IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-07-30

jelknerwe don't know about any of this00:00
jelknerweb2py has native xmprpc support00:00
jelknerdreich just looked that up00:00
replaceafilli vote for xmlrpc since it's what i know and it's fast to develop00:00
jelknerbut i guess we will need some idea how the messages get formated?00:00
jelkneryou're the only one who has a vote00:01
jelknerso you win!00:01
replaceafillthis is the way it works (at least for what i did for SLA)00:01
replaceafilli give dreich an url00:01
replaceafilland i provide and "API?"00:01
replaceafillwith methods and parameters00:01
replaceafillaccording to what he wants to do00:01
dreichYeah, sounds good00:01
replaceafilldreich, you could check
dreichi'll branch it for a look00:02
jelknerso the idea is00:02
replaceafilldreich, check that test00:03
jelknerthat dreich won't be hacking ST00:03
jelknerjust the web2py side, right?00:03
replaceafillthe ----- sections ----- part :)00:03
replaceafilli provide the methods in the schooltool side00:03
aelknerreplaceafill, did you see th1a's note00:03
replaceafilldreich tells me what he needs00:03
dreichyeah, but i figured I should look at it - only if needed though00:03
replaceafillaelkner, a sec00:04
dreichlooking at the link....00:04
replaceafilljelkner, and we just need to agree on what it's necessary00:04
replaceafilljelkner, i vote for a small test00:04
replaceafilllike testing enrollments or something00:04
replaceafillsomething simple00:05
dreichyeah, that sounds pretty much what i'll need00:05
dreichmaking sure a student is enrolled in the course that has the quiz he wants to take00:05
dreichsending the results of that quiz00:06
replaceafilldreich, if i can understand how your app is structured, it would help me :)00:06
replaceafilli mean, to set the appropriate methods for the info you need00:06
dreichyeah, k00:06
replaceafilljelkner, due date for this work?00:06
dreich-he's on the phone, now, i'll ask him to get back when he's off00:07
replaceafillaelkner, reading th1a's email and yours00:07
replaceafilldreich, ah ok00:07
dreichI'm going to have the site hosted up, hopefully within an hour00:07
replaceafilldreich, great, can i take a look then?00:07
replaceafilldo you have a user manual for it?00:08
replaceafillthat i can read :)00:08
dreichnot really, I've been spending my time making it, not documenting00:08
replaceafillah ok00:08
replaceafillaelkner, installing the package...00:08
dreichi also need to make parts of it a bit more user-friendly before release, too00:08
dreichbut I've got some time00:09
aelknerreplaceafill, thanks00:09
jelknerreplaceafill, start of school would be a good goal00:14
jelknerseptember 700:14
jelknersince dreich won't be as available after that00:14
replaceafillhhmm ok00:14
jelknerbut if that is unrealistic00:15
jelknerdon't worry00:15
jelkneras i just told dreich, i've been thinking about this for years00:15
jelknerso a few more months won't do any serious hard00:15
jelkneractually, he has something i can begin testing with students now00:16
jelknerit is just the connecting to ST part that won't work00:16
jelknerso we have enough to keep us busy00:16
jelknerbut i wanted to make the introduction00:16
jelknerto get the creative juices flowing ;-)00:16
replaceafilljelkner, i understand00:17
jelknerok, over and out00:17
jelknerthanks, replaceafill!00:17
replaceafillhope u get it :)00:17
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replaceafillaelkner, done00:28
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dreichOk, replaceafill - the site's finally up!00:53
* replaceafill checks...00:53
dreichI can make you a teacher if you want to look at it from that perspective00:53
dreichalso, there's no content yet00:53
replaceafillwill you load some demo content?00:54
dreichI'll let jelkner, he's testing it with some precalc students00:54
replaceafilloh ok00:54
replaceafilli guess the three of us should meet sometime to discuss what data will come and go00:55
replaceafillare you hosting your come somewhere?00:56
dreichyeh, launchpad00:56
dreichunder pyquiz00:57
replaceafillah ok, i'll take a look :)00:57
dreichthat reminds me, i need to push it again...00:57
dreichright, I'm heading out very soon00:58
dreichanything else?00:58
dreichgreat, I think we'll be able to do this pretty well01:01
replaceafilli hope so ;)01:01
dreichif you do want to be teacher'd, email me, ellimistd@gmail.com01:01
replaceafillah ok, mine is just in case01:02
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