IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2010-12-02

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replaceafillaelkner, you around?00:48
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aksth1a, replaceafill, yvl: hello05:22
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th1ahi aks.06:07
aksth1a: we will be piloting schooltool in real environment this month06:07
aksth1a: we are building localized manuals now06:08
th1aOur proposal/budget for next year was approved.06:08
aksth1a: that's great :)06:08
th1aYou're #4 on our priorities for the year.06:09
aksth1a: any suggestions/ideas that we might consider while piloting06:09
aksth1a: good news for me :)06:09
th1aI would say just focus on a relatively narrow set of uses to start.06:10
aksth1a: ok06:11
aksth1a: parallel to this piloting, I need to look over some programmable/pluggable points in schooltool, in a way to integrate our existing registration system in it06:11
th1aWhat kind of registration?06:12
th1aThat, is do you mean registering students into the school?06:12
th1a(or registering something else)06:12
replaceafillhello gentlemen06:12
aksth1a: currently we maintain a system of XO laptop registration (through a module called idmgr). When a new laptop connects to the server, its details are automatically registered06:12
aksreplaceafill: hello06:13
th1aAh, ok.06:13
aksth1a: so I want to have the same functionality for schooltool (when user connects, and he doesn't have a user instance, it should automatically create one)06:13
aksth1a: also that if a laptop connects (or is available), at certains times during the day, his/her attendance should automatically be taken to be "present"06:14
th1aHm, ok.06:14
th1aIs the laptop registration part of the XO server software?06:17
aksth1a: yes, it's a simple python+pgsql stuff06:17
th1aDid your team write that yourself or is it standard for XO deployments?06:17
aksth1a: it's the standard one06:18
replaceafillaks, it's xmlrpc, correct?06:18
aksreplaceafill: I think so, I've not gone through it thoroughly.06:18
* replaceafill remembers one of the treehouse guys talked about it once06:19
replaceafilland i got curious :)06:19
aksreplaceafill: :)06:19
th1aWe can do XMLRPC.06:19
aksth1a: ok, that's not an immediate requirement, but we would like to have a pluggable interface to schooltool, so that we can develop plugins of our own in a way to customize schooltool06:20
replaceafillaks, at that time i thought the Register button of Sugar was for registering the software online :D06:20
th1a"register" can refer to a lot of things.  ;-)06:21
aksreplaceafill, th1a: yes, in this case the registration is done with schoolserver.06:21
replaceafillright :)06:21
th1aaks:  If you could just write down what kind of plugins you want we'll give you some advice.06:21
th1aAgain, "plugins," "hooks," etc. can mean different things to different people.06:21
th1aSo an email with a few concrete examples would be great.06:22
aksth1a: hmm..., I mean we don't want to force the schooltool community downright our own directions, but rather forming small groups for different functionalities (as for ours)06:23
th1aYes, I understand that point.06:24
aksth1a, replaceafill: I'm testing my automated build scripts for schooltool now, I'll upload them to the git repo in a while06:25
aksreplaceafill: can you also test the script, so that other people who want to package schooltool can do it without much hassles?06:25
th1aI just mean, like, you want to be able to trigger adding a student from an external script via XML-RPC.06:25
th1aThat's one kind of hook we can add.06:26
aksth1a: ok, in that case, I'll prepare my "schooltool-wishlist" and mail it06:26
replaceafillaks, sure, where could i get it?06:26
th1aOther people want hooks like "When I add a student to SchoolTool I want SchoolTool to run an external script."06:26
aksreplaceafill: I'll provide you the link in a while after I upload it06:26
th1aThanks aks.06:26
replaceafillaks, ok06:27
aksreplaceafill: have we added some more dependencies for schooltool-1.5.3?06:29
aksreplaceafill: also I see that we've changed the structure of the versions.cfg file06:30
replaceafillaks, hhmm i guess menesis and yvl can answer that better06:30
aksreplaceafill, th1a: also a problem with current hosting is that we're hosting 1.5.1 and 1.5.3 in the same directory, and the versions.cfg file is updated for 1.5.3, so there is no way to track the dependencies for 1.5.106:31
aksreplaceafill, th1a: this will confuse packagers06:31
replaceafillaks, +1 on versioned versions.cfg file :)06:32
replaceafilli get confused when i see buildout downloading new eggs in my dev environments and i wonder "what changed?"06:33
th1aaks:  yes, you should email the developer's list about these issues and I'll make sure Gediminas (menesis) is aware of your concerns.06:33
th1aHe does a good job on everything except communicating.06:33
aksreplaceafill: the approach that I'm following with my automated build is that you provide the version number (e.g. 1.5) and then it will traverse the directory and find the one with the highest number (in this case 1.5.3), but this is a problem in the case I want to build 1.5.106:33
aksth1a: any link to the developer mailing list?06:33
aksreplaceafill: thanks06:34
replaceafillaks, you're getting the code from: ?06:34
aksreplaceafill: yes06:35
th1aGood night aks & replaceafill.06:47
replaceafillsee you th1a06:47
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aksreplaceafill: ping07:07
replaceafillhey aks07:07
aksreplaceafill: see for the specs and my build scripts07:08
aksreplaceafill: is the automated build script07:08
* replaceafill checks07:09
replaceafillaks, the script will run on F9 and F13?07:11
aksreplaceafill: yes, you need to provide to the script a parameter about which version of Fedora you would be running07:11
aksreplaceafill: see the README for details07:11
replaceafilloh ok07:11
replaceafill-v schooltoolversion07:12
replaceafill-b fedoraversion07:12
aksreplaceafill: for -v you should supply like 1.5 (not 1.5.3)07:13
replaceafillah ok07:14
aksreplaceafill: it automatically forms URL in the form{schooltoolversion}/ and checks if the url exists, then scours the list of files at that URL to find the most recent builds of schooltool, gradebook, lyceum.journal, and intervention, and downloads them07:14
aksreplaceafill: also it reads the version.cfg file and automatically generates a list of dependent packages along with the required version07:15
replaceafillnice :)07:15
replaceafillat the end i'll have all the rpms needed to install in fedora07:15
aksreplaceafill: yes, but with a few exceptions07:16
replaceafillthe ones you get from the system, correct?07:16
aksreplaceafill: the exceptions -- 1) if the script is unable to find the source package 2) if the script is unable to find the spec file for a given package 3) if the rpmbuild fails for a spec file07:16
aksreplaceafill: in those situations, you'll have to manually take control. Even though it does more than 90% of the job, so that you need to take care for the ones for which source or spec is not found, and for which the rpmbuild fails. This highly eases the packaging process\07:18
aksreplaceafill: are you testing it?07:25
replaceafillaks, not yet, i'm downloading an ubuntu iso07:26
replaceafillit's taking my bandwith :(07:26
aksreplaceafill: oh ok, let me know your test results07:26
replaceafillwill do07:27
replaceafillbtw, do i need to uninstall schooltool?07:27
aksreplaceafill: thanks, no you don't need to07:27
replaceafillah ok07:27
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aksmenesis: hello07:59
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