IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-08-31

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ryanpgI'm going to be presenting schooltool to our administrative team tomorrow17:48
ryanpgI'm expecting it to become our school's SIS17:48
ryanpgbut I've got some questions the book doesn't seem to have answers for (or I can't find them)17:48
ryanpg1) can teachers (or other staff) share their calendars?17:48
ryanpgi.e. so anyone can view them? or is it just by "group"17:49
ryanpg2) can teachers add their own contacts? or is this something the "manager" must do?18:01
replaceafillryanpg, users can make their calendar public under the Edit Preferences button i think18:03
ryanpgreplaceafill, thanks... I'll check18:06
replaceafillas for setting contacts i think that view needs admin privileges18:07
ryanpgreplaceafill, can I modify privileges of specific groups? i.e. edit a file to give "teachers" privileges to add contacts18:09
ryanpgI'm browsing /usr/share/pyshared/schooltool/* now18:10
replaceafillyou would need to edit the contact package18:11
replaceafillspecifically, schooltool/contact/browser/configure.zcml18:11
ryanpgk, looking now18:11
replaceafillthere you have the views and permissions18:11
replaceafillbut changing something to schooltool.view will make it public to anyone18:11
ryanpgwhich I don't want18:12
ryanpgthere's no schooltool.modifiededit kinda deal18:12
replaceafillryanpg, no that i know18:13
ryanpg(then again, since I'm only giving access to staff... maybe having everyone be able to view contacts would be ok)18:13
ryanpgI wonder how difficult it would be to add more levels of permission18:13
replaceafillgood question :)18:14
replaceafillyou could file a bug with your requirement18:14
replaceafilli remember i saw a bug related to that18:14
* replaceafill looks18:14
ryanpgreplaceafill, no offense to the devs intended... but if I'm going to be committed to using schooltool, I'd rather "fix it myself" and submit patches than wait for bugs to be addressed18:15
ryanpgthere's some pretty serious long-standing bugs, and I imagine the devs are busy with other things18:16
replaceafillgood choice!18:16
ryanpgbut, I'll need some hand-holding :(18:16
replaceafillah this one:
ryanpgmaybe I'll get a book on zope18:16
replaceafillkind of related though18:16
ryanpgclose yeah18:17
ryanpgweird that it addresses it with student contact data, while it seems hugely more problematic with staff data etc.18:17
ryanpgoverall though, it seems being able to add groups i.e. "therapists" but not being able to create or modify permissions for that group is a rather serious oversight?18:18
ryanpgor am I missing something18:18
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th1aryanpg: ayt?19:34
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ryanpghi th1a19:58
ryanpghow are you doing?19:58
th1aAre you running the .debs or a source checkout at this point?19:58
ryanpgexcellent... I'm in a bit of a "state"19:58
ryanpgth1a, I'm starting to feel drawn to OpenSIS, but I really would like to do Schooltool :(19:58
ryanpgworse yet... I've got to decide by tomorrow! :O19:59
th1aWe're working on your schedule bug.19:59
ryanpgmy hope is to help contribute to whatever project I choose, and schooltool looks TONS ahead as far as "openness"20:00
ryanpgand it's been nice to have your help (and a couple others), thanks for looking at that bug!20:00
th1aIt is weird because apparently if you make a change to the section schedule, it then fits the timetable correctly.20:00
th1aIt seems like you must have done things in some weird sequence that we didn't anticipate somehow.20:01
ryanpghrm... lol, now I'm not sure which bug it is that's "mine"20:01
th1aWhat's your last name?20:01
ryanpgdifferent ryanpg20:01
ryanpg:) but we've talked before too... I'm Ryan Gallagher in Illinois20:02
th1aDifferent Ryan.20:02
ryanpgI filed two bugs though20:02
th1aNo wonder I'm confused.20:02
ryanpglol, me too... I'm thinking (wow, that's fast I just filed my bug today)20:02
th1aWe need a traceback for your bug.20:02
ryanpgbut th1a, you may remember, we talked a while back - there was the right-click to paste bug?20:03
ryanpgyou were going to file it IIRC20:03
th1aThat will be fixed in the next release.20:03
th1aIt is fixed in trunk.20:03
th1a(I'm told)20:03
ryanpgahh... great20:04
th1aDid you see the comment on your new bug?20:04
ryanpgI'll get the traceback for the bug20:04
th1aRegarding permissions in general, originally they were SUPER flexible in SchoolTool, but that proved to be unusable.20:04
th1aSo we stripped everything down and only add complexity when people start asking for it.20:05
ryanpgtraceback is there20:05
ryanpgth1a, makes sense... I do like the way opensis does it, very similar to a web cms, there's columns and rows of "roles" and permissions, you just check what you want20:06
ryanpgth1a, though I'd be fine with editing xtml too20:06
th1aThe main thing with editing the xml is you'd probably want to switch to a source build.20:07
ryanpgoh boy...20:08
ryanpgstable enough for "live" deployment?20:08
th1aWhat is the time frame here?20:09
ryanpgtomorrow :)20:09
th1aYou're making a decision tomorrow and deploying?20:09
ryanpgwell, I made the decision and setup schooltool already20:09
th1aHow crucial are these permission issues?20:09
ryanpgI have my server ready to go, I started doing some setup and data stuff20:09
ryanpg(not very crucial)20:09
th1aOK, we can handle them then.20:10
ryanpgbut there's just a couple issues that are holding me back from feeling confident20:10
th1aI would say don't panic over permissions.20:10
ryanpgok, well the things I would like to do right away are 1) calendaring 2) grading and attendance 3) scheduling20:10
ryanpgno student/parent stuff, just teacher and admin20:11
ryanpgwe're good to go then? you think my choice to deploy schooltool will be "ok"20:11
* ryanpg hopes for an emphatic "Yes"20:11
ryanpglol, it's a small school, but it's still my butt on the line20:12
replaceafillryanpg, is that the whole paste.log file in your server?20:12
ryanpgreplaceafill, oddly, it is yes20:12
ryanpgseemed kinda sparse to me for running it as long as I have20:12
th1aryanpg:  It is really a question of specific issues.20:13
th1aSpecific requirements.20:13
ryanpgreplaceafill, I can try again and see if more is written to the log20:14
th1aIs that the error log?20:14
th1aYes, it is.20:14
replaceafillryanpg, it's just that the schooltool error i see, it's about a session timed out20:15
ryanpgjust attempted to delete an activity, no additional info in the logfile20:15
replaceafillTypeError: ('Could not adapt', <zope.principalregistry.principalregistry.UnauthenticatedPrincipal object at 0xa1b5b0c>, <InterfaceClass schooltool.person.interfaces.IPerson>)20:15
th1aOh, yeah, check the paste log.20:15
replaceafillFile "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/zope/server/", line 208, in close20:15
replaceafillthat one i don't understand20:15
th1aI guess I sent you to the wrong log.20:15
th1aThat is from two days ago.20:16
th1aryanpg:  It is in the same directory.20:16
ryanpgerr... I'm getting confused, but I just posted the paste.log to the bug too20:17
th1aI'm confusing you.20:17
* replaceafill is looking at
ryanpgth1a, is ok... seems confusion is our destiny for today20:18
th1aWhen did youget this error?  Today?20:18
ryanpgth1a, yes today... just tried again - same error20:18
replaceafillbug confirmed20:19
th1aOK, that settles that.20:19
replaceafillNot Found20:19
ryanpgthanks very much both of you20:20
th1aThank us when we fix it.  ;-)20:21
ryanpgoh, btw, are you guys "full-time" schooltool devs/workers20:21
th1aYes, there are three full time developers.20:21
ryanpgwell, I think I'm going to just jump in and deploy schooltool20:21
th1aSo that may give you some reassurance.20:21
th1aOK, we'll do our best to back you up!20:22
ryanpgyes, it does give me reassurance - I'm really hopeful that I can join in the work20:22
ryanpgI would like to contribute to the project - as long as it "works" for our staff, I should be able to give some time to testing, bug triaging, whatever... even coding20:23
* th1a is on the phone now...20:23
* ryanpg is glad zope = python as it's a useful skill20:23
replaceafillthe form action url is wrong in that view20:23
ryanpgI think I see why schooltool is ubuntu only, it's quite integrated into the OS20:26
replaceafillthe error was not shown in the log because the error reporting utility ignores notfound errors20:28
ryanpgthat's what I was wondering, I just moved the log, restarted schooltool and reviewed paste.log20:29
ryanpg(of course I tried to delete the activity too)20:30
ryanpgwas the decision to ignore notfound errors just to keep the logs cleaner?20:30
ryanpgand also, I'm wondering... as bugs are reported and fixed, will it be easy for me to update locally? I mean as stated earlier, I'm using debs20:33
replaceafillryanpg, once a fix is packaged and released, you should just 'apt-get update' 'apt-get upgrade' i think20:35
ryanpgyeah, I guess I'm wondering about the timeline of the process... seems like releases are actually pretty far between20:37
ryanpgI'm sure there're ways to get fixes out there before doing a release though... even if I have to edit .py files myself20:38
ryanpganyway... don't catch my anxiety guys... pending the outcome of my presentation tomorrow, you may have one more school using schooltool!20:40
replaceafillgood luck ryanpg, i'm on the middle of fixing the activity bug20:41
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replaceafillmenesis, yvl, aelkner, could anyone confirm that the changes to schooltool.gradebook trunk broke some tests?21:03
replaceafillsimple issue though: expected output is different21:04
menesiswhat changes?21:13
replaceafillmenesis, kgs integration chagnes21:13
menesistest on buildbot pass
replaceafillbase.cfg urls need to change to /trunk/versions.cfg?21:13
replaceafillbecause gradebook and intervention are still using 1.421:13
replaceafillwhile schooltool and lyceum use trunk21:14
replaceafillso i have something wrong in my new checkout21:14
replaceafillmenesis, shouldn't all use /trunk/versions.cfg?21:15
menesisok, so buildbot passes because it uses it's own buildout.cfg that extends trunk21:15
menesisbut gradebook and intervention are not updated21:15
menesisyes, they should21:16
menesisyou can fix that?21:16
menesisdirectly in trunk21:16
replaceafilli changed it in my sandbox, i will fix a bug and request the merge21:17
replaceafillthat will fix it too21:17
replaceafillthanks menesis21:18
menesisbut if you have no changes for intervention, just fix the buildout.cfg in trunk21:18
replaceafillah sure, i will21:18
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th1ahi menesis.22:04
replaceafillmore errors :(22:06
replaceafillConfigurationExecutionError: <type 'exceptions.ValueError'>: ('Undefined permission id', '')22:06
replaceafill  in:22:06
replaceafill  File "/home/replaceafill/.sandboxes/replaceafill_schooltool.gradebook/eggs/schooltool-1.5.0-py2.6.egg/schooltool/securitypolicy/configure.zcml", line 70.2-72.4822:06
replaceafill    <security:allow22:06
replaceafill        crowds="administration"22:06
replaceafill        permission="" />22:06
replaceafillsorry for the flooding...22:06
replaceafillcould it be that schooltool.gradebook trunk only works with schooltool trunk....?22:07
* replaceafill checks...22:07
replaceafillyep, that was it22:12
replaceafillth1a, the bug reported this morning made me think again about the "delete" process..22:14
replaceafilli mean, how can affect a deployed reportsheet to delete one of its activities22:14
replaceafilli'm testing it22:30
replaceafilldeploying the reportsheet and then deleting the activity22:30
th1aJust bear in mind that report sheet data is utterly mission critical.22:31
th1aIt should not be permanently deletable.22:31
replaceafillwe should have the button then?22:32
th1aDoes it delete deployed activities?22:32
th1aI didn't think it did.22:33
replaceafill    """Copy the activities from the source worksheet to the destination."""22:34
replaceafillit's just a.... template :)22:35
replaceafillconfirmed, activities are safe after deleting22:40
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