IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-08-20

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aksth1a: hello06:26
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th1ahi aks and krishnagiri.06:26
krishnagirihi th1a06:28
th1aI updated the rest of the team on your problem, but menesis probably isn't up yet.06:29
aksth1a: oh ok06:31
aksth1a: you can look at the error at
th1aIt should be around 7:30 AM in Lithuania...06:32
th1aIt doesn't look like anything too strange, I just don't know exactly how to fix it.06:35
aksth1a: oh ok06:35
th1aI can file the bug if you'd like.06:36
th1aDo you have accounts on Launchpad?06:36
th1aYou can subscribe to this bug, add comments, etc.06:41
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replaceafillaks, krishnagiri, maybe i'm not the right person to solve your problem, but did you package the schooltool.gradebook plugin?08:44
krishnagiriyes we did08:45
replaceafillah, i was looking at:
replaceafillis it under the schooltool tar.gz?08:46
replaceafilli mean, inside of it08:46
* replaceafill doesn't understand git nor rpm :(08:46
krishnagiricurrently we haven't pushed the rpm of gradebook on git..we r testing from our testing machine only08:47
replaceafillkrishnagiri, did you add the "schooltool.requirement" package before the "schooltool.gradebook" package in instance/school.zcml?09:11
krishnagirireplaceafill, no09:13
replaceafillkrishnagiri, try that09:14
krishnagirireplaceafill, ok..i'll try and let you know..09:14
replaceafillkrishnagiri, add <include package="schooltool.requirement" /> just before the <include package="schooltool.gradebook" /> line09:15
krishnagirireplaceafill, ok09:15
krishnagirireplaceafill, I added the line but it throws this error::
* replaceafill looks at the code...09:29
replaceafillkrishnagiri, you have the z3c.optionstorage package, correct?09:34
replaceafilli see it's included in the schooltool/gradebook/configure.zcml file09:35
replaceafill<include package="z3c.optionstorage" />09:35
replaceafillyou could try adding it before the requirement line too, i mean in the school.zcml file09:37
replaceafilljust to see what happens :D09:37
krishnagiriits working now...i'll check in the browser09:43
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krishnagirireplaceafill, thanks a lot..its working in the browser as well..10:11
replaceafillkrishnagiri, glad i can help (smile)10:11
replaceafillkrishnagiri, nice story with the "E-Paatis" btw10:12
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krishnagirireplaceafill, btw,, what about schooltool.lyceum.journal and schooltool.intervention10:14
replaceafillkrishnagiri, what do you mean?10:14
replaceafillwhat are they for?10:15
krishnagirihow to get those plugins10:15
replaceafillthe same way you got the gradebook?10:15
* replaceafill is not good at packing :(10:16
krishnagirithanks ..we'll try those as well10:16
replaceafilli hope menesis (our packager) can provide more help to you10:17
replaceafilli suggest you file bugs and ask questions in the mailing lists or launchpad, so the whole team can react10:18
krishnagiriyes there is already a bug report here::
krishnagiriwe'll work with it10:21
replaceafilli added my comment at the end (wink)10:21
replaceafillit looks like the schooltool.lyceum.journal doesn't have extra depencies10:22
replaceafillneither schooltool.intervention10:23
replaceafillwell, bed time here10:24
krishnagiriok..we'll try packaging them10:24
replaceafillgood luck krishnagiri10:24
krishnagirithanks very much for ur support10:24
krishnagirigood night10:25
replaceafillno problem10:25
replaceafillsee you around10:25
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