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aelkneryvl: i see you're looking into the ckeditor problem16:17
aelkneris there anything i can do to assist?16:17
yvlthanks, but I fixed it16:17
yvljust need to finish writing tests16:17
aelkneroh, oh16:17
yvlthen release a new schooltool egg16:18
aelkneregg of zope.html?16:18
aelkneri'm not using schooltool egg you know16:18
aelkneri use branch of schooltool trunk16:18
yvlthen you'll need to update the branch to the newest version16:18
aelknerit's waiting?16:19
aelknerbzr pull?16:19
yvldid not commit yet16:19
aelknerwhat about the copy i did of fckeditor from 2.6.whatever to .16:19
aelknershould i undo that?16:19
aelknerso what was the reason that the files are in the 2.6... direcotry?16:20
aelknerit seemed strange to me16:20
aelknerwas i right about being at play?16:21
yvlzope.html changed the path to the editor16:23
yvlin ST, we have both zope forms and z3c.form forms16:23
yvlzope app forms use a widget defined in zope.html16:23
yvlthey updated the widget to reflect path changes16:23
yvlz3c.form has no integration with fckeditor16:24
yvlso we wrote our own16:24
yvlbut did not update it, when zope.html changed16:24
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aelknerso i should have something to install at SLA this morning, right?16:27
yvlyes :)16:27
aelknerthank you, thank you...16:27
yvlapologies for not fixing it earlier16:28
aelknerno prob, you're helping me out big time right now16:29
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yvlaelkner: fix released to schooltool trunk17:18
aelknerok, i'll try now17:18
yvlI didn't test it manually, since it will be easier for you to do that17:18
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yvland also - it's kind of a hot topic at the moment ;)17:19
aelknerhow's that?17:21
yvlpeople are waiting for the fix! :)17:22
yvl(so it becomes a hot topic ;) )17:22
aelknerwhat people besides me?17:24
yvlsorry, I was just joking17:24
yvlI meant - you are waiting for the fix17:24
aelkneroh, so funny :)17:26
aelknerit works!  yeah!17:26
aelknerlive at SLA17:26
yvlfinally... :)17:26
aelkneri'm sending them the final note to tell them to have at it17:27
aelknerthanks again for being so quick to respond17:27
yvlyou're very welcome :)17:27
aelknerth1a: i informed SLA that it's ready17:31
yvlok, I'm going home17:33
yvlwill get back on-line after a while17:33
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th1aaelkner:  See if that fixes the Safari problem too.17:54
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aelknerth1a: how do i install safari?  apt-cache search safari yields nothing about safari18:23
aelkneroh, and actually, the problem was happening on a Windows machine18:23
aelknerwhich i don't have18:23
aelknerremember the MSWord tags we saw in the data?18:24
th1aaelkner:  I meant ask them if Safari works.18:38
aelknerah, sure18:38
th1aRemember the widget just wasn't showing up?18:38
aelkneri don't remember that one18:38
th1aAlso, did we implement something to fix that Word issue?18:38
aelknerthat's the fix that i'm talking about, the printing corrupt data fix18:39
aelkneri know the bug, it's mine18:39
aelknerthe link you posted is what i see every time i look at my inbox18:40
aelknerthat all i was saying18:40
aelkneri will ask them who uses safari, and then i can check in on the resultant data to see if it is corrupt18:41
th1aAre you saying the reason the data was corrupt was because fckeditor wasn't showing up in Safari?18:41
aelkneri'm confused about how you see the two fckeditor bugs as being related18:44
aelknerthe rendering problem has been solved18:44
aelknerthat has nothing to do with the corrupt data problem18:45
aelknerthat seems to happen when they use Safari18:45
aelknerMS tags and other annoying stuff gets inserted into the data18:45
th1aI don't think they're related.18:45
aelkneri suppose the Javascipt on a MS machine does the corruption of the data18:46
th1aI also don't think there is a Safari/MSWord problem.  There's a MSWord/FCKEditor problem.18:46
th1aThere is a setting in CKEditor that addresses the issue.18:46
aelknerreally, what's that?18:46
th1aWell, there is a "paste from word" button that should be enabled.18:48
aelkneri think that is what we need to solve the problem18:52
th1aYeah... that's what I was trying to ask you.  ;-)18:53
aelknerit does involve making changes to the js files which are third party18:53
aelknerso that's a packaging issue18:53
th1aPerhaps this:  CKEDITOR.config.forcePasteAsPlainText18:54
aelkneri saw that one18:54
th1aI imagine you can override somehow.18:54
aelkneri'm ready with full analysis yet, but pasteFromWordRemoveFontStyles and pasteFromWordPromptCleanup look interesting18:55
th1a"The best way to set your configurations is in-page, when creating editor instances. In this way you avoid touching the original distribution files in the CKEditor installation folder, making the upgrade task easier."18:55
aelknercool, so it's just a matter of changing the widget that yvl just changed18:57
aelknerto call the editor with different args18:58
aelknerif yvl agress and provides a fix, i could install live at SLA to see if it fixes the problem18:58
aelknerif it could be done in that one step, that would be minimally disruptive to them18:59
th1aShouldn't you just be able to change the template?19:00
aelknerit's a widget thing that may involve only changing a template, but i don't know19:01
th1aWell... perhaps you could give it a try.19:01
aelknerdo you mind if we consult someone who's more closely familiar with the widget?19:02
aelkneri will look at the recent diff to become more familiar myself19:03
th1aWhere is yvl putting the config?19:05
aelkneri just starting looking at the code19:05
aelknerSpecify the FCKConfig.19:06
aelkner    >>> zope.component.provideAdapter(19:06
aelkner    ...     skin.widgets.Fckeditor_config, name='config')19:06
aelknerif you're curios, schooltool trunk's recent revision has a whole new test that reveals a lot19:07
th1aSo... can you change the config there?19:11
th1aThe specific issue is this -- if Chris is updating the faculty on the app today, and we need them to use the "Paste from Word" button, it would be good to stick it in there asap.19:12
aelknerwell, considering we already were able to print last term with our fix, i don't see it as urgent19:14
aelkneri mean, is it a good use of my time, knowing we have only a cople od days until te freeze19:15
aelknerfor me to learn all of the mindshare that yvl has having written the widget and tests19:15
th1aWell, if you think your pile of hacks will still work.19:15
replaceafillth1a, could you help me with this one:
aelkneri think they will19:16
replaceafill"spaces in last names shouldn't be taken into consideration"?19:16
th1aDoes that make sense to you?19:16
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replaceafillthe examples: Van Reeth, Vandelanotte19:17
replaceafillVandelanotte should come first19:17
th1aSpaces come last?19:17
replaceafill"For the moment "Van Reeth" comes before "Vandelanotte" although it should be otherwise."19:17
replaceafillspaces have lower ascii values, so they are sorted at top19:18
replaceafillthan "d" in this case19:18
th1aI'm not sure which is considered standard now.19:18
replaceafillwhat the user wants is something like us to compare "Vandelanotte" vs "VanReeth"19:19
replaceafill"But in another system, the names are alphabetized as if they had no spaces, e.g. as follows:"19:20
th1aLet's say "won't fix."19:21
replaceafilli wonder if the ICollator adapter could help in this case19:23
th1aThere's an ICollator adapter???19:23
replaceafillyes, it's pretty cool19:23
replaceafillyvl told me about it and i used it for the courses and groups feature19:24
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