IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2010-11-11

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replaceafillaelkner, u around?19:12
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aelknerreplaceafill, what's up?19:22
replaceafillare custom score systems registered as utilities when you create them?19:23
aelkneryes, why?19:25
replaceafilli can't find the place how they are registered19:25
replaceafillor looked up19:25
replaceafilli mean, i can see the view to add a custom score system19:25
replaceafill        self.siteManager.registerUtility(scoresystem,19:26
replaceafill            interfaces.ICustomScoreSystem, name=n)19:26
replaceafillgot it :D19:26
replaceafillthanks aelkner ;)19:26
aelknerthere you go19:26
replaceafillit's the name i'm paying attention19:26
replaceafillthe name under they are registered19:26
replaceafilli'm trying to understand this logic:19:27
replaceafilldef escName(name):19:27
replaceafill    """converts title-based scoresystem name to querystring format"""19:27
replaceafill    chars = [c for c in name.lower() if c.isalnum() or c == ' ']19:27
replaceafill    return u''.join(chars).replace(' ', '-')19:27
replaceafilland why it has to be done19:27
aelknerto pass the score system key as part of the query string19:27
aelknerto the other views19:28
replaceafillwouldnt be easier to use encoding for that?19:28
replaceafilllike name.encode('punycode') or something?19:28
aelknerprobably would, had I thought of it :(19:28
replaceafillah ok, no biggie19:29
replaceafillthanks aelkner19:29
replaceafilli'm working in the preferences stuff19:29
aelkneri figured19:29
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