IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2010-05-20

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th1areplaceafill, See the email from Cambodia?17:59
replaceafillyes, one question, Piseth talks about an attachment, did he send it to you or is he talking about the details he describe later?18:00
replaceafill"therefore I drawed a new form (the18:00
replaceafill> attached file)"18:00
th1aoh. I'll forward it.18:01
th1aok sent...18:01
replaceafillname in latin?!?!?18:02
th1aPresumably that is how they refer to not in Khmer script?18:04
th1aSince mother and father are assumed to be at the same address, I presume we should make that one contact.18:04
replaceafilli was thinking of two contacts with the same data18:05
th1aI guess you should ask.18:05
th1aWell, the thing is that if you're, say, sending a report card, you're only sending one.18:06
replaceafillyvl, you around?18:08
Lumiereth1a: I'd like to dual license ST... adding the D&R License :)18:10
th1aWhat about corporations?18:12
Lumiereif the people in the corporation are alive18:12
Lumierethey're captured by the last clause18:13
replaceafillth1a, should i jump right away to the student form, or should i finish first what we discussed yesterday and the jump?18:13
th1aI'd like you to get to the form today.18:15
th1aWith the time difference it doesn't really matter when you respond before tomorrow morning Cambodia time.18:15
replaceafillgot it18:15
* th1a wonders how far ahead Cambodia is.18:16
replaceafill22:16 Phnom Penh18:16
th1aYeah, so you have all day at this point.18:17
replaceafilli just wanted to ask yvl how are we going to handle custom stuff18:17
replaceafillfor instance new attributes in things18:17
replaceafilllike the latin fields in the person and contacts18:17
th1aFor persons we should be able to use the regular customization tools.18:30
th1aFor contacts, well, maybe we need to make contacts properly customizable too.18:31
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replaceafillth1a, ping19:41
replaceafillth1a, never mind, got it :)19:42
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th1areplaceafill:  How's it coming?21:22
replaceafillth1a, almost done21:24
replaceafilli've cheated though in some parts :(21:24
replaceafillfor instance, storing "name in latin" under "preferred name" is cheating21:25
replaceafilli guess we'll have to create CambodiaBasicPerson with the new attrs at some point21:26
th1aCan't we just use our person customization machinery?21:27
th1acustom demographics?21:27
replaceafilli used custom demographics for the nationality for instance21:28
th1aThe thing about "preferred name" is that eventually we should start using it a bit more in the UI.21:28
replaceafilli can add "name in latin" as demographics too21:28
th1aProbably you should.21:28
replaceafillok, will do that21:29
th1aSInce we *should* be using that in some places in the interface to identify people, it isn't a good thing to overload.21:30
replaceafillyes, it felt dirty anyway21:30
th1aThat too.  ;-)21:30
replaceafillas for contacts, i added a bunch of attrs and that feel dirty too21:31
replaceafilli guess we should create a CambodiaContact object or something21:32
replaceafillsmaller than the ST contact maybe21:32
replaceafillbut then you lose the full functionality21:32
th1aI'd say deal with the dirt on that one for a while.21:33
th1aBecause we'll probably make it customizable like demographics before this time next year.21:33
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* replaceafill goes to lunch...21:46
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jelknerafter a loooong delayed respond ;-)22:40
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