IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-04-05

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th1aGood morning aelkner, menesis, ignas, jelkner, replaceafill, Lumiere.16:32
th1aWhere's yvl?16:32
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:33
aelknergood morning16:33
th1aaelkner: Are you going to fix SLA's duplicate report sheets with a script?16:36
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aelkneri intend to if chris gives me the go-ahead16:36
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aelkneri'm having problems getting schooltool to build with the sla package16:37
aelknernow that schooltool has a new way of building16:37
aelknerit doesn't like the sla package for some reason16:38
th1aWhat is happening?16:38
aelknerError: Couldn't find a distribution for 'sla'.16:39
aelkneris a confusing message16:39
aelknerCouldn't find index page for 'sla' (maybe misspelled?)16:39
aelknerseems to be where the first failure occurs16:39
th1aThat's when it is building?16:40
aelknerbin/buildout, yeah16:40
yvlaelkner, hi, I'll look into that16:40
aelkneryvl: thanks16:41
aelkneri'll be corrdinating with chris alfano today16:42
aelknerto plan a time to install later tonight16:42
th1aDon't fiddle with anything which doesn't need to be fiddled with to get their narratives done.16:42
aelkneri don't want to fiddle with ayting i don't have to16:42
aelknerbut i need to get the new packages loaded16:43
aelknerin order to do the file fix16:43
yvlaelkner, did you add path to sla in develop=?16:44
aelknerno, i didin't16:44
yvlwe do not publish sla egg16:44
aelkneri'll try that now16:44
aelknerthat's what i needed16:45
aelkneri knew it was something simple like that16:45
aelknerbut i didn't know what it would be16:45
aelkneri like the new buildout.cfg simplicity16:45
aelkneri just need to get used to it16:46
aelknerit seems to be stuck installing the sla package, but i'm waiting to see16:47
th1aOK, lets get onto relelease preparations.16:47
th1ayvl, ?16:47
yvlnot much to report16:47
yvlbasically modified the way catalogs are set up16:47
yvlno bugfixes done yet16:48
yvlclosest thing to do16:48
yvlis checking python 2.6 compatibility16:48
yvlas it happens, we must be compatible with python 2.616:48
yvlST runs from the first glance, tests pass16:48
yvlbut I'm not 100% convinced16:49
yvlsomehow we missed out that python2.5 will not be included into Lucid :|16:49
yvland Zope...16:49
yvlwell, usual responce to the question if zope is python2.6 compatible16:50
th1aAre there upgraded Zope packages?16:50
yvlis "mostly"16:50
th1aZope is "mostly" compatible?16:50
yvlumm, more "as far as we know"16:50
th1aI see...16:51
yvlin my opinion16:52
th1aHave a look at that.  Are you planning on getting to the bugs we assigned you last week?16:52
yvlmenesis and I should double-check that everything works16:52
yvlI don't want a broken release :)16:52
yvlYes, once I'm convinced that we'll be fine16:52
yvlfor example, see Theuni's answer:
th1aSure.  I'd like to have some test packages for lucid soonish so I can try them.16:54
yvlone thing16:54
yvlcan menesis release schooltool as it is to Karmic?16:54
th1aAs opposed to?16:55
th1aWaiting for the last batch of bugfixes?16:55
yvlreleasing st to karmic a week later, after the freeze16:55
th1aI think I'd rather have an extra week with working packages, if that makes sense to everyone else.16:56
yvlsynching with Karmic first makes it easier to manage Lucid packages at this point, if I got him right :)16:56
th1aJust to confirm we're all on the same page,16:56
th1athere will just be maintenance/security updates of the Karmic packages after the Lucid release?16:57
yvlthe releases are de facto managed like this:16:57
yvlyou release for X16:57
yvlstart developing16:57
yvlrelease to X from time to time again16:58
yvlonce you reach release for Y16:58
yvlX is basically frozen, only backports / security fixes are ported16:58
yvlthe active release quite closely follows trunk, actually16:59
yvlat least for now16:59
yvlby the way, some of the updates get ported to even older versions, I think16:59
yvlwhatever makes sense to menesis... :)16:59
th1aOK.  replaceafill?17:00
replaceafilli worked in the friendlier section bug17:00
replaceafillremoving links the user doesnt have to see17:01
replaceafilli also added javascript to the courses and groups part of the person view17:01
th1aDid yvl and aelkner see that?17:01
replaceafillwhich brought a interesting question17:01
replaceafilli showed it to yvl17:01
replaceafillyvl, suggested to use the same approach for groups17:02
replaceafillso i did that17:02
replaceafilland yvl finished the new catalog functionality17:02
replaceafillso i can finish now the enrollment statuses17:02
th1aAh, good.17:03
replaceafillin my list i only have a bug remaining17:03
replaceafillconcerning display resources in the calendar weekly view17:03
replaceafillwe have to push everything on thursday, right?17:03
th1aThursday, right yvl?17:04
yvlyes, please17:04
replaceafillcool, then i think i'm on time17:04
replaceafillth1a, that's it i guess17:05
th1aI think you've got a bigger pile of bugs.17:05
aelkneri looked them over and mostly they are jelkner requests17:06
aelknersome are smaller than others, so i would want to do them this week to get them into the release17:06
aelknersome i could deliver to jelkner even after the release17:07
aelknerlike the gradebook pdf17:07
th1ajelkner isn't the only one who needs most of them.17:07
aelkneri know, but for things like the gradebook pdf17:08
th1aHow many high priorities do you have?17:08
aelkneri have 12, two of which have to do with the ckeditor17:09
aelkneri don't think i would know what to do about those two17:10
aelkneri was going to ask you if we could reassign them to yvl, but i'm sure he wouldn't have the time until thursday17:10
aelkneri looked into the journal changes i made, and they are in trunk save for one really small one17:11
aelknerthe one where i removed the Timetables link from the section context17:11
aelknerit being redundant with Schedule17:11
th1aWell, in particular you need to check into why the don't work at SLA, because in theory they should work in general with Safari.17:12
aelkneri can resubmit that one in a new branch17:12
th1ayvl: Do you want to keep the timetables link?17:13
aelkneryeah, i was thinking that maybe that was intentionally not merged17:13
yvlhmm, aelkner, which branch?17:13
yvlI thought everything should be merged by now17:14
aelknerjust the last commit17:14
aelkner178. removed Timetables link from section ...17:15
aelkneri noticed in trunk there was a commit that said17:15
aelknerpreparing for removal of timetables link from section context17:15
yvlass, it should be merged17:16
yvlyou can mistype badly some times17:16
yvlplease read: odd, it should be merged17:16
* th1a goes to consult his Freud library.17:18
LumiereI want to know where odd -> ass ;)17:19
yvlaelkner, please look at the diff in
yvlit says: remove timetables17:19
yvlbut it only changes the tests17:19
yvl(and it's merged a long time ago)17:19
yvloh, wait17:20
yvlscrap what I said17:20
yvllp:~aelkner/schooltool.lyceum.journal/december_fixes does not contain removal of timetables link17:20
yvland it should not17:20
yvlas the link is defined elsewhere; namely in ST itself17:21
yvlrigth, aelkner?17:21
yvl(see for the merge details )17:21
aelknerok, it's merged then17:22
aelkneri's say there are no outstanding merge issues17:22
aelkneri'd say17:22
th1aOK.  Good.17:22
th1aLet me know if you have any questions about which bugs to prioritize.17:23
aelknercan i call you after the meeting?17:23
aelknerok, otherwise i got a couple of intervention bugs fixed17:23
aelkneri didn't request the remerge via lanchpad17:24
aelknerok, now i did17:24
th1aaelkner: It is a little awkward to check, but basically you want to do the high and medium bugs which are pegged to an upcoming milestone.17:27
aelkneri'll look them over for that before i call17:28
th1aWell, I should go through these and check.17:28
th1aIn conclusion...17:30
th1aI have the final proposals for the grant but haven't started looking at them.17:30
th1aThe only new one is from India.17:30
th1aAlso, should I be expecting anything else from El Salvador?17:31
replaceafillth1a, yes17:31
replaceafilljelkner and I are meeting today to discuss that i think17:31
th1aOK... make it quick!17:31
th1aI'm afraid I'm going to have to finally start making Gantt charts to manage this next phase, with multiple clients, overlapping requirements and three developers.17:32
th1aSo get ready for that...17:32
th1aAlso... MARCH INVOICES.17:33
yvlI'm not afraid of no chart17:33
th1aWe've got taxes to pay in the US...17:33
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:33
yvlaelkner, regarding SLA...17:33
th1aHave a great week gentlemen!17:33
aelknerthanks, you too17:33
yvlthanks, th1a17:33
th1aaelkner, give me a few minutes to review your bugs.17:34
yvlI've no idea how precisely the sla instance is configured there17:34
yvlI check out the branch, and... it's is old17:34
yvlno traces of, buildout.cfg, etc.17:34
Lumiereth1a: tomsplanner.com17:34
aelkneri run out of schooltool, not sla17:34
aelkneri use a sandbox for them so that i can get them changes quickly17:35
aelknerlike we do with jelkner's instance17:35
Lumiereth1a: easist gantt charting software I've found17:35
th1aThanks Lumiere.  I'm going to try the GNOME Planner first.17:37
aelkneryvl: btw, adding ../sla to develop= fixed the problem finding the sla package17:38
aelknerbut i got another error that may be due to a server being down17:39
aelknerError: Download error for (110, 'Connection timed out')17:39
yvlI'm getting the same one here too17:40
th1aaelkner:  Is this invalid --
th1ai.e., not a bug?17:40
aelknernot sure, i would need to check with jelkner17:41
aelkneri don't know if he tried what you recommended in your last comment17:41
aelknersecond to last comment17:41
aelknerwell, the one about the preferences17:42
aelknermeaning that you're deleing it?17:42
th1aIt is "won't fix" for now.17:44
th1aUnless that gets your brother's attention and he answers my question.17:45
aelknerso that's the list of bugs that are pegged to the upcoming release?17:48
th1aShould be.17:49
th1aIt is mostly reports and easy things.17:49
aelkneri'll save that link and work off of that17:50
aelkneryvl: do you know what i should do with the sla build error?17:55
replaceafillMaverick Meerkat :S17:57
* Lumiere thinks launchpad needs a "copy this url" link that gives you a to copy/paste17:58
th1aLumiere:  File a bug for that!17:59
Lumiereyou mean a blueprint?18:06
Lumiereor a wishlist bug? :)18:06
th1aLumiere:  Wishlist.18:20
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yvlaelkner, a moment18:55
yvlit's a holiday here, you know ;)18:55
aelkneri understand, sorry, it's just a pressing matter at sla18:56
aelknerwhen you have a chance18:56
yvlI understand19:01
yvlthe server where demjson is hosted is down19:02
aelkneri figured as much19:06
aelkneri suppose if they don't get their act together i could work around it by removing the dependency19:09
aelknerfrom for just today and use the egg that already sits on their machine19:09
aelkneryvl: sound like a good idea?19:09
th1aShouldn't we have cached versions of the egg lying around?19:13
aelknerin the case of my machine, i haven't set up my .buildout directory yet19:14
aelknerit was working with local eggs, so i ust didn't bother19:14
aelkneras for sla's machine, i'll have to check19:14
aelknerno, it uses local eggs19:15
aelknerwhich makes sense since i install as my own user and it wouldn't make sense to use my .buildout there19:16
aelknerbtw, the code that uses denjson is definitely not used19:17
aelknerit's kind of orphaned from a development thread that never came to fruition19:17
yvlok, option 119:17
yvlget demjson from
aelknerthat being automatic data updates between schooltool and moddle19:18
yvlextract to your source dir19:18
yvlput path to extracted demjson into your develop =19:18
aelknerhow do i get demjson from
aelkneri'm not sure what you mean by that19:20
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yvlI put that there19:21
yvldownload with your browsers19:21
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aelknerit builds now, so thanks19:29
yvlby the way, if you need to remove dependency on json, check the whole schooltool.propagation19:30
yvlI think the whole thing could  be knocked out19:30
aelkneri agree19:33
aelknerit was an experiment that won't be needed when we use xmlrpc to communicate with moodle19:34
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replaceafillaelkner, u there?22:08
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aelknerreplaceafill: just got out of the shower23:03
replaceafillaelkner, i just wanted to ask you about the version of schooltool.cas you were using23:03
replaceafillbut you should check menesis responses23:03
aelknercool, we have the fix23:05
aelkneri'll load that tonight for them23:05
aelknerreplaceafill: thanks23:05
replaceafillaelkner, be aware though23:05
replaceafilli remember i changed a line in the authenticator23:05
replaceafillwhile i was working in xmlrpc23:05
replaceafillyou should check the diff before23:06
aelknerwill do23:06
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