IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2010-11-04

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aksreplaceafill: hello05:23
replaceafillhey aks05:24
aksreplaceafill: can you help me with the virtualhost configuration for schooltool?05:24
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aksreplaceafill: I've added an entry for "schooltool" in the dns as the CNAME, and for the virtualhost section having the ServerName directive set to "schooltool", I added the urlrewrite statetemt05:26
aksreplaceafill: it works well, but now that whenever I try to browse sites hosted on the same machine, schooltool pops up05:26
replaceafillis it a public server that i can see?05:28
replaceafilli mean, the schooltool url05:28
aksreplaceafill: nope, it's on a private ip05:30
replaceafillit sounds like a misconfiguration of the dns service05:31
replaceafillcan you paste the dns and webserver configuration somewhere? or send it by email?05:31
replaceafillso i can take a look05:31
aksreplaceafill: see,, and for the apache and dns configurations05:38
replaceafillaks, everything looks right to me05:44
replaceafilljust one thing in the rewrite rule that i do different05:44
replaceafillinstead of [P]05:44
aksreplaceafill: ok let me try05:45
replaceafillbut i dont think that's the issue in this case05:45
replaceafill'proxy|P' (force proxy), 'last|L' (last rule)05:46
aksreplaceafill: [L,P] didn't worked05:46
replaceafillsorry, [P,L]05:46
aksreplaceafill: so what could be the issue? in the current situation it seems like I won't be able to host multiple sites along with schooltool05:47
replaceafillyou should05:47
replaceafilli do in several cases05:47
aksreplaceafill: [P,L] didn't work as well05:47
replaceafillis this apache 2?05:48
aksreplaceafill: 2.2.9-1.fc9.i386 to be exact05:49
replaceafilland you have mod_proxy and mod_rewrite enabled, correct?05:49
replaceafillyou could try setting the schooltool virtual host to redirect somewhere else05:50
replaceafilli mean, test that is not the dns server05:51
replaceafillfor instance use a redirect to google or somewhere when somebody visits the 'schooltool' site05:51
replaceafilland then try to access other site in the 'schooltool' server05:51
replaceafillif you are still redirected to google when you visit 'www05:52
replaceafillit means its a dns problem05:52
replaceafilland apache is not the problem05:52
replaceafillor the rewrite rule05:52
aksreplaceafill: will test that in the afternoon, and let you know06:18
replaceafillok, good luck :)06:18
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th1amenesis:  ayt?18:21
th1amenesis:  Have you sent that email yet?18:36
menesisalmost. will Cc: you.18:37
th1aThis is like pulling teeth.18:38
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th1aHow we doing, replaceafill?19:52
replaceafillhey th1a19:53
replaceafillno news from javier :(19:53
th1aIf we get stuck there I think you should work on enrollment states for sections.19:53
replaceafillin the meantime i'm working in the report card example for esaes19:53
th1aThat's fine.19:53
replaceafillah, cool, i'll plan that for next week19:54
replaceafilli also want to take yvl's work on the gradebook further19:54
replaceafillalso, i've helped jelkner with his gctaa box19:55
replaceafillit seems like his provider screw the VM19:56
replaceafillwe had to set it up again19:56
th1aDid I tell you I ordered a Pandaboard?19:56
th1aI ordered a pandaboard.19:56
* replaceafill googles pandaboard19:57
replaceafillwow, open mobile software development platform!19:57
th1aWell, for us a compact low power server.19:58
th1aThe SheevaPlug is a bit of a dead end since it will never run a newer Ubuntu.19:58
th1aSo this just gives us an up to date ARM board that'll run 10.10.19:59
replaceafillbecause of its limited resources (ram, etc)?19:59
th1aIt is just an earlier version of the platform that's kinda becoming deprecated.19:59
th1aWell, particularly as far as Ubuntu is concerned.19:59
th1aIt's ARM A4 or something.20:00
replaceafillthe recommended setup video is cool20:00
th1aIt is actually pretty oriented toward video applications.20:01
th1aIt has HDMI and DVI out.20:01
th1aSo it isn't so much the exact board for us -- and it is a developer board anyhow.20:02
th1aActually, the second reason I got it is just that I've found having a cool looking little box is helpful in starting conversations.20:02
th1aI'm going to make a laser-cut acrylic case for it.20:02
th1aWith a SchoolTool logo on top.20:03
replaceafillin that place you took us to?20:03
th1aI'm taking a class there on Saturday.20:03
th1aI can't come up with an excuse to make one of these:
replaceafilla beagleboard is like a pandaboard?20:06
th1aEarlier version, yes.20:07
th1aI think it just has 256mb, so you wouldn't want to run SchoolTool on it.20:07
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