IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-03-26

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aelkneryvl: ayt?15:33
aelknerth1a: ?15:34
yvlhi aelkner15:34
aelknerlet' go15:34
yvlI didn't expect you this early :)15:34
yvllet me get some coffe15:35
yvland switch context15:35
yvl5-7 min15:35
aelknerok, me too15:35
yvlok, I'm here15:43
aelknerso, i think i can handle the additional attributes and states by using annotations15:46
yvlI've created a new plug-in egg:      lp:~justas-pov/schooltool/schooltool.courseinfo/15:46
yvlum, no15:46
yvlactually, your email invalidated everything I've said yesterday, I think15:46
aelknerth1a: is jwelsh a schooltool developer?15:47
th1aI haven't sent him a committer agreement yet.15:47
aelknerso for this weekend, i should be the one to push changes then15:48
th1aWell, it is not so much who is *pushing*15:48
th1aI can send him a copy.15:49
yvlhe can register in LP15:49
yvland put a branch of his own15:49
yvlit's not like ST is not open source or something15:49
th1aYeah... it isn't really an issue until we start merging into trunk.15:49
aelknerah, so the agreement is just a formality15:49
th1aIt is just that we have a distributed version control system.15:50
th1aYou might have heard of it.15:50
aelknernever heard of it15:50
aelknerand i know you sent me that email just to annoy me15:50
th1aAnd the committer agreement stuff only becomes very important when things land in trunk.15:50
aelknerok, that's good15:50
th1aActually, I thought it was a pretty good post.15:51
yvlth1a, which post are you talking about?15:51
aelknerthe email was just adressed to me, so i falsely assumed you meant it for me15:51
th1aJoel Spolsky had a post on mercurial.15:51
th1aIt was just for you aelkner.15:51
aelknerso you were trying to annoy me15:52
yvlok, so back to business ;)15:52
yvlbasically we talked about career planning yesterday15:52
yvlfrom your email I understood that they do not want to do that at all15:52
aelknernot as a first step15:53
yvlyesterday we assumed that we will not do versioning or anything like that15:53
yvland this is basically what they want to do15:53
yvlyou won't actually need implementation of levels for this15:54
yvlyou should not extend courses in any way15:54
th1aWe were talking about versioning of career paths, which is different.15:54
th1aThey're talking about managing revision of courses.15:54
aelknerwe were only talking about versions of courses15:54
aelkneras i remember it15:54
aelknercareer path was just to be this direvted graph15:55
aelknerbut that's the part we don't have to do15:55
aelknerwe just need a course CMS15:55
aelknerand flexible attibutes like person demos15:55
yvland that is not entirely right15:56
th1aI don't think I want flexible attributes for courses.15:56
aelknerWell Division and PAthway might only be a virginia concept15:56
aelknerok, sorry, you were suggesting a differetn object before15:57
aelknerif we had a differetn object, we could put anything there15:57
yvland these object should not live in a schoolyear15:57
yvldirectly in app]15:57
yvlapp['schooltool.courseinfo'] / somecontainer15:57
aelknerthey live in app['schooltool.courseinfo']15:57
th1aWait, what?15:58
aelknerthen they get deployed to schooltool courses, right?15:58
yvland have absolutely no relation to schooltool.course.Course15:58
yvlget deployed as shcooltool courses, yes15:58
th1aCourse templates?15:58
yvlin a selected year15:58
aelknerdivide and conquer15:58
aelkneras they say in comp sci15:58
th1aThat could go in core.15:59
th1aThat is, in the standard distribution.15:59
aelknerwe could later fold it in15:59
aelknerit's helpfule to be able to get something simple done16:00
yvlmaybe even call them course templates ;)16:00
aelknerfor jerry's sake and mine16:00
aelknerso i like the idea of having our own separate data sandbox to play around in16:00
aelknerand build views etc.16:00
aelknerthen deploy as a final step16:00
aelknerwe can make a lot of progress this weekend16:00
aelknernot worrying about schooltool.core16:00
aelkneri see two steps in the grand view16:01
th1aIt imposes no additional worries on you.16:01
th1aOr changes at all.16:01
aelknerwhat imposes no worries?16:01
th1aMy saying this might be part of the standard distribution.16:02
yvllikely as a separate plugin, but installed by default16:03
yvllike gradebook16:03
aelknersince this is not bound for the next release16:03
aelkner(i can't see how we would have time to get it in)16:03
yvltrue :)16:03
aelknerthen i don't think we need to worry about general concepts16:04
aelknerabout distribution16:04
aelknerand we can worry more about getting it to do what ACC needs16:04
aelknerthen prepare it for distribution this summer16:04
aelknerafter it is more mature16:04
th1aIt imposes no additional worries on you.16:05
th1aMoving on...16:05
aelknerby worry i mean "have to consider and account for..."16:06
yvlwell then...16:06
yvlplease get my branch, push to lp:~aelkner/...16:07
yvland start tinkering ;)16:07
aelkneri'm looking at the code right now16:07
yvlit's an 'empty' egg basically16:07
aelknerdon't worry i'll be pushing a lot this weekend16:07
aelknerand jwelsh, too16:08
yvlwell, the egg is somewhat 'default' plugin egg16:08
aelkneri understand16:08
yvlhas translations set up, like Cambodia16:08
aelknervery good16:08
yvlfew unit / functional test points16:08
yvlyou can make run, and it works with latest schooltool as auto-included plugin16:09
aelknermake running now...16:09
aelknerthat'll take a while, so...16:09
aelknerbasically, we can change our code here16:10
aelknerand run the instance from here as well16:10
aelknerjust like cambodia, right?16:10
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aelknerso i should feel free to build ICourseInfo with all attributes necessary for ACC16:11
aelknerstart end grade (ints)16:11
yvlyes, totally16:11
aelknerprerequisites (relationship property to other CourseInfo objects)16:11
aelknerDivision, Pathway, etc. to our hearts content16:12
aelknerthen we can worry about deployment next week16:12
aelknerwhen we're  all around16:12
aelkneri don't know about jerry's schedule during the week16:12
yvlyou might want to call it ICourseTemplate16:12
yvlI liked the name :)16:12
th1aUh... be careful about how you use those templates in relationships.16:12
aelknerperhaps he can squeeze us in from time to time16:12
yvland as all course templates live in one single same container16:12
yvlyou can use lists of __name__ instead of relationship16:13
th1aIf they're just templates they really need to just be templates.16:13
th1aDon't make them kinda templates and also kinda the canonical course object itself.16:14
aelknerICourseTemplate it is16:14
aelknersimple is good :)16:14
aelknerso we'll have plenty to do without even considering depoyment16:16
aelknerand jerry will get a nice entry into schooltool development16:16
aelkneryvl: thanks for the egg16:16
yvlyou're welcome ;)16:17
aelknerth1a: i think we're set fr the weekend16:19
aelkneryvl, th1a: any other thoughts?16:20
yvlno :)16:20
aelknerso we'll be putting 'Course Templates' under the Manage tab as an entry point, ok?16:21
yvlI'm good with that16:23
aelknerwhat about choices for Division and Pathway?16:27
aelknerseparate objects16:27
aelknerICourseDvision, ICoursePathway16:28
aelknervocabularies for puldowns16:28
aelkner__name__ as the vocab keys16:28
aelknerIDivision.title as the vocab display16:29
aelknerregister action links 'Divisions' and 'Pathways' against ICourseTemplateContainer16:30
aelknerto get to the containers for those objects, etc16:30
aelknerso the user clicks Manage->Course Templates16:30
aelknerand they see a table with existing course templates16:30
aelknerand action buttons for the other containers16:31
aelkneryvl: thoughts?16:31
yvlsounds right...16:31
aelknerwe should use TableFormatter for all our container views?16:31
aelknernow that i'm such a pro at using TableFormatter :)16:32
aelkneryvl: is that our policy going forward, TableFomatter for all container views?16:33
yvlwell, yes16:34
aelknerwell, great :)16:34
yvlbut I don't know if the current implementation is suitable for all, or even most scenarios16:34
yvlfor course templates list... it seems to fit16:34
yvlfor divisions and pathways... don't know16:35
yvlmaybe :)16:35
aelkneroverkill for simple __name__: title mappings?16:35
yvlI think you should use simple container views there16:36
yvlthey may already use table formatter, I didn't check16:36
yvlskin/ ContainerView16:36
yvloh, and TableContainerView is there16:37
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yvlok, I'm off16:57
aelknerok, thanks again16:57
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