IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2010-12-05

aelknerdadeng, hey00:14
aelknerdid you check out the student, teacher and location forms?00:15
dadengno, i did not yet00:16
dadengonly the students00:16
dadengand teacher00:16
dadengbut not yet location00:16
aelknerManage->Resources>New Location00:17
aelknerbesides locations, schooltool has plain resources and equiptment resources00:17
dadengok, i'm checking it now00:17
aelknerbut location resources are where classrooms would be set up00:17
aelknerthe fieldset titled 'Location demographics' has the fields that only exist in your custom schooltool.niepa package00:18
aelknerjust as the students and teachers have their own custom demographics00:18
aelknerall of these demographics add up to ost of what is on the census form you sent us00:19
aelkneralso Manage->School Info00:20
dadengok i can see that00:20
aelknerso you see how you enter the school info, add students, teachers and locations00:21
aelknerand then a census report can be generated (still working on that)00:21
dadengI'll update this info for ACEDSS00:22
aelknerwhat does that mean00:22
dadengand see how it comes out00:22
dadengthe demonstration school that we are using now00:27
aelknerwhen you say 'see how it comes out', are you less than confident?00:27
dadengit is call Adeyemi College of Education Demonstration Secondary School00:28
aelknerin other words, is there something i can do in the meantime that would improve things00:28
dadengno, I'm quite confident of everything00:28
dadengi'm only talking about the views on each item00:29
aelkneryeah, i want to fix anything i can between now and Dec 900:29
aelknerfor rinstance, i just checked the term view, and i need to add back a Sections link00:30
aelkneralso, the section view is missing its Gradebook link00:30
aelkneri'll be able to get those to you shortly00:31
aelknerin the meantime, please click around and make a list of things you need changed00:31
aelknerfor now, could you explain what you meant about the average column not displaying well?00:32
dadengyes, the average column on the screenshot i sent to u is not displaying well00:46
dadengdo u have the screenshot?00:46
dadengpls open it00:46
dadengcan u see it? the third column with "Ave."00:48
dadengdisplaying entry as 70-100, 40-49, etc, what does it mean?00:49
dadengif u have the data in, then pls log in eith teacher01:00
dadengAKINWALE,  and use adeyemi as password01:01
dadengthere are some things that need tidying up01:01
dadengat login, calendar-> Manage01:02
dadengleave me msg, i'll get back later01:03
aelknerdadeng, looking at it now...01:47
aelkneractually, i should have said, looking for it...01:48
aelknercould you please send it to me again?01:48
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