IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-10-05

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aelknerreplaceafill: ayt?06:07
replaceafillaelkner, yes06:07
aelkneri'm trying to get cando into the schooltool.niepa package06:07
aelknerdo you think i should get cando as an egg by adding it to
aelkneractually, cando is not a bzr project, is it?06:08
replaceafillthat's a question i had this morning, how would you develop using cando as a library06:08
replaceafillno, it's subversion06:08
replaceafillyou could get trunk doing "svn co"06:09
replaceafilltry putting it in the develop = ... line of your niepa buildout.cfg06:09
replaceafilli have never done that though06:10
aelkneryvl said this during the meeting, " you'll just have to rip some parts from"06:10
aelknerbut i'm sure he assumed i had the cando source in my path already06:11
aelkneri think i will need to do what you're saying06:11
aelknerlet me try that06:11
replaceafilli'll try the eggs approach, just for fun :P06:11
aelknerreplaceafill, did you ever see the syntax errors in RestrictedPython durng bin/buildout -n?06:16
replaceafillah yes06:16
aelknerSyntaxError: ('invalid syntax', ('build/bdist.linux-x86_64/egg/RestrictedPython/tests/', 30, 17, '    x = {y: y for y in whatever if y}\n'))06:16
aelkneri guess i need to ignore that, right?06:16
replaceafilli do :)06:17
replaceafillahhhhh :(06:17
replaceafilli got a version conflict06:17
replaceafillbut the eggs approach seems to work too06:18
replaceafillin case you want to use cando eggs06:18
replaceafilli added "" to my base.cfg06:18
replaceafilland then cando to the eggs in buildout.cfg06:19
replaceafilland it gets the cando egg correctly06:19
replaceafillbut at the end i got a version conflict06:19
aelknerwhat conflicted with what?06:21
replaceafilllet me update trunks and see if the error is still there06:21
replaceafillyep, it worked06:22
replaceafillso here's what i do to get schooltool + cando egg (not trunk)06:22
replaceafillschooltool has buildout.cfg *and* base.cfg06:22
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replaceafillmost configuration is in base.cfg06:22
replaceafillincluding the find-links part06:22
aelkneryou're just adding cando to plain old schooltool06:23
replaceafillto schooltool trunk, yes06:23
aksreplaceafill: hello06:23
replaceafillso, i add to find-links in base.cfg06:23
replaceafillhey aks!06:23
replaceafillaelkner, that's where the released cando eggs are06:24
replaceafillaelkner, next, you add cando to the 'eggs =...' part in buildout.cfg06:24
replaceafilland you run buildout06:24
aksreplaceafill: I'll be making modifications to the RPM today and release it06:24
replaceafilland it works06:24
aelknerso nothing has to be added to
replaceafillaks, great! i'll gladly test them :)06:24
aksreplaceafill: :)06:24
replaceafillaelkner, i didnt touch setup.py06:25
replaceafillaelkner, but let me try to start the server06:25
replaceafilland check the included paths06:25
replaceafillsys.path[0:0] = [06:25
replaceafill  '/home/replaceafill/.sandboxes/schooltool_plus_cando/src',06:25
replaceafill  '/home/replaceafill/.sandboxes/schooltool_plus_cando/eggs/cando-2010.06.2-py2.6.egg',06:25
replaceafillaelkner, uhmm next question is: how do i get cando stuff activated...06:26
aelknerwell, i'm following the advise yvl gave this morning to add cando's layer to the niepa skin06:28
replaceafillaelkner, i guess that's where you modify your niepa's app/configure.zcml06:28
aelkneryes, i copied all the cando <include> statements from cando200706:28
replaceafillaelkner, you're breaking new ground there :)06:28
aelkneryeah, i know06:29
replaceafilli guess nobody has "used" cando as a library06:29
aelknernope, this is the first time06:29
replaceafillbut to your original question, you can follow the trunk approach or the eggs one06:29
aelkneryeah, i'm going to finish working with the trunk for now06:29
replaceafillin any case you should get the egg in the path06:29
replaceafillgood luck06:29
replaceafilllet me know if i can help06:29
aelkneri can use your eggs suggestions from this chat when i want to try that out06:30
replaceafillaelkner, yay it worked :D06:36
replaceafillif i paste all the cando configuration in my school.zcml, you can see cando stuff06:37
aelknerreplaceafill: yes, it does, but cando needs work handling no current term06:48
aelknerif you try out a report it crahses06:48
aelknerbut as soon as i added a year and term, it doesn't06:48
replaceafillah yes06:48
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yvlI see you've got things under control :)09:10
yvlaelkner,  you'll want to add cando to install_requires in your setup.py09:10
aelkneryvl: hey09:20
aelkneri didn't need to, but are you saying that's important for packaging?09:21
aelkneralso, i'm adding schooltool.intervention to schooltool.niepa09:21
yvlwell, a right place to put it09:22
yvlsee schooltool.gradebook dependencies09:22
yvlthey're all in setup.py09:22
yvland packaging should automatically get the dependencies from there09:23
yvlbut to be fair, I don't know the details :)09:24
yvlaks, ping me when you want rpms updated in schooltool.org09:25
aksyvl: sure and thanks09:25
* yvl didn't setup a cron job, so I have to run a script manually :)09:25
aelkneryvl: i added cando and schooltool.intervenion to buildout.cfg09:29
aelknerand added to find_links in base.cfg09:30
aelknerand that was enough to get it to get the cando egg09:31
aelknerand the intervention egg, of course09:31
yvlsorry, I somehow spaced-out on mentioning that yesterday09:31
aelknerbut that's more of a buildout solution than a package solution?09:32
yvlthat you'll need dependency on cando, find-links for the egg, etc.09:32
yvlwell, the good thing is that you don't need to worry about that ;)09:32
aelkneri was just wondering if adding cando and schooltool.intevenion to install_requires would be better09:33
aelknerinstead of adding them to buildout.cfg09:33
yvldefinitely better09:33
aelkneri'll try that, thanks09:33
aelknerworks the same, so that's better09:37
yvlvan.pydeb (or whatever menesis uses currently) picks up dependencies from there09:38
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aelkneryvl: i have schooltool.niepa running on the box douglas uses for schooltool.cambodia and other things10:32
aelknerbut something strange is happening10:32
aelknerwhen i give the ip and port, it returns http://ip:port/...10:33
aelknerin other words, even if i don't authenticate, it allows me to see private pages10:33
yvlcan you paste link as private message?10:33
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aksyvl: ping12:15
aksyvl: please rsync now, I've removed the roman dependency from and rebuilt the package, also I've removed python-docutils as it is in the mainstream repo12:16
yvlwill do!12:16
aksyvl, menesis: we need to try it after yvl sets the new packages up12:16
yvlsorry, I don't have Fedora vm set up at hand12:17
yvlif it's ok, I'll ask Douglas (replaceafill) to test later today12:17
aksyvl: it's okay12:19
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yvlaks, updated12:56
aksyvl: thanks a lot, will be awaiting replaceafiil's feedback after he tests12:56
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th1amenesis:  Let me know when you've updated the release notes in the book.18:00
menesisth1a: oh. will do soon18:01
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menesisth1a: done21:07
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