i get that23:28
aelknerthe report pdf can answer the census question by looking at both questions23:29
dadengno, instead of having predefining those values there which are not complete as it now23:29
dadenglet the ST admin set it up once and forever23:30
dadenghey alan, it seems we're not in sync23:30
th1aCan't we just preset the niepa package with all the possible values for Nigeria and leave it at that?23:31
dadengyes, that's another option23:31
aelknerwhat's the point of the census form if every school is going to answer it the same?23:31
dadengbut that means we have to wait until i get all the available options23:31
dadengno i did not mean that because there are several types of schools in nigeria23:32
th1aWe just need to stay focused on what you need for a plausible demo.23:32
aelkneri thought the need was for schools to communicate data to the ministry23:32
aelknerfor god sakes, if we can't agree on that...23:32
dadengbut this is an important thing to get right23:32
dadengit is not that complex23:33
dadengyes, is it that schooltool cannot accept this values as user input or what?23:33
th1aDo you want the user to type this in?23:34
th1aJust a textbox?23:34
dadengyes, that is a possibility in system design23:34
th1aWe can do that if you want.23:34
dadengon the other hand we can have a setup table as it is done now, but the values are not complete23:35
dadengand that is what i'm trying to tell Alan23:35
dadengmay be he's worked too hard today23:36
dadength1a what do u suggest?23:36
th1aLet me take a look.23:37
th1adadeng:  Just send us an email with the correct values for the menu in each of those fields.23:39
dadengok, i'll do that23:41
dadengare we going for setup table or to be provided by the ST admin during setup23:42
th1aIt will be like this, with the proper values.23:43
* th1a goes to make dinner.23:44
aelknerdadeng, it all good, just trouble communicated on a funcimental data processing point23:44
aelknerwhen you say you want something preset that in fact needs a user to communcate23:45
aelkneryou just mean you need the form to be slightly differetn23:45
aelknerin ways that we can work out here and now23:45
dadengyes, it's ok,23:45
aelknerin order for the user to commnicate the values intended23:45
aelknerso, case in point23:45
aelknerLevels of education offered23:46
dadenghey Alan, don't worry i'll make it easier, i'll write what i think about each view and send u email23:46
aelknersounds good23:46
dadengi'm doing that already23:46
aelknerwhile you're doing that, i'm wokring on getting you your links back :)23:46
dadengreally u're doing a great work here and i appreciate it23:46
dadengit is just that we have to manage communication over internet23:47
dadengso, i'll get back to u soon23:47
dadengok, good23:47
aelknerok, cool23:51

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