IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-06-01

replaceafillaelkner, zyt?00:57
aelknerreplaceafill, 'tsup?01:22
replaceafillaelkner, never mind, i got it :)01:23
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replaceafilli wanted to ask you something about summary worksheets but i found it01:23
replaceafillthanks ;)01:23
aelknerwhere the filter of report sheets was? :)01:23
replaceafillno, the Summary title was not translated when you view the gradebook01:24
replaceafillbut i fixed it01:25
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replaceafillaelkner, you around?05:32
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krishnagirihello everyone06:31
krishnagiriwhere can i find the source of schooltool06:31
replaceafillkrishnagiri, you can branch trunk from launchpad06:32
krishnagirireplaceafill, thanks06:34
replaceafillkrishnagiri, you should check too :)06:34
krishnagirireplaceafill, ok06:37
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krishnagiriis there any rpm for schooltool, i need to install in fedora12:55
krishnagiriaelkner, ^^12:57
krishnagirialga, ^13:15
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menesiskrishnagiri: no, we do not provide rpm packages13:37
yvlkrishnagiri, sorry, no13:38
yvlthere was some interest in that from
yvlthey might have packaged ST in rpms...13:38
menesisbut you install eggs manually13:38
menesis*you can13:38
menesisbut there will be no system integration13:39
yvl( )13:39
krishnagiriok thanks13:39
menesisthe linux ink version is quite old already and we do not know how is it made13:41
yvlthat is true13:42
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