IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-11-05

replaceafillaelkner, wow rocket science in niepa forms :D01:14
aelknerreplaceafill, yes, with the help of your example :)02:57
th1aHow's it coming aelkner?02:58
* replaceafill wonders if using z3c.form right would make things easier02:58
aelkneryes, we certainly aren't dong that02:58
aelknerone thing that we will want to do in the short term is get the fieldset macro into core02:59
aelknerthe one with the potential to have more than one widget per row02:59
aelknerwe would need it to have some flexibility on css class02:59
aelknerfor a given field03:00
aelknerbut i like the idea of fieldsets() making the whole form more table-driven03:00
replaceafilli've been thinking of testing group forms for the fieldsets03:00
replaceafillone group for fieldset03:01
replaceafillor maybe one subform per fieldset03:01
replaceafilldon't know really :(03:01
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aelknerth1a, i'm working on the group-demo relationship and teacher/student views03:02
aelkneri'll let you know when i have that working03:02
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* replaceafill thinks schooltool's z3c form template is outdated15:42
th1aIn what sense?15:51
replaceafilli'm playing with group forms, and i see schooltool's template is like a copy of the original z3c.form's template15:53
replaceafillbut the z3c.form's template has changed15:53
replaceafillto support new features in the library15:53
replaceafilllike groups15:53
replaceafilland subgroups!15:54
th1aWell, that would be a good thing to update then!15:54
replaceafillit's not a big deal, but yes :)15:54
th1aFeel free.15:58
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jelknerth1a: why mr. hoffman, are you here?20:20
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