IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-03-30

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th1aHm... my GMail seems to be out...16:06
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replaceafillth1a, ping19:28
th1areplaceafill, hi.19:28
replaceafillunderstood on the mailing list use19:28
th1aNow that I've sent my meta-reply to your email I should probably read your actual email.19:28
replaceafillshould i fwd it?19:28
th1aOK, so in the person's list of sections, we're explicitly adding the teacher names?19:30
th1aThat's not necessary.19:31
th1aYou know what would be awesome, a collapsable list (where you can collapse by year)19:31
th1aIn reverse chronological order.19:32
th1aCurrent year expanded by default.19:32
replaceafillcollapsable as in javascript?19:32
replaceafilldo you want me to try? i'm learning jquery anyway :P19:33
th1aThat's gotta be a pretty common widget these days.19:33
th1aThis particular little list is kind of painful.19:33
th1aBecause it gets really long and hairy really fast.19:33
th1aSo taking a minute and fixing it is not a bad idea.19:33
replaceafilland at least with the cando pilot's i've seen it's kind of confusing19:34
th1aUsing javascript could be a lot easier than writing different filters and views.19:34
replaceafillwhen you have several years in it19:34
replaceafillthe Groups space suffers the same thing19:34
replaceafillyou have:19:34
th1aYou could even give it two levels Year > Term > Sections19:34
th1aThose should also have the years.19:34
replaceafill2010 - Students19:34
replaceafill2009- Students19:34
th1aOr, Students, 2009.19:35
replaceafillth1a, something like this ?19:37
th1aActually, no.19:38
th1aI hope that's actually in our version of jsquery.19:40
th1aI guess it is a plugin.19:40
replaceafillwe can register a new resource file and use it at least in that view19:41
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replaceafillno js yet23:32
th1aThat's quite a bit better.  ;-)23:33
th1aAs long as that's at the bottom of the page, that's probably sufficient.23:34
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