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th1ahi replaceafill.04:25
replaceafillhey th1a04:25
th1aDoes the CanDo gradebook use Ajax?04:26
replaceafillit uses a lot of javascript, but no ajax calls04:26
replaceafillfull reload on save04:26
replaceafilland to me, what breaks is that, javascript04:26
replaceafillmaybe is not transfered completely04:27
replaceafillthe undefined David talks about is javascript04:27
replaceafillthe descriptions are not fully loaded04:27
th1aI see.04:27
replaceafilland hear this: the gradebook template has TWO body tags04:27
replaceafilland the onload=... attribute is in the second one!04:27
th1aAh, so probably we need to clean it up.04:27
replaceafilli was writing a response to David, but wanted to sync with you first04:28
replaceafilli mean, if we were going to spent time on it, etc04:28
th1aIf you could diagnose the problem more later this week it would be a start.04:29
replaceafilli spent some time looking at the generated code, and trying out software like firefox throttle and iprelay04:29
replaceafillto simulate the delay04:29
replaceafillbut i remember seeing the undefined problem when i was working with David last year04:30
replaceafilli just didnt spend time on it04:30
replaceafillalso, i think resources, specially jquery could be cached in the web server side04:31
th1aOK.  I can imagine roughly what is going on.04:31
replaceafillbut i remember when ignas explained to me how the journal ajax works04:31
replaceafilland it seems like a good solution, maybe04:31
replaceafillless transfer04:31
th1aI seem to recall hearing some crazy explanations of what that gradebook actually does.04:35
th1aIt reloads a ton of stuff every time?04:37
replaceafillsends all the inputs04:38
replaceafilland gets lots of javascript back04:38
replaceafilli tested a middle-big size competency gradebook today04:38
replaceafilland it takes 404 kB total04:38
replaceafilljust the generated html was 200 kB04:38
replaceafilljavascript like 12004:39
replaceafilljquery takes like 8004:39
replaceafilland the rest style sheets04:39
th1aSo that all has to be optimized and cached where possible.04:40
replaceafillmove the dynamic stuff to a single place and optimize04:40
replaceafilllots of global ids for competencies flying around04:40
replaceafillin the page04:40
replaceafilli mean, those kind of things could be easier to do than say make it ajaxy04:41
th1aI'm not going to have you do the Ajax.04:42
replaceafilli know it's a big gradebook04:49
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aksth1a, yvl, replaceafill: hello05:17
replaceafillhey aks05:17
aksreplaceafill: so the RPMs worked, right?05:18
replaceafillafter updating the system everything was easy05:18
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aksyvl: check for my automated RPM build system for schooltool10:11
aksyvl: though it is not 100% automatic, but it is very helpful as it does much of the trivial work10:12
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yvlwill do, aks10:18
aksyvl: ok, also report if there are any bugs10:18
yvlaks, in buildspec, what exactly do you send?10:25
yvlspawn rpmbuild -ba --sign $specfile10:26
yvlexpect "Enter pass phrase:"10:26
yvlsleep 210:26
yvlsend "somethingthatlooksveryinteresting"10:26
aksyvl: oh that's redundant file10:26
aksyvl: deleting that10:26
aksyvl: there will be more changes to that after i test it10:29
yvlof course10:30
yvlbut - it's really nice work!10:30
yvlsorry, I won't test the build, at least today10:32
yvlI'd need to set up the build environment...10:32
aksyvl: it's better if you do it tomorrow10:36
aksyvl: I've found a few bugs which I'll be fixing today10:36
yvlagain, thanks!10:38
yvlyou did a lot of work there :)10:38
aksyvl: :)10:39
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replaceafillth1a, you around?19:28
replaceafillth1a, i have a question about worksheet preferences19:31
replaceafillright now, we handle 6 preferences19:31
replaceafill2 for labels, 2 for hiding the labels, 1 for hiding the due date filter and one for the average scoresystem19:32
replaceafillall of them are 'global' in the person19:32
replaceafillwith the work i'm doing, we're moving them to the worksheet level and the section level19:32
replaceafillsection level = gradebook level19:33
replaceafillbut my question is, if we still handle the 6 preferences19:33
replaceafillhow do override just some of them?19:33
replaceafillfor instance a user defines the 6 at the gradebook level19:34
replaceafillbut then in one single worksheet he only wants to override the scoresystem19:34
th1aEverything will eventually be pulled toward overrides.19:34
th1aIt is like gravity.19:35
th1aWe've just tried to delay that a bit, but now we have to give in.19:35
replaceafillbut i mean, from the usability point of view, do we show in the single worksheet all the fields with empty values and if the user changes only one, that means he wants to customize only that one?19:36
replaceafillor in the single worksheet form do we pull the values from the gradebook level?19:36
replaceafilland let the user customize and then store all of them for the worksheet?19:36
th1aI would say the lowest level of granularity wins.19:36
th1aI mean...19:37
th1aWell, we have to keep it sane, too.19:37
th1aI would say that if you want to change all the worksheets, you do that at the gradebook level.19:38
th1aIf you change one worksheet, the other worksheets just the gradebook level defaults.19:39
replaceafillbut what do you present the first time in the single worksheet form?19:39
replaceafillempty values?19:39
replaceafillor pulled values from the gradebook preferences?19:39
replaceafillall of this thinking came to me after justas suggested for the average scoresystem an option like 'inherit from xxx'19:39
replaceafill(in case we provide later app defaults for example)19:40
th1aI don't know.19:40
replaceafillbut that makes it trickier...19:40
th1aLess tricky is better.19:40
th1aExplicit is better than implicit.19:40
replaceafillin my head this is perfect:19:41
replaceafillyou set up the preferences in the gradebook level (the 6 of them)19:41
replaceafillthen in a single worksheet19:41
replaceafillyou see in the form a drop down with (inherit from xxx, customize...)19:41
replaceafillif you select customize... all the 6 fields are enabled19:42
replaceafilland then you can change all of them19:42
th1aThat would be ok.19:42
replaceafillif you select inherit from xxx, you get all of them19:42
replaceafilldoes that sound right?19:42
th1aIs that the default?19:42
replaceafillthe default would be, inherit from (the closest "parent")19:43
replaceafillin this case (the gradebook level)19:43
replaceafillbut in the long distant future we could have (inherit from gradebook level, inherit from instructor level (tricky), inherit from term, inherit from app, etc)19:44
replaceafilllike aelkner suggested19:44
replaceafillwill go with the customize... option then19:44
replaceafillthanks th1a19:44
th1aAre you sending Welsh a mail?19:46
replaceafillah yes19:47
replaceafillwill tell him what i told you last night19:47
replaceafilli mean, random findings19:48
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th1areplaceafill:  ayt?20:44
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th1areplaceafill:  zyt?21:07
replaceafillth1a, yes21:07
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