IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-05-31

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krishnagiriHi all, where can i find the rpm package of schooltool for fedora06:31
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th1aHi aelkner, menesis, replaceafill, yvl.16:31
th1aI thought yvl would be on vacation?16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
menesisth1a: yes yvl is on vacation16:32
th1aBut still logged in to chat.  ;-)16:33
th1aOK, replaceafill, would you like to start us off?16:34
replaceafilli worked in the "copy from previous year" feature16:35
replaceafillth1a, are we going to add something else to it?16:35
replaceafilli mean, according to what i showed you last week16:35
th1areplaceafill:  We can probably stop there for the moment.16:36
replaceafillah ok16:36
th1aiirc, the next step would be sections?16:36
th1aI think we should wait for a request for that.16:36
replaceafillthat will be more complicated i think16:36
replaceafillah ok16:36
th1aThat gets into a lot more guessing about what people might want.16:37
replaceafilli also worked on the gradebook for El Calvario school here in El Salvador16:37
replaceafillth1a, i have a question there16:37
replaceafilli'm using 3 report sheets16:37
replaceafillfor each trimester16:37
replaceafillyou suggested using a summary worksheet to get the final grade, correct?16:38
th1aone for each semester?16:38
replaceafillno, one for each trimester (3 months periods)16:38
th1aDid that work for you?16:39
replaceafillnot really, i cannot use "report sheet" with summary worksheets16:39
replaceafillonly regular worksheets16:40
th1aAh, well, that should be changed then.16:40
replaceafillah ok, that was my question :)16:40
th1aDoes the summary let you choose which sheets to use?16:40
replaceafillbut only displays regular worksheets16:41
th1aYeah, so just make that change.16:41
replaceafilli plan to work on that today and then start with the cando work16:41
aelknerdid my cando branch get merged yet?16:42
aelknerbecause i made many changes to work with lucid, so replaceafill should be branching from that16:42
replaceafillr1668 | menesis | 2010-05-07 08:37:10 -0600 (vie 07 de may de 2010) | 2 lines16:43
replaceafillthat's the latest on cando trunk16:43
aelknerit's still pending review16:44
aelknerit needs to be merged and made into a package, etc.16:45
menesisaelkner: you need packages now, right?16:45
menesiscando for lucid16:46
aelkneractually, i don't, but someone may16:46
th1aWe'll need them soon.16:46
th1aEither now or when replaceafill is done.16:46
th1aWe can wait for replaceafill to package.16:46
aelknerso replaceafill should branch my branch, not trunk, right?16:47
menesisafter the school year ends, that is tomorrow I guess?16:47
menesisI will merge the branch16:47
replaceafilli was thinking of branching trunk16:47
menesisexcept that cando is still in svn16:47
aelknerit's in bzr16:48
menesisbut I guess everyone would like it to be bzr16:48
aelknerthat's what i branched to make y branch changes16:48
replaceafillaelkner, i guess it's a mirror16:48
menesisit's a mirror but we can make it the master branch16:48
aelknerreplaceafill, still you should branch my branch to make merging easier later16:48
menesisif historical branch merges are not important16:48
th1aReally at this point we should just make it the master branch.16:49
replaceafillit's easier to work with bzr :)16:49
replaceafillth1a, i guess that's it from me16:50
th1aSo... do we know what we're doing branch-wise?16:50
menesisI will merge aelkner's branch to cando svn trunk and you can branch that or lp:cando16:51
replaceafilli can use svn while we decide :)16:51
replaceafillah ok16:51
replaceafilllp:cando it is :)16:52
menesisand then I will work on cando this week - packaging for lucid, and bzr conversion16:52
th1amenesis:  Going back to replaceafill's first point -- year transistion.16:53
aelknermenesis, can you please merge yvl's levels branch, too?16:53
th1aI'm afraid it would make sense to do a point release on SchoolTool 1.4 to get that work in sometime in the next month or so.16:53
menesisaelkner: yes16:53
* Lumiere thought th1a would be on vacation (I am)16:53
aelknermenesis, thanks16:54
th1aSince people in most of the world will be doing their year transition over the summer and could use the help.16:54
menesisth1a: what work? the levels?16:54
replaceafilli'll request the merge on my branch16:54
th1aThe year transition stuff.16:54
th1a(migrating data from one year into the next)16:54
menesisoh ok16:54
th1aThere is no flaming rush.16:54
menesisthis is ready already?16:55
replaceafillif we're not adding new features, yes it's ready16:55
replaceafillso, yes :)16:56
replaceafillmerge requested16:57
th1amenesis: do you have any news for the week?16:57
menesisI haven't done much last week16:58
menesisreleased "final" versions of journal and gradebook16:58
replaceafillth1a, should we still leave this open?16:58
th1aDid you submit your request for upload privileges?16:58
menesisupdated 1.4 release notes16:58
replaceafillth1a, i mean, we haven't done it yet, right?16:59
menesiscreated stable series in all projects on launchpad and moved releases there16:59
menesisI haven't created 1.4 branches for any project yet, but they are needed only for me17:00
th1areplaceafill:  Probably I should split it into multiple bugs.17:00
menesisth1a: I have submitted the request last week17:00
menesisI have 4 endorsements already17:00
th1amenesis:  OK, cool.17:00
menesisdon't know when the next membership board meeting will be, the agenda is not updated yet17:01
menesisbut will add my name to it when it is updated17:01
th1areplaceafill:  Actually, we will want to add level promotion to the year migration, but I don't want to do that immediately.17:01
menesisalso, I was made an administrator of group17:01
replaceafillth1a, got it17:02
th1aAnything else, replaceafill?17:04
replaceafillth1a, no, that's all17:04
th1aSorry, I meant, menesis.  :-)17:04
aelkneri finished the FET import and delivered it to Jen17:07
aelknerI'll be waiting for her feedback and making any fixes if she discovers a bug17:07
aelknerin the meantime, i'm working on a branch to fix XLS import errors17:07
aelknerand provide better error handling than Tracebacks17:08
th1aOK, also, as we discussed last week you should work on an email to Shado schools outlining what data you need from them.17:08
th1aI think they'll be exporting from and existing SIS.17:08
aelkneri'll read over their email and respond with any question i have17:10
th1aWell, I mean, we want to start importing their data next week.17:10
th1aSo you need to tell them what they have to send to you.17:10
aelknerXLS import do you think?17:11
th1aI'm just saying, outline what data we need,17:11
aelknerperhaps their SIS will output XML17:11
th1aPerhaps just outline the basic options and ask what they can do.17:12
th1aThis is not an elaborate email.17:12
th1aWe want to start setting up your school next week... I need this data to start... Where is your data coming from, what formats?17:13
aelkneryeah, well i don't have much to ask at first, not having much to go on at the moment17:13
aelknergot it17:13
th1aThe main thing is starting to move the process out of the hypothetical.17:13
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th1aAnd getting some data quickly is better than getting all the data in a month.17:14
aelknermakes sense17:15
th1aI've managed to get myself into the doc writing routine again, which is the hard part of the process.17:16
th1aAlso, multiple screens FTW!17:16
th1aSo I would like to consider a more elegant system for pushing changes to book.schooltool.org17:16
th1aPerhaps put an rsync server on
th1aOr put the rendered pages in bzr and have them pulled nightly?17:17
Lumiereth1a: or script pulling from bzr and building nightly17:17
th1aOr I can just keep cp-ing the whole directory.  ;-)17:18
Lumierebtw you don't need rsync server17:18
Lumiereto rsync instead of cp17:18
th1aI need it somewhere, though?17:18
th1aCan I just install it on my desktop?17:18
Lumierejust rsync -e ssh -cr book
Lumiereyou just need the client installed on both sides17:19
LumiereI never run rsync server17:19
Lumierejust rsync over ssh tunnel17:19
th1aI think it is already installed.17:19
th1aI can try that.17:19
th1aI just run that command each time?17:20
Lumiereshould work17:20
LumiereI suggest testing it17:20
Lumiereto somewhere safe first17:20
menesisth1a: I will create a buildbot nightly builder to build the docs rom the st-book branch17:21
menesisit has been on my todo for some time17:21
th1aLet me just try rsyncing first.17:22
menesisbut now I have more work on buildbot anyway, to add 1.4 release builders17:22
menesisbut yes you can simply rsync17:22
th1aI'll try that tomorrow.17:23
menesislike Lumiere said17:23
th1aI believe that's it for this week.17:23
th1areplaceafill:  We need to get communication channels going with Cambodia.17:23
replaceafillshould I ask Piseth what to do next?17:23
th1aGive him a ping.17:24
replaceafillok, will do17:24
th1aHave a great week, gentlemen!17:24
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:25
replaceafillthanks everybody17:25
aelknerthanks, you too17:25
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