IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-11-12

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replaceafillaelkner, u there?08:50
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ignasth1a, the edu con list is amazing! thanks :)16:11
th1aignas:  You're welcome.16:34
replaceafillth1a, ping17:00
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th1areplaceafill:  ...pong.21:13
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th1areplaceafill:  ...pong.21:30
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replaceafillth1a, still around?21:55
replaceafillquick question21:55
replaceafilli've finished the worksheet preferences work21:55
replaceafillbut i don't know how to call the button for the "default preferences"21:56
replaceafilli mean, we have a Preferences in the worksheet21:56
replaceafillfor that specific worksheet21:56
replaceafillbut we said we would have one for the teacher and all his sections?21:56
replaceafilllike a global?21:57
th1aI'm puzzled because I seem to be missing any action buttons in the gradebook I'm looking at right now.21:58
th1aI'd like to know why that is!21:59
replaceafillyou don't see any action button?21:59
th1aTry making a teacher also a student.22:00
replaceafillusing the groups?22:00
replaceafillor enrolling him?22:00
th1aNo, that's not it.22:01
th1aOK, I had myself as a student in the class.22:06
th1aThe Preferences action is global now, isn't it?22:07
replaceafillit's attached to the person22:07
th1aSo what's your question?22:07
replaceafilli attached it to the worksheet22:07
replaceafillbut in the meating you said something about having two settings22:08
replaceafillone for the worksheet22:08
replaceafill(the one i already have)22:08
th1aI would say leave the current preferences as the global one and add preferences per worksheet at22:09
th1aWorksheet > (select the individual worksheet) >22:09
th1aSheet Preferences.22:09
replaceafillah ok22:09
replaceafill[Preferences] [Sheet Preferences]22:10
replaceafill(global) (local)22:10
th1aBut you should need to drill down to get to the sheet preferences.22:10
th1aGo to the sheet.22:10
replaceafillth1a, local ->
th1aWell, that's not what I'm thinking.22:15
replaceafilloh sorry22:15
th1aThe default behavior should be that preferences are global.22:15
th1aI mean, that's the more common case.22:16
th1aSo I would say, if you want to change the worksheet preferences, you can go to "Worksheets" select the worksheet, and change it there.22:17
replaceafillah, in the view also know as manage activities22:17
th1aAnd it is important to remember that since we're using a web interface we can actually write that and provide a link toward the other option.22:18
th1aSo Manage Activities is kind of a shortcut there.22:19
th1aYes, that's where you end up.22:19
th1aSo yeah, you could rename that.22:19
replaceafillManage Worksheet?22:19
th1aManage Worksheet.  Yeah,22:19
th1athat's what I was typing.22:19
replaceafillok, just for the record:22:20
replaceafill1. Manage Activities becomes Manage Worksheet22:20
replaceafill2. Current Preferences button stays the same22:20
replaceafill3. Worksheet Preferences button is added to the Manage Worksheet view22:20
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th1aWell... or we could just put it below on the same form?22:22
th1aOr above?22:22
* replaceafill does a mock of th1a's idea22:24
th1aWe definitely don't want lots of action buttons in front of single field forms.22:24
th1aNo, that's not what I meant.22:37
replaceafillsorry again22:37
th1aOn the same page as activities.22:37
replaceafillabove what's the header "Activities"?22:39
replaceafilli meant, above the header22:39
th1aWhat is above there now?22:41
th1aOr what should be?22:41
replaceafillaction buttons22:41
th1aEditNew ActivityNew External ActivityNew Linked ColumnReturn to GradebookWorksheets22:42
th1aThat's what's there now.22:42
replaceafillthen you have your list of activities and a Delete button22:43
th1aSo the column preferences could be above or below, perhaps?22:43
th1aDoes that make sense to you?22:43
replaceafilli'd like the button idea better, but yes there are too many clicks involved22:44
th1aI'm not horribly against its own button.22:44
th1aI guess there are a few moving parts to that form.22:45
replaceafilli can put the button and create an instance so you can see it working22:48
replaceafilland if you think there are too many clicks, we move it?22:48
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