IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2010-09-15

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replaceafillth1a, u around?01:24
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ryanpgHi there, I thought that once the school timetable was set up, the calendar would go from a generic hourly calendar to one matching the timetable? Am I wrong about this?19:07
ryanpgAlso, on occasion we have school activities that extend beyond 6:00 pm - is there a way to extend the calendar to cover later times?19:12
ryanpgnm, i see that the calendar automatically extends itself on these occasions19:22
ryanpgis there a way to create an alternate timetable "template" for example a "late arrival schedule" or do I need to manually "Change Timetable for One Day?"19:30
ryanpgthere are several times in the year we have a scheduled late arrival19:30
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ryanpgI'm even more confused about the way calendars work - if I'm logged in as a "manager" or if I'm not logged in at all, the calendar is in hourly increments - if I'm logged in as a teacher it conforms to the schedule of the school timetable?20:34
ryanpgcouple dumb questions20:52
ryanpg1) what is the TT checkbox in the calendar view?20:52
ryanpg2) what is "more" link in the calendar view?20:53
th1aHi ryanpg.21:54
th1aAre you around now?21:54
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ryanpgth1a, hey23:45
ryanpgth1a, I just got done presenting ST to the staff23:45

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