IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-03-29

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th1ahi aelkner, yvl, replaceafill, menesis.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
yvlmorning guys16:31
Lumierezomg i live (for once)16:31
Lumiere(hi all)16:31
th1aHi Lumiere.16:31
aelknerhey Lumiere16:32
Lumierereplaceafill, aelkner: do we know if dwelsh got resolution on his issue?16:32
* yvl just noticed what time it is... Apologies, got carried away with the code. Will be back in 5 minutes.16:32
Lumierehe had a downtime over the weekend16:32
Lumierewhich I was out of the house and unable to deal with16:33
LumiereI'll find matt if nobody heard16:33
aelkneri heard16:33
aelknerwelsh seemed to think some service was being naughty on that the production machine16:33
aelknerbut it wasn't cando16:33
Lumiereit was the buildbot16:34
aelknermatt needs to look into that16:34
Lumierewhich was likely crashed out due to being mid-process when the outage occured16:34
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Lumieredevil... speak of the16:34
aelknerLumiere, dwelsh: i don't think you need us to solve your server problems16:36
aelknerthat's a matt issue16:36
replaceafillis that related to this: ?16:37
Lumiereaelkner: you read me wrong... I wasn't asking if you could solve them :)16:37
LumiereI was asking if you had heard if they had been16:37
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Lumierereplaceafill: unlikely16:38
replaceafillLumiere, ah ok16:38
Lumierereplaceafill: if he was getting server not found it would be related to the server being down :)16:38
* yvl back16:38
aelknerreplaceafill: let's discuss that after th1a is done with his primary agenda16:38
* Lumiere cedes the floor to th1a and hands over the bag o gravel16:38
replaceafillaelkner, ok16:38
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th1aYes, we need to get ready for the release.16:39
* th1a googles lucid release date...16:39
th1aOK, April 29 is the drop dead date.16:39
th1aWhen is feature freeze, yvl?16:39
yvlhard feature freeze - April 15th16:40
yvlsoft feature freeze - April 8th, please submit your merge proposals until then16:40
th1alet's get quick updates on last week's progress...16:41
replaceafillok, i moved the css from cambodia to core16:42
replaceafilli fixed the alphabetical order bug16:43
replaceafilli mean
replaceafilland i have a couple of questions about two other bugs16:44
replaceafill this one16:44
replaceafilli just put the course name in the section link16:45
replaceafillalthought the user suggested a table16:45
replaceafilllike the one you see in the "Sections" view for the term i guess16:45
th1aSo how is it formatted?16:45
replaceafillth1a, should i use a table?16:46
th1aNo, that's fine.16:46
replaceafillah ok16:46
th1aCan you relabel it "Sections," btw?16:46
replaceafillah yes, i did :)16:46
replaceafilland about this one
replaceafillit's about getting login screens when you don't have access rights to some actions16:47
yvljust don't show links if user has no permissions to follow them16:48
replaceafillyvl, ah ok16:48
th1aThat's fine.16:48
replaceafilltha bug is related to the section view, should we do it for all schooltool?16:49
yvluse canModify, like in some places...16:49
yvlno, just for section links now16:49
yvlthose like "edit instructor"16:49
replaceafillth1a, and finally i'm in the middle of enrollment statuses16:50
th1aHow's that coming?16:50
yvlon the other hand, if you find links on the page in other places in schooltool you can also do the same there16:50
yvl(like 'edit groups' or something similar in persons home page)16:50
th1aAnd avoid creating new views with this problem.  ;-)16:51
replaceafillyvl, i was thinking of doing it too in the persons view :)16:51
replaceafillth1a, according to my sprint notes we said we should use enrollment statuses for some views16:52
replaceafilllike the gradebook, showing only "active" students16:53
aelknerwith a checkbox to show only active students16:53
aelkneron by default16:53
replaceafillah, a checkbox16:54
aelknerjelkner suggested that in case one wanted to see the inactive students16:54
replaceafilland yvl (i think) suggested modifying the xls importer too16:54
th1atbh, I'd be happy if we got the basic implementation in the release even if it doesn't do much in the rest of the interface.16:54
replaceafillth1a, just to have the data model set16:54
replaceafillok, i guess those are my only questions16:56
th1aSo what's your timeline look like?16:56
th1aFor enrollment statuses?16:56
replaceafilli can finish it this week16:57
replaceafillthe only part missing is the catalog, but yvl is working on a new service for that16:57
replaceafilland i dont think it would be too complicated, right yvl?16:58
th1aOK, so you'll have a few days to work on other bugs?16:58
replaceafillth1a, yes16:58
th1aOK.  aelkner are you in the middle of anything at this point?16:58
replaceafilli have two more on the calendar and resources16:58
replaceafilli'm done16:59
aelknernot at the moment16:59
aelkneri need to discuss sla's upcoming narrative schedule with you16:59
th1aWhen does that happen?16:59
aelknerbut we should probably talk about that on the phone16:59
aelkneri don't know16:59
th1aIs there a problem with that?17:00
aelknerthere things to consider17:00
aelkner1) they have old code that needs to be updated17:01
th1aIs there something we are expecting to break imminently?17:01
aelkner2) the narratives are still a hack17:01
aelknerthat they don't actually work off of the term17:02
aelknerso when they go to do them this spring, they may be stuck with last term's narratives17:02
aelknerwhich i would need to fix via file fix17:02
th1aOK, well, first find out when they're doing them and get back to me.17:02
aelknerthird thing is that we still have that Fckeditor bug17:03
aelknerand that may be the only hack that's really there, the printing of the narratives17:03
aelknerand the hacks i had to do there last fall17:03
aelkneri'd sugest discussing this offline17:04
th1aJust find out what the timeline is.17:04
aelkneri think i should try to get some gradebook bugs fixed before the release17:04
aelknerone that is striking is
aelknerit's related (i think) to dwelsh's bug
aelknerin that i think wehave speed issues loading a person's sections17:05
aelknermy theory is that the person view loads so slowly becuase it sows the persons sections17:05
th1aDo you know how to profile this, aelkner?17:05
aelknerno, i don't17:06
aelknermaybe someone could suggest how i would do that17:06
yvlsimply put, we will not fix this now17:06
yvlthere, I said it :)17:06
th1aDo you have a guess at the nature of the problem?17:07
yvlno, but I have an idea how to find out :)17:07
yvlthanks go to ignas this time ;)17:08
aelknerdo we have a catalog for the relationships?17:08
dwelshthere are very serious speed issues retrieving a single person from the person database17:08
dwelsh3-13 secs. on retrieval time17:08
yvlno for catalog this time :)17:08
dwelshunacceptable from the user perspective17:08
dwelsh(now we do have 7K person in person database)17:08
yvldwelsh, we will definitely investigate that17:08
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th1aWe could try removing the sections from the person view.17:08
dwelsh(but should this make that big a diff?)17:08
aelknerth1a: that might be the ticket17:09
yvlit shouldn't, unless server is running out of memory17:09
yvlor we load to many objects for some reason, but I need to profile that17:10
th1aI see.17:10
th1aPerhaps someone could look at the memory stats on the server?17:10
th1aAre we swapping?17:11
yvlyes, precisely.17:11
yvlthat would help17:11
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th1amatt could look at that.17:11
yvlalso if someone could check if server exhibits some signs of load17:11
yvlwhen the student is accessed and takes ~13 seconds to load17:11
th1aBasically run vmstat in a terminal and then do the bad things?17:11
aelknerth1a: i also have a couple of small bugs that i can address that won't need coordination with other developers17:12
yvlth1a, something like that17:12
yvlit would be good to know what is the bottleneck17:12
yvlHDD, memory, CPU17:12
yvldwelsh, if anybody could try to look at the server, that would really help us17:13
replaceafilli have ssh to that server17:14
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th1aI assigned the bug to Matt.17:14
replaceafillah ok17:14
th1aSo he should get the email about it.17:14
yvljust keep in mind, that after server restart17:14
yvlit always slows down when loading the bigger objects for the first time17:14
th1aMoving on...17:15
aelkneri was there when dwelsh demonstrated the delay17:15
aelknerit was not the first time only17:15
aelknerit was like 10 seconds for first person17:16
aelkner3 for the second17:16
replaceafillyvl, nice work on the email stub utility :)17:16
aelkner13 for the third17:16
yvlaelkner, for the same person?17:16
Lumierewe're not swapping17:16
LumiereI promise17:16
yvlreplaceafill: thanks ;)17:16
Lumierethat server has 4gig in it17:16
aelknerfair enough, different peple17:16
th1aOverall the performance is ok otherwise?17:16
dwelshYes.  Retrieval of person is the biggest delay problem right now.17:17
yvldwelsh, can anyone try to check if looking at the *same* person's info slows down all the time17:17
yvlor just the first several times17:17
dwelshWill check.  Let's just make it a high priority bug, and you guys can move on.17:18
dwelsh(Yes.  Same person retrieval is consistently slow.  6 secs. first time.  5 secs. second)17:19
th1aOK, lets all look at:
Lumierelol17:19 pls17:19
aelknerLumiere: english please17:20
Lumiereaelkner: it was <_<17:20
th1ayou know, bit.ly17:21
aelkneroh, it's like lisppaste17:21
Lumiereit's like tinyurl17:21
th1aIt is a url shortener.17:21
th1ayvl:  How many bugs can we assign you?17:22
yvla very good question th1a :)17:22
yvlI was thinking about going through the high priority ones, and do those that don't require changing data model or something risky17:23
yvlbasically - fix as many as possible17:24
th1aOK, but you don't have other pressing things planned the next two weeks?17:24
yvllike - importing school logo17:24
yvlyou know, I have something planned, but I can't remember now17:24
yvlsome small thing, 1-2 days17:24
yvlI know.17:24
th1aOK, let's just rip through these in order, then.17:24
yvlanother thing, person catalog17:25
th1aname order -- give that to yvl?17:25
yvlperson catalogs - 50% done17:25
Lumierehow much work do we want to put into en_US as a translation?17:25
yvlisn't en_US supposed to be one of the untranslated defaults?17:26
yvllike msginit --locale=en_US ... and be done with it?17:26
th1aThat's something I mention in the name order bug.17:26
th1aIt would be easier to translate if we used a wording which would sound weird in en_US.17:26
Lumiereyvl: 545746 makes this a conversation17:26
th1aBut... I don't want to have that conversation now.17:27
th1aI want to go through these bugs, FAST.17:27
th1aShould we move the surname bug to yvl?17:27
th1aspeak now or I'm doing it...17:28
yvlwhich one?17:28
th1athe first one on the goddamn list I told you to look at17:28
th1alets go through the list...17:28
yvlthat one, ok17:29
th1acopying assignments between sections...17:29
aelknerthat would be one for me17:30
th1aI won't mark it for the milestone yet.17:30
th1aalso, it may be a dupe now.17:30
th1amoving on...17:30
th1aabsences, not now...17:31
yvlas for the first one, I'm not sure what exactly do they want, apologies...17:31
th1aIn Asian countries the surname and given name are in reverse order.17:31
th1aWe can discuss the implementation later, but that's the basic issue.17:32
yvlI know17:32
th1aI'm not entirely certain what the necessary implementation looks like.17:32
th1aWe'll have to work that out with them.17:33
yvlI'm just having problems with imagining scope of the fix17:33
th1areimporting sections...17:34
yvl... maybe?17:34
th1aI put that down as "investigate prior to release"17:35
th1afor yvl17:35
th1aport 80... I'm assigning to menesis, not targeting to lucid17:36
th1axls import error -- yvl17:36
yvlok, will do17:37
* th1a just figured out how to change the project on a bug.17:38
th1aNot that it wasn't obvious.17:38
yvlby the way, a small comment on all import/export bugs17:39
th1aThe "copy x from one section to another" are on the bubble for lucid.17:39
yvlI want to modify importer/exporter base at some point17:39
th1athat is, it would be nice to get them in.17:39
yvlin summer maybe17:39
yvlth1a: yes for copy x to another17:39
th1aThat doesn't surprise me, yvl.  ;-)17:40
yvlit's just... annoying that they are inconvenient to write... at least for me :)17:40
th1aI'm switching copy section enrollment to aelkner, no milestone yet.17:40
yvlI wanted that one... ;)17:41
th1agradebook report -- aelkner get the example from your brother.17:41
th1ayvl: you got it.17:42
th1anot putting overlay calendars in release...17:43
th1aneed to resolve the CSV format question...17:44
* yvl will take that17:45
yvlsame view17:45
th1aYes, you will.  ;-)17:45
th1athe no non ascii characters in usernames issue bothers me.17:46
th1aBut in the short term we just have to confirm that we're not crashing the app.17:46
th1aThat's also yours, yvl...17:46
yvlthank you17:47
th1aYou're welcome.17:47
* yvl get's the feeling that my queue is almost full17:47
yvluntil freeze17:47
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th1aaelkner:  Did we fix this?
yvlI'd like to also take this one: 424498   importing instructor/pupil from linked term17:48
th1aOr am I thinking of the gradebook?17:48
th1aAssign it to yourself.17:48
aelknerYou are not the bug assignee nor the maintainer of SchoolTool Lyceum Journal, and therefore cannot edit this bug's status.17:49
yvl, that one17:49
aelkneram i able to make myself a maintainer?17:49
yvlthe duplicate entries :)17:49
yvlassign to me, but not for Lucid17:49
*** dlobo has quit IRC17:49
aelknerstill who can make me a maintainer?17:50
th1aLet's not worry about that for the moment.17:50
th1aSo, we didn't already fix that bug, aelkner?17:50
aelkneri never saw it, so correct17:51
th1aI think we fixed it in the gradebook though.17:51
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aelknerfixed what in the gradebook?17:51
yvlI think it is still present in journal17:51
yvlbut I might be wron17:51
th1awhat am I thinking of...17:52
th1aDidn't we change the journal to show you the period in addition to the date?17:52
th1aI guess there are really three bugs in one there.17:53
aelkneri did that, but i'm not sure whether that slipped through the merge cracks17:53
aelkneri know that last release we lost a couple small changes i made17:53
aelknerbut that one may have made it17:53
aelkneri haven't looked at the journal in a while17:53
aelkneri could load an instance now to check17:53
th1aOK, I'm assigning a new critical bug to aelkner: review current trunk for his recent changes.17:54
aelknerjust in the case of the journal17:54
yvlaelkner, just a reminder... we have CHANGES.txt in each project now17:54
yvlif you commit a bugfix, update CHANGES.txt before requesting a merge17:55
yvlreplaceafill, you too ;)17:55
replaceafillwill do17:55
th1athere you go, aelkner17:56
th1aShould I just mark "bake in cron-like functionality" as done?17:58
th1aIN progress?17:58
replaceafillyvl, are we going to include schooltool.task in the release?17:59
yvlstill, probably not :|17:59
replaceafillth1a, in progress i think17:59
th1aWe'll be using it a lot in the pilots.17:59
yvlth1a, it's something like: "prototype is done, it may be reamade"17:59
th1aAction button cleanup... in prgress too?18:00
yvlafter lucid release18:00
yvlkeep in mind that action button cleanup is closely related to other navigation bugs18:02
th1aI think don't touch "adding resources to sections" yet.18:04
yvlyes, please18:04
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th1a"teachers need to edit student contact data"18:06
th1aWho should get that?18:06
th1aI'd like to clear that one up.18:06
yvlassign that one to me18:07
Lumieremay I suggest a subset of student data18:09
Lumiereteachers should not be allowed to change home address or home telephone18:09
Lumierebut they should be allowed to set email/cell contact info18:10
th1aWell, it probably should be a school configurable choice.18:10
th1aThere are lots of schools where it would be ok/expected.18:10
th1aAlso, lots where changing anything would be horrifying.18:10
LumiereI'd rather see a 'self-service' model for some student data18:11
th1aaelkner:  Can you update this bug?18:11
th1aLumiere:  Well, there's that too.18:11
aelknerurl please?18:12
aelknerit already is assigned to yvl18:12
aelknerwhat else needs updating?18:13
th1aDon't listen to Lumiere.18:13
th1aHe's talking about something different.18:13
aelkneri see your bug18:13
aelknerwhat do i need to update?18:14
aelknerassign to yvl?18:14
* th1a sighs.18:14
th1aIsn't that a bug we addressed?18:14
th1aIn interventions?18:14
aelknerlast message was from you about being unclear on the issue18:15
aelknerwhat are you asking for?18:15
aelkneran update to answer your question?18:15
th1aI said "Can you update this bug?"18:15
th1aANd forgot the link.18:15
th1aAnd then Lumiere sent you in the wrong direction.18:15
th1aANd then I linked to the proper bug,18:15
aelknerbut then i visited your link and see that it's about the security odel18:16
th1aWhich, iirc, we fixed.18:16
aelknerand that bug was submitted by me as a result of talking to jelkner18:16
th1aDidn't we fix that?18:16
aelknerit's the one about how jelkner and sla put all teachers in admin group18:16
th1aDidn't we make interventions use relationships?18:16
aelknerwe created a new security model18:17
th1aAre we using the new security model?18:17
aelknerand in it we only allow teachers, advisors of the student and admin18:17
aelknerto see student interventions18:17
th1aYes... that's what I'm saying... we fixed the bug.18:17
aelknerthis forces jelkner and sla to put ALL teachers in the admin group18:17
th1aNo... it *fixes the bug.*18:18
aelknerno, we created an annoyance for schools that want all teachers to see all student interventions18:18
* Lumiere missed the subject change ;)18:18
aelknerthat's why i suggested an access setting18:18
th1aLumiere:  np.18:18
aelkner'all teachers can see all student interventions'18:18
aelkneror something of that sort18:18
th1aThat is illegal in the US.18:18
*** Aiste has quit IRC18:19
Lumierethat's a federal offense in the US18:19
th1aI'll marke it "won't fix."18:19
aelknerwhat about putting all teachers in admin group18:19
aelkneris that illeagal?18:19
Lumiereaelkner: yes18:19
th1aThat is too, but we are not culpable.18:19
aelknerah, i see18:19
yvlby the way, advisors can do that, can't they?18:19
aelknerthe blame gets shifted, nice18:20
yvlsee all interventions, I mean18:20
Lumiereaelkner: only a very, VERY small number of people should be allowed to see any information about student diciplin18:20
aelkneronly if they are in the admin group18:20
th1aAdvisors of the student should be able to see the info.18:20
th1aI thought we added that.18:20
aelknerthat they can18:20
th1aLook, that is the proper behavior.18:21
Lumierenormally the line contains something about "superintendent and his desginates"18:21
aelknerif jelkner complains about the limit, is telling him to solve it by putting all teachers in admin group illegal?18:21
th1aIt is not a problem.18:21
th1aJelkner's use is the problem.18:21
aelkneri wish you wold explain that to him18:22
aelkneri don't like passing these arguments back and forth18:22
th1aIf he complains again, refer him to me.18:22
Lumiereaelkner: something along the lines of "technically making them admins will allow them to see it, but you should check with Jerry about what level of security is required" might work too18:22
Lumieresomething to say there is a way that shows it, but tells him that someone has to approve it18:23
aelknerah, yes, i was going to have jelkner call th1a last week, but he was too busy18:23
aelknerjelkner that is18:23
th1aWe're actually almost through the highs.18:24
th1aI assume Schooltool skin z3c form macro needs to use table is not pressing?18:24
yvlit can wait :)18:25
replaceafilli'd say it should use good css :)18:25
th1areplaceafill, Feel free to comment on the bug...18:26
replaceafillth1a, ok18:26
th1aI'm just quietly making some small adjustments here...18:28
th1aAnyone want to take this on before the release?
th1aignas: ayt?18:29
th1aTake a look at that bug.18:29
th1aPlease.  ;-)18:29
ignasyes, looked at it, could not come up with a comprehensible reply ;)18:30
ignaspoints are18:30
ignasif you have 5 minutes ;)18:30
ignasthe fact that sections do not adjust after changing terms - is a bug18:30
th1aIf you do.18:30
th1aI agree.18:30
ignasanother point is - solving it *right* requires looking at all the flexible timetabling idea stuff18:31
ignassolving it in a simple way18:31
* aelkner needs to shower and travel back to New Jersey18:31
ignasadding start and end points to sections18:31
ignasshould be doable, really18:31
th1aaelkner: Go ahead.18:31
ignasit should work for them18:31
aelknerthanks, i'll read the log later18:32
aelknersee y'all18:32
ignasunless they need the mega-flexible-no-school-year sections18:32
*** aelkner has quit IRC18:32
th1aI don't think so.18:32
th1aHow hard would that part be?18:32
th1aFew days...?18:32
ignasproblems I can see are - SchoolTimetables18:32
ignasbugs in timetabling ;)18:32
ignasand any kind of conflict resolution code18:33
ignasas in - if you will make a view that displays "free resources"18:33
ignasand does it efficiently18:33
ignassections that can end beyond the term boundary - will break that18:33
ignasgradebook and journal will probably fail to work in some cases18:33
th1aAssuming we don't cross the term boundary.18:34
ignasif you don't cross term boundary - everything should be ok18:34
ignastimetable events are persistent18:34
ignasso dates would in effect just delete some timetable events18:34
ignaswhich is supported already18:34
ignasor add them back if you extend the range18:34
ignasyou need to keep the dates though, as they are the indication of "what to do with a section if terms shift"18:35
ignasas in - no dates, add/remove events as needed18:35
th1aOK.  That's what I was wondering.18:35
ignashas dates - remove events outside of term, do not add any additional events18:35
ignashmm :D now that I think of it18:36
ignasif section crossed the boundary18:36
ignasyou can just do it as 2 sections in different terms18:36
ignasyou are probably not using term/year reports anyway with this kind of section structure18:36
th1aIn these cases, people will probably be just using year-long terms anyhow.18:37
ignasthough in the future - reporting has to handle these kinds of things too...18:37
Lumiereif it is going to remove things18:37
ignasahh - i have a working "put text and numbers on an existing PDF" thing18:37
Lumiereit needs to yell about it18:37
ignasLumiere, rule is - do not f**k with terms when you have the school year going and everything set up18:37
yvlhe actual problem behind this bug, by the way, is "where I'm deploying htis... term and school year concept is irrelevant"18:37
Lumiereignas: yes18:37
th1aThese are crazy edge cases anyhow.18:37
ignasyvl, that's the "root of the problem" not the "actual problem" ;)18:38
th1aOK, thanks ignas.18:38
th1aI would *like* to get this in, yvl.18:38
ignasth1a, that should have been not "ahh -" but rather "by the way -"18:39
yvlok, th1a, lucid?18:39
th1aI'm not sure what you mean about "put text and numbers on an existing PDF"18:40
th1ayvl:  I guess I'll mark it for that, but it is a reach, I know.18:40
yvlI can do something like that, it's just...18:41
yvlI'll crap something in18:41
ignasth1a, I have to generate reports in the contract I am currently doing18:41
ignasth1a, fill in some forms from UK equivalent of IRS18:41
ignasth1a, and that is way easier to do by taking an actual form and putting the text and numbers on it18:42
ignasth1a, rather than trying to reproduce identical form using reportlab and then filling it with actual data18:42
* Lumiere wrote a script to fill out timesheets using reportlab18:42
yvlth1a, from my point of view, implementing this now results in additional ugly maintenance, but I totally get why we need to do this :)18:42
Lumiereand pdftk to drop the crap into the actual form they gave18:42
ignasLumiere, i have found a 100% python solution18:43
th1ayvl: It is a big pain point for a whole set of users.18:43
Lumiereignas: no reportlab?18:43
Lumiereoh no pdftk18:43
ignasLumiere, I am using Reportlab to generate the text18:43
ignasoriginal + reportlab -> filled out form18:43
th1aAre you releasing that, ignas?18:44
ignasth1a, if you are interested I can make a tutorial, it's not much code18:45
ignasand I am not sure whether my abstractions are *right*18:45
th1aWe will probably be very interested in a month.18:45
yvlI understand th1a.  We just don't have the tools to make this right.  Making this now results in additional pain later.  For me.  But again - I understand why we need this18:45
th1aWell, it can wait if necessary.18:46
ignasth1a, I can just try and do a simple proof-of-concept form for schooltool if you'd give me a PDF to fill out18:46
th1aOK... I've finished marking the high priority bugs.18:46
th1aignas:  OK, we've got a pile of forms.18:46
th1aThis meeting is ending.18:47
yvlth1a, can we have some gravel... please?18:47
th1aThanks for your patience guys.18:47
th1aEveryone has their tasks now.18:47
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:47
ignasth1a, a pdf form that needs info available in I don't know a person object for example would be something I can do easily18:47
yvlthanks th1a18:47
yvllet's get some bugs fixed.18:47
ignasth1a, no "this text area must expand" though ;) the process is "let's help a person filling out the form by hand, by filling in some fields for him automatically"18:48
ignasbut allows creating a report from a source PDF in well - an hour or so18:49
th1aignas:  We will have lots of government forms to fill out at our pilot sites.18:53
ignasth1a, can you give me a sample empty form? I need a neutral example19:15
ignassomething that has name and surname fields for example ;)19:15
*** mgedmin has joined #schooltool19:51
ignasI hate bzr20:02
ignasseriously - branch from lp20:02
ignasmake a commit20:02
ignasuploaded 15 megs already20:02
ignaspushing into a new location20:02
ignas30 mb :/20:05
* th1a is back20:10
ignasth1a, that's how I am doing it, is hacky, as I am too lazy to think where things should go schooltool wise20:10
ignasand I am using a sample pdf from rml docs as a template20:10
replaceafillignas, for this, do you need the pdf to have form elements? or an old regular pdf will do?20:11
ignasbut still - it adds persons/john/sample.pdf view on a person20:11
ignasany pdf it just puts text "on" a pdf20:11
ignascombines two pdfs efectivelly20:11
ignasas if you would "draw" on top of the template pdf20:12
* replaceafill branching ignas hack20:15
ignasI would move the annotator into app/pdf20:17
ignasalso add a "combiningpdfview" class20:17
ignasnext to pdf view class20:17
ignasand probably seriously think about how to improve the annotator API, but for now - this approach works for me20:18
ignasas in - results get delivered ;)20:18
ignasahh - yeah, I have probably commited commented out pdf enabled check20:19
ignashad that off while testing20:19
ignasso that should get fixed too20:19
th1aSo pyPdf has been around a while.20:20
th1aWe just never directly considered this situation.  It is well timed though ignas.20:22
ignasgoing home, bye20:27
*** ignas has quit IRC20:31
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*** replaceafill_ is now known as replaceafill20:33
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*** alga has joined #schooltool21:15
replaceafillth1a, zyt?21:21
replaceafillth1a, ah! never mind, found it21:22
*** dlobo has quit IRC21:46
*** ignas has joined #schooltool21:46
replaceafillth1a, why do we have a Refresh button in the Term creation view?22:09
replaceafillin case they don't support JS?22:09
replaceafillth1a, i also found these buttons:
replaceafillshould i make those three neutral?22:16
replaceafilli mean "Select All Visible" "Select None" and "Invert Selection"22:17
replaceafilland "Copy" is red!22:17
*** replaceafill has quit IRC22:55
*** dlobo has joined #schooltool23:35

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