IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2010-07-29

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ryanpgHi all, how do I set the inital calendar view (not logged in) to monthly?18:12
th1aHi ryanpg.18:14
th1aHm... I don't believe you can.18:14
ryanpgoh, ok18:15
ryanpgI know this is the wrong place to post bugs, but I'd like to mention a serious one18:15
ryanpgpasting into forms causes a problem for me18:16
th1aFrom Word?18:16
ryanpgwhen I attempt to do so, a browser window (without decoration or controls) pops up18:16
ryanpgfrom anything in the clipboard18:16
th1aIn any field in any form?18:16
th1aWhat browser are you using?18:17
th1aI assume a recent one?  On Linux?18:17
ryanpga screenshot would explain it best, but the window contents are the schooltool home page with the "Not Found" message18:17
ryanpgyes, the current version on ubuntu 10.418:18
th1aDoes it happen with other browsers?18:18
ryanpghaven't tried...18:18
ryanpgwhich would you like me to install to test?18:19
th1aPerhaps Chrome.18:19
ryanpgok, can do18:19
ryanpgbtw, I'm rolling out schooltool in my small private school this fall :)18:19
th1aLet us know what kinds of reports you need.18:20
ryanpghmm... well I'm actually thinking of using cando18:21
ryanpgwe're a therapeutic school and we would like a method of tracking progress on individual goals18:21
th1aOh... I really need to write some interventions documentation then...18:22
ryanpgoh yes please!18:23
ryanpgI'd love to have more documentation18:23
th1aOK.  Real people asking helps my motivation.18:23
ryanpgthe book is a great start, but I've struggled with finding some stuff (as with my first question today)18:23
th1aI just need to get back to updating it.18:24
ryanpgth1a, are you a "lead" developer then?18:25
* ryanpg installs chrome18:25
th1aI'm the manager... lead ex-teacher, amateur developer.18:26
th1aI'm the person who knows something about schools, in other words.18:26
ryanpgawesome! then you and I should become close friends! :)18:26
th1aAnd tells the developers what to do.18:26
th1aWhere are you again?18:27
th1aI think I asked you that before.18:27
ryanpgsame error with chrome btw18:28
ryanpgI'm located in Northern Illinois, near Chicago18:28
ryanpgth1a, maybe you did - I don't remember actually talking with anyone here - though I have joined this channel before18:28
ryanpgthe worst thing about this paste error, there's no (immediately obvious) way to close the window. My teachers and admin would be flummoxed, flabbergasted and f... confused!18:29
ryanpgof course, hitting the back arrow get's you to where you started, but you lose anything you've entered in the form you're working on18:30
ryanpgI'm updating my system, just in case, but this is a fresh install on a new server18:32
th1aSorry... distracted by my wife...18:38
th1aThat's a bizarre error.18:39
ryanpgnp, my wife is at the gym right now, hence my uninterrupted and cogent thought process18:39
ryanpgand a rather serious error18:39
th1aI can't replicate it.18:40
th1aLe'ts try this.18:40
th1aGo to the little document icon menu in chrome and Developer...18:41
th1aJavascript console18:41
th1aHit the little clear button at the bottom.18:42
th1aThe circle/slash.18:43
th1aNow try to paste into SchoolTool in Chrome.18:43
ryanpgaha! ok, it's not _any_ field18:44
ryanpgit's the formatted text fields only18:44
th1aThat helps.18:44
ryanpgi.e. "Description" under Add Event in the calendar18:44
th1aAnd this is using the little Javascript popup menu.18:45
th1aIf you do CTRL-V it works?18:46
th1aOK.  I'll file the bug.18:46
ryanpgwhew, thanks!18:46
ryanpgI really needed your guidance on being specific18:46
ryanpgmy bug would have been worthless as I presented it to you!18:47
th1aBug reports aren't easy, unfortunately.18:47
ryanpgno they aren't18:47
ryanpgand they're horrible as a way of interfacing with a "user"18:47
ryanpgI've got gnome bugs still unresolved that are >6 years old18:48
ryanpghave a bit more time to help with another question?18:49
ryanpgI can get to schooltool just fine from the machine it's installed on via http://localhost:7080, and apache can be accessed from other machines on the network ( reports It works!) but I can't access schooltool from other machines18:50
ryanpghttp:// gives a "could not connect to" error18:51
ryanpgk, thnx18:51
ryanpgthanks for indulging my laziness18:51
th1aWe go back and forth about that setting.18:52
ryanpgeh, a more thorough reading of the book on my part would have resolved it18:53
ryanpgso, should I be using cando then? or just schooltool-2009?18:54
th1aDo you need to do actual competency tracking, or tracking more free-form goals for individual students?18:55
ryanpgfree-form goals really, we have daily "point sheets" with 4-8 individual goals18:58
ryanpgeach goal is currently tracked every class period18:58
th1aDifferent goals per student?19:00
th1aAcademic goals?19:00
ryanpgMostly behavioral, but some academic like "completes assigned homework" - I'm also teaching myself mysql+php so that I can create custom databases with web front-ends19:01
th1aYou want to track daily scores, right.19:01
th1aHave a running record.19:01
ryanpgthat would be good, with the option to create weekly, monthly, quarterly, semesterly, yearly reports19:01
th1aThis actually sounds like what a school we're working with in El Salvador needs.19:01
th1aBasically the journal is set up to allow you to enter ONE score per student per day.19:02
th1aAnyway, CanDo isn't what you want for this.19:03
ryanpgI think for our purposes, it would be best to allow one score per period, per goal - re: cando - ok, that's good to know, I won't spend more time in researching it19:03
th1aRight, that's what the people in El Salvador want too.19:04
th1aI'll look into it.19:04
ryanpgwell that would be awesome19:04
ryanpgtoo bad schooltool doesn't have an easy way to add "modules"19:05
th1aProbably not something we'd have ready for the beginning of school.19:05
ryanpgso that I could just write database queries19:05
ryanpgoh of course not, wasn't expecting that!19:05
th1aYou can add modules to SchoolTool pretty easily -- if you understand SchoolTool.19:06
th1aIf you know what I mean.19:06
th1aBut understanding SchoolTool, unfortunately is hard.19:07
ryanpgyes, I do know what you mean. It's just that I can buy a book teaching me how to develop for mysql in php at borders. No such book on schooltool :(19:07
ryanpgwell, I'm really drawn to schooltool19:07
ryanpgI love ubuntu, and shuttleworth seems to consider schooltool a pet project (at least at one point) and the other SISs I tried aren't as err... teacher friendly?19:08
th1aI'm writing a sort of strategy analysis right now of SchoolTool vs. LAMP.19:08
th1aMark still more or less entirely funds SchoolTool.19:08
ryanpgthat's great really - I hope it grows19:09
ryanpgthere's only a few other open source SIS packages out there19:09
th1aWe're going to be aiming more at making it an appliance.19:09
ryanpgFocus-sis went to crud19:09
ryanpglike selling hardware with schooltool installed?19:09
th1aThat and a "virtual appliance" using VM's.19:10
ryanpgFocus-sis finally stopped calling itself "open source" after I called and emailed the current president of the company19:10
ryanpgI never saw the need for VMs in my setting19:10
th1aWell, or apt-get.19:10
ryanpglike a school-tool overlay, similar to ubuntu-studio?19:11
th1aI'm just saying, you've got three good options for very simple installation.19:11
ryanpgok, ic19:11
th1aAnd we've got good tools for, say, a national version of SchoolTool to be distributed across a developing nation.19:12
ryanpgthat would rock19:12
ryanpgI love the emphasis on developing technology for poor/developing communities19:12
ryanpgextremely important imho19:12
th1aSo we can do, like, "send these boxes to the poorest schools, the ones with good servers can do VM's and those in the middle might want to apt-get."19:13
ryanpgthe only problem i see with "sending boxes" is that they are likely to get uhm... reallocated or repurposed or... resold :)19:14
th1aWell, perhaps, but really it is like sending someone a Linux-based router.19:14
th1aHow many people are going to figure out how to reflash them to do... something else with them?19:14
ryanpgyeah, I love the idea of embedded or small form-factor linux19:15
th1aIt is great that there's now a standard platform.19:15
th1aAnd Ubuntu is going to be focusing a lot on ARM architectures.19:15
ryanpgoh I don't know - but yeah, if we're talking a small box with a firmware/lcd and a few buttons - it's a great idea19:15
ryanpgdon't know = "How many people are going to figure out..."19:16
ryanpgI just installed an LG shared storage device on our network, I love it19:16
ryanpgthough I'm fairly certain they're in total violation of the GPL19:17
ryanpgand I really hate how "locked down" it is, no ssh, no rsh, no access to web server config etc.19:17
th1aIt can be hard to tell.19:17
th1aThey just have to make the source available.19:18
ryanpgsometimes yes it's hard to tell, sometimes it's obvious - it really burns me up when companies steal OSS19:18
ryanpgLG does not offer a source download afaik, certainly not in an obvious way19:18
ryanpgit would be awesome if I could roll some custom firmwares though, anyway, we're way OT19:19
ryanpglast thought: ironically, LG is one of the companies that settled with Micro$oft over using linux! They actually paid microsoft to use linux, while continuing to violate the GPL19:23
ryanpganyway, thank you very much for your help today th1a19:23
ryanpggoing to spend another hour or so exploring schooltool, then call it a day. have a good afternoon and evening19:33
th1aYou too.19:33
th1aI just got an LG air conditioner... whether it is running Linux idk.19:34
ryanpgI need to get central air. But I'll boycott LG19:34
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replaceafillth1a, u around?19:56
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jelknerreplaceafill, meet dreich23:51
jelknerdreich, meet replaceafill23:51
replaceafillhello dreich23:51
jelknerdreich has been making a lot of progress on the doctest quiz application23:51
dreichhi, replaceafill23:51
replaceafilldoctest quiz application?23:52
dreichYeah, students can take python quizzes made by the teachers23:52
dreichthey write functions that fufill doctests23:52
jelknerremember, replaceafill, i mentioned that we want to be able to send the results to ST as an external activity in the gradebook?23:53
replaceafillah, yes23:53
replaceafillfrom this app?23:53
dreich(I have no idea how to do this)23:53
replaceafilldreich, to be honest neither do i :P23:54
dreichguess we'll have to figure it out together then23:54
replaceafillthe only way i know of sharing stuff with schooltool automatically is through xmlrpc calls23:54
jelknerand since you are two of the smartest people i know, i'm sure you can do it! ;-)23:55
replaceafillwell, that's the way i've seen it and done it23:55
dreichI've never used xmlrpc, but i've heard it's not taht hard23:55
replaceafillnot at all23:56
jelknerseems to me this is the problem:23:56
dreichI've been wanting to look at it for other stuff too, so good23:56
jelknerwe need a dialog that runs like this:23:56
jelknerhi ST, i'm an external application wishing to send you data23:56
jelkneri have a student here who claims to be in a section of yours23:57
jelknerand she says she has a quiz due23:57
jelknershe wants to send you her scores23:57
jelknerST: fire away, DocTestQuiz23:57
jelknerST: yup, she is in my system23:57
jelknersend me her scores23:57
jelknerso dreich will need from you, replaceafill, what the data has to look like on the ST side to make that happen23:58
replaceafilljelkner, ST doesn't know how to do that23:58
jelknercan you teach it?23:58
jelknerth1a thought that perhaps you could ;-)23:59
replaceafillusing xmlrpc, sure23:59
replaceafillusing other approach, not sure :D23:59
jelknerwhat other approach?23:59

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