IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-06-07

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th1ahi replaceafill, yvl, menesis, aelkner.16:30
yvlgood morning! :)16:30
th1areplaceafill and aelkner: I need your May invoices.16:30
replaceafillgood morning everybody16:31
th1areplaceafill:  How was your week?16:32
replaceafilli finish the Student Competency Record archive that David wanted16:32
replaceafillGlenda Lewis made an observation that the original SCR and the new archive are showing "deprecated" competencies16:33
replaceafilland he wants me to fix that16:33
replaceafillit's a quick fix16:34
replaceafillalso, i found the jquery bug that i reported16:34
replaceafillcando doesnt display correctly with schooltool 1.416:34
aelkneroops, morning16:35
replaceafillyvl, i see levels were merged16:35
th1aThe correct fix here is to check to see if SchoolTool works with the newer jquery?16:35
th1aWhere do we get jquery?16:36
replaceafillyvl, time to move cambodia to use them, correct?16:36
replaceafillyes, that's the correct fix16:36
replaceafillto check the plugins and see that everything works16:36
replaceafillwe register the jquery library as a "file resource"16:36
replaceafilland finally, i worked a little more in El Calvairo's gradebook16:37
th1aIt isn't a separate .deb?16:38
replaceafillth1a, im starting to think that report sheets may not be the right solution16:38
replaceafillno, it's just a .js file16:38
replaceafillit's part of our package, like the zonki image for example16:38
th1areplaceafill: Why not report sheets?16:38
replaceafilli'm in the middle of allow report sheets to be used with summary sheets16:39
replaceafillbut now i need weighting :(16:39
replaceafillreport sheets don't work with category weighting either16:39
replaceafillaelkner, correct?16:39
aelkneri suppose not16:40
th1aYou need weighting within the report sheets?16:41
replaceafilli need weighting for El Calvario's gradebook16:41
th1aIs adding that a problem?16:42
th1aYou really want to use report sheets.16:42
replaceafillno, i mean, it just feel like i'm tweaking report sheets too much16:42
th1aWe just need to add back in what you need.16:42
th1aNo, you're not.16:42
replaceafillah ok16:42
replaceafilli'm going to add that too then :)16:42
th1aI wouldn't think it would be hard since you can do it in regular worksheets.16:43
th1aYou might need to do some evolving.16:43
replaceafilli'll look into that16:43
replaceafillthat's what i'm going to do next16:44
aelknerit's not an evolution issue, just a calculation16:44
replaceafillth1a, i guess that's it from me16:45
th1aSo you have a few things to keep you busy.16:45
th1aAnd we need to get communication going with Cambodia, and if that is slow, I need to take a look at other things we know they'll need.16:46
th1aSo you'll know what to do next.16:46
replaceafillah i tried to help Peter last night16:47
replaceafillwith his apache problem :)16:47
replaceafilli just recommended a "hack" and he said he will try it16:48
th1aI saw.  Thanks.16:49
aelkneri had a bad cold last week, so all i got to do was some work on the xls importer16:50
aelkneri'm addng lots of error handling and tests to it16:50
th1aDid you read Jen's latest email today?16:51
aelknernot yet, she just sent it16:52
aelkneri did help her out with an issue in google chat this weekend16:52
th1aOK, well, respond to that first.16:53
aelknerwill do16:53
th1aIf we don't hear from Lagos this week, do you have something else to do?16:54
aelkneri was going to ask about when it is that we can start building our own packages16:54
menesishave been working on CanDo last week16:55
menesislooking over dependencies and if they need updating, updated them16:56
menesisstarted packaging debs for lucid, halway done16:56
menesismerged replaceafill's and aelkner's changes for lucid16:56
menesisupdated imports for the new libraries16:57
menesisspent some time investigating jQuery issue16:57
menesisno conclusion what to do, though16:57
menesisbut I don't like how replaceafill solved the conflict by adding jquery14.js in addition to jquery.js that is 1.1.3 -- that should be updated instead16:58
yvlI'm inclined to update ST's jQuery to 1.4... when time permits16:58
th1aWhat do you think about teaching aelkner and replaceafill to build their own packages for their site-specific components?16:59
menesisthere are libraries that deal with jquery and jstree, for example collective.jstree16:59
th1ayvl: Yes.16:59
menesisbut some of them are outdated as well16:59
menesisI hope to finish packaging cando debs for testing today17:00
th1amenesis:  Thanks.17:01
th1aaelkner:  I think the answer to your question is "menesis is pretty busy right now."17:01
yvlthat reminds me...17:02
yvlI saw bzr builder recipes showing up on LP some time ago17:02
menesisit is not hard to create a custom server package17:02
yvlit would be awesome if building your own debs would be done through those...17:03
yvlno idea how much effort it would cost us17:03
menesisapt-get source schooltool-200917:03
* th1a is confused.17:03
th1abzr builder packages?17:03
menesisand rename schooltool-2009 to schooltool-cambodia, change schooltool.stapp2008fall to schooltool.cambodia, change default port, and debuild17:04
yvlumm, I'll let menesis finish what he's saying first :)17:04
menesisdaily builds..17:04
menesisdon't think that is useful to us17:05
yvlwell I'd like to discuss that later this week17:05
yvloff-line probably17:06
yvlit's just an idea anyway17:06
th1aFor the pilot sites, daily builds might not be a bad idea.17:06
menesiscando packages are late not because it is much work to package it17:06
menesisbut because there are issues with cando17:07
th1aI'm sure aelkner and menesis would be happier if they could just push changes without additional work.17:07
th1amenesis & replaceafill:  Are you guys communicating about the CanDo issues?17:08
yvlit just... would be awesome if people could just push changes to a branch, and a shiny new .deb would be ready next day by magic17:08
menesisI have not reported any bugs17:08
menesisbut will17:08
replaceafilli asked menesis for them :)17:08
replaceafillmaybe i can help17:08
menesisbecause cando crashes often for me17:08
menesisor, for example, I don't understand what to enter in the gradebook. any number or A is "invalid value"17:09
replaceafilli guess it depends on the score system17:10
replaceafillbut i'm not sure, will check, sometimes dwelsh asks to hardcode things17:11
th1aThere is probably a lot we could do to CanDo to make it friendlier to non-Virginians.17:12
menesiscando adds "CanDo Score System" to Manage view17:12
th1aWe just haven't gotten to that.17:12
replaceafillth1a, definitely17:12
menesisthat is a different view for "Universal score system" and it is empty by default17:12
th1aWe'll probably end up working on these issues for NIEPA and El Salvador.17:14
replaceafillth1a, not to mention i18n ;)17:14
menesisI will release whatever is in cando trunk17:14
menesisso that someone more familiar with CanDo can test it17:14
th1amenesis:  Sounds like a plan.17:14
th1areplaceafill:  Try to have CanDo completely off your plate by the end of the week.17:16
aelknerth1a, i sent a reply to Jen17:17
th1aHopefully it will take less time than that, but I don't want it dragging out.17:17
replaceafillno, last thing is simple i think17:17
th1areplaceafill:  The biggest risk factor now is not getting focused on Cambodia quickly enough.17:17
th1aAnd not getting communication going with them quickly enough.17:17
replaceafillyes, my bad, my laptop broke and i guess that messed my head17:18
replaceafillbut i replied Piseth17:18
replaceafillor pinged17:18
th1aI'll follow up on Wednesday or so if we haven't heard back.17:19
th1aaelkner:  So basically, if we don't hear from Lagos quickly, we should move on to next steps for Mpelembe.17:21
th1aSqueaky wheel gets the grease.17:21
th1aFeeling refreshed, yvl?17:22
yvlyes, thanks :)17:23
yvlwell, levels and versioned catalogs are in trunk now17:24
yvlno point of postponing that anymore, I guess17:24
yvldevelopers may notice that I started splitting configure.zcml files17:24
yvllike course/configure.zcml17:24
yvlto course.zcml, security.zcml, etc.17:24
yvlshould make it easier to override or not include things when developing apps like the one for Cambodia17:25
yvleventually zcml files should be along the lines:17:25
yvlthings to describe access rights, things to describe data model, things to enforce data consistency, things to register views17:26
yvland so on17:26
yvlthis week is reserved for timetables17:27
yvlI'd like to have prototype on Fri, done with them by Fri next week17:27
th1aSounds good.17:27
yvlat least the refactoring + main new features17:27
yvllike timetables applied for a part of term and so on and so forth17:28
yvland I guess that's my report :)17:29
th1aAll right.17:29
th1aI guess we might as well wrap up exactly on time.17:29
th1aHave a great week, gentlemen.17:29
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:30
yvlhappy hacking!17:30
replaceafillthanks everybody17:30
yvland, aelkner and replaceafill - yes, you can start using levels now17:30
yvlif you need some additional functionality (and you probably will)17:30
yvldrop an email17:30
yvlthanks! :)17:30
replaceafillthanks yvl17:30
replaceafillmenesis, grade validation comes from the scoresystem, checked :)17:32
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th1aaelkner:  I just sent you a question re:Jen's mail.17:33
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th1aCan you explain this?
ignaskind of19:18
ignasthe context rules said "works of art"19:18
ignasso the guy took a famous painting by a Russian artist19:18
ignasand made a reproduction of it in Eve Online style19:18
ignas had an Eve art contest19:19
ignas"Why do I love eve online"19:19
ignasin the "update" part of the first post there are links19:21
ignasto the works of art ;)19:21
ignasVideo, art and stories19:21
th1aI see... thanks!19:22
th1aI can't say I've had much energy to play lately.19:22
th1aFilip, on the other hand, has been tearing it up.19:23
ignassame here tbh19:23
ignasi have switched to wow mostly19:23
ignassuits way better to my19:23
ignas40 minutes online 15 afk style...19:24
th1aYeah, I know the feeling.19:24
ignaseve is just too ad-hoc, I mean no one knows when the "game" will begin, and when you are on the hunt - no one knows when it will end19:25
th1aI've dealt with that by focusing more on trade and production.19:40
th1aBut my business was completely screwed up by moving to Providence.19:41
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replaceafill!!!! 203905957 of rml template :(20:05
replaceafill9 mins to generate only the rml :(20:06
th1areplaceafill:  I had a report like that once.20:14
replaceafilli havent been able to get the damn pdf out of it!20:14
th1aThen I realized that my loop re-generated the entire report for each student.20:14
replaceafilli guess i have to learn how to profile these things20:15
th1aWhere is it getting stuck?20:15
replaceafillthere are almost 5000 enrollments from where i had to extract the grades20:16
replaceafillthe rml generation is fast compared with producing the pdf with rml2pdf20:16
replaceafillthere's a Document class that has a process method which is the bottleneck20:16
th1aIt never finishes?20:18
replaceafillat some point it fills my ram and my laptop starts to swap20:18
replaceafillsingle students and sections are fast, but the entire system is awful20:19
th1aIn this case, you could break it up.20:20
th1aThey need to reasonably archive this stuff, but I don't see why it would literally have to be one file.20:20
th1aIs this alphabetically by student?20:21
replaceafillglenda was thinking of giving options to sort, but david says he's ok only with sorting by course and section titles20:21
replaceafilldavid wants all the students in one section grouped together20:21
replaceafilli was thinking that maybe a zipped file could be useful, but i dont know20:22
replaceafillloop through every section, then call the single section view, get the pdf and put it in20:22
th1aDebugging this would involve optimizing the underlying library, right, not our code?20:23
replaceafilli think so20:23
replaceafillagain, rml generation is relatively fast20:23
replaceafillz3c.rml.rml2pdf is the bottle neck so far20:24
replaceafillor maybe i'm using it wrong :P20:24
th1aProbably you should just group them sanely then rather than trying to fix it.20:25
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replaceafillth1a, did you see my mail asking you to be added to the 'schooltool-owners' group?21:44
th1aOh... did I forget?21:45
replaceafillthanks :)21:45
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