IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-03-05

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aelkneryvl: ping13:57
yvlpong aelkner13:59
yvlI'll be away from keyboard for ~ 1 hour13:59
aelknerquick question13:59
yvlgo ;)13:59
aelknerhave you made any changes to the package lately to allow one to add a person to the system?14:00
aelkneralso, should i be merging with the package every once in a while just to make sure i'm up to date14:00
yvlI'll notify when there's something to merge ;)14:00
aelknerwill the main package always have passing tests?14:00
aelknerwhat ever happend to small commits?14:01
yvlI'm a bit overworked to do anything right, it seems14:01
yvlfirst, I eliminated the basic person layer, so school setup is failing for you, I guess14:01
aelknerhaven't you written any tests?14:02
aelkneryeah, so i'm thinking what i need to do14:02
yvlfirst, you'll need to enable the basic person layer from schooltool14:02
yvlgo to
aelkneri'm there14:03
yvland replace the IPersonLayer with IBasicPersonLayer from schooltool14:03
yvlor even better14:03
yvlgo to schooltool.cambodia.person.browser.__init__.py14:04
yvland make IPersonLayer inherit from IBasicPersonLayer14:04
yvlthat will enable the default person add forms14:04
aelknerok, i got the forms14:05
yvlit will also conflict with Douglas' changes to persons, but as you will be pulling from my branch, I will resolve it there14:05
yvlso no worries for you14:05
aelkneri can add persons now, that helps a lot14:06
aelknerwill you be around in about hour?14:06
yvlI guess... :)14:06
yvlwait, there's more14:06
aelkneri thought i was holding you up14:06
yvlyes, but...14:06
yvlI made some mistakes making the package14:07
yvlin configure.zcml14:07
yvlyou need to add <include "schooltool.cambodia.gradebook" />14:07
yvlor your subscribers will not get included14:07
yvlthen in both schooltool.cambodia.gradebook and  schooltool.cambodia.gradebook.browser configure.zcml14:08
aelkner<include package="schooltool.cambodia.gradebook" />14:08
yvlyou need to change i18n from "schooltool" to "schooltool.cambodia"14:08
yvland finally14:08
yvlin the browser's configure.zcml14:09
aelknerit includes itself, right?14:09
yvlthere is a recursive <include "schooltool.cambodia.gradebook.browser" />14:09
yvlthat's what you get when trying to work when you should rest14:09
aelknerno prob14:09
aelkneri was about to replace it14:09
yvlnow the tests should work14:10
aelknerthey do, thanks14:10
yvlgood to hear14:10
aelkneri can let you go now :)14:10
aelkneri'll probably be looking for you in a couple of hours14:10
yvlI may go offline, but not for very long14:11
yvland will be checking IRC from time to time14:11
yvlsee you soon ;)14:11
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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, yvl.16:32
replaceafillhello th1a16:32
th1aHow's it coming, replaceafill?16:33
replaceafilli have two questions for yvl16:33
replaceafillyvl, i'm trying to reuse TableContainerView for the Students, Teachers and Administrators index16:34
replaceafilland i want to customize the PersonFilterWidget adapter16:35
replaceafillhowever the personfilterwidget is registered for IPersonContainer, IBrowserRequest16:37
replaceafillwhich doesn't allow me to "deactivate" it :(16:37
replaceafilli'm sure i'm using the wrong approach for this16:37
th1aHow do you need to customize it?16:38
replaceafillremove the group dropdown16:38
replaceafillif your in the "Teachers" view, the widget should know that the group you want is "teachers"16:38
replaceafilland so on16:38
replaceafilland the widget is the one that filter the persons in the tablecontainerview for you16:39
th1aThe difficulty of dealing with these widgets drives me nuts.16:40
th1aHow'd your meeting go?16:41
replaceafilli was thinking of overriding the filtering widget "manually"16:41
replaceafillah not so good :(16:41
replaceafillthe guy i was interested in talking to wasn't there >:(16:42
replaceafillthe one who can connect us with the ministry16:42
replaceafilland the bus drivers went on strike yesterday, so get there took me a looong while16:42
replaceafillbtw, i showed schooltool to their IT guy16:42
replaceafilland there were sparkles in his eyes ;)16:42
replaceafilli talked to him about schooltool "the framework"16:43
replaceafillas you know, they need a SIS for their university16:43
replaceafilltheir workflow is very very simple16:43
replaceafilland ST could be easily adapted for them i guess16:45
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th1aYes... there is a whole different market segment in small post-secondary institutions in the developing world.16:46
replaceafilli believe that university is appropriate for "experimenting"16:47
th1aIt is appropriate for more than that, it just isn't the mission of Mark's money.16:48
replaceafilli told them that16:48
replaceafillthat we needed k-12 schools16:48
th1aI mean, if they have *any* money to invest in the process, it could be done.16:50
th1aSo your pretty much blocked on this widget issue?  What about add forms?16:52
replaceafillthey work16:52
replaceafillmy other question for yvl is about how to get to the forms?16:52
replaceafilli guess the action buttons are gone, right?16:53
th1aThe add forms?16:54
th1aCan you just hardcode a link?16:54
replaceafillyes, that's what i did16:54
th1aI don't know what else you would do.16:55
replaceafilli thought we were going to have a new mechanism to put buttons16:55
th1aI don't think there's an immediate plan for that.16:56
replaceafillah ok16:57
aelknerhey guys16:59
replaceafillhey aelkner16:59
aelkneri read the log, and i have to agree that widgets are lame16:59
aelknerthey probably are better suited for developers (say, the zope developers themselves) who have17:00
aelknermany reasons to customize17:00
replaceafilli guess i'm lame because i can't customize them ;)17:00
aelknerthey do it so often that its second nature17:00
aelknerthe problem is the learning curve is steep17:01
aelknerand the less often you use what you learn17:01
aelknerthe longer it takes to get back up to speed17:01
aelknerjust hang in there and work that pdb17:01
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th1aUh... I'd say do something else and ask yvl.17:03
th1aOr just write the damn HTML by hand.  We're trying to knock out a prototype here.17:03
aelknerwell, that's true in this case17:05
aelkneri was just saying in general17:05
th1aIn general I think too much of the time I'm paying you guys to figure out Zope 3 independently rather than just asking each other.17:06
replaceafilli am asking :(17:06
th1aI know.17:07
th1aHopefully yvl will pop up...17:07
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th1aAnyhow, please plow ahead as much as you can remembering that this is a prototype that we'd like to be able to walk through.17:07
th1aIf in the prototype it is possible for me to switch groups inappropriately, that's ok for now.17:08
th1aaelkner, How are you coming along?17:11
aelknerok, i'll have something to show you in about an hour17:12
th1aAre you following along with the emails from Cambodia on grading?17:12
aelkneri've read them but i haven't commited them to memory17:14
* th1a grumbles.17:15
th1aSo the situation today is rather different than yesterday.17:15
th1aWhat we *really* need to be doing, apparently, is tracking *monthly* grades and semester exams, and calculating semester grades and monthly averages from those.17:16
th1aIt is actually pretty complicated.17:16
th1anot really.17:16
th1aIf you know how to add and divide it is not complicated.17:16
th1aBut more complicated than it appeared yesterday.17:17
aelknercertainly if we have to track monthly grades it's more complicated17:19
th1aBasically we just need a more complicated hard-coded report sheet.17:20
aelknerso it's still one worksheet with one activity per month?17:20
aelknerare they basically only giving the student one grade per month per section?17:21
th1aAre you looking at the last document from Piseth with the formulas?17:21
aelkneri'm looking...17:23
aelknercould you devine for me what the difference between (or rather what the heck they are) the three totals17:24
aelknerAverage of Semester Exam17:24
aelknerMonthly average of Semester17:24
aelknerAverage of the Semester17:24
th1aSome of these calculations are across sections, I believe.17:25
aelkneri see that the third is an average of the first two17:25
aelkneri think17:25
aelknerwould we want to have linking to activities in other sections?17:26
aelkneri'm checking the code to see if we support this17:26
th1aSome of this isn't a gradebook thing but a report thing.17:26
th1aThe teacher doesn't necessarily need all this in their gradebook.17:26
th1aThe gradebook just has to deal with the section at hand.  If teachers need these other calculations, that can be displayed elsewhere.17:27
aelkneri see, anyway, checking the code, we do support linking to other sections17:29
aelknerfor now, how would you like me to build the activities for creating a screenshot17:30
aelknerin other words, how many for the section, how labeled?17:30
th1aHow about:17:31
th1aOct | Nov | Dec | Jan | S1 Ave. | S1 Exam | S1 Total |17:34
th1a| Mar | April | May | June | S2 Ave. | S2 Exam | S2 Total | Year Total |17:35
th1a(that's one line)17:35
th1aAlso, maybe it takes up less space in Khmer.17:35
th1aOr more?17:35
th1aBasically, don't sweat the spacing in English too much.  ;-)17:36
aelkneris this for the report or the activities17:38
th1aFor the report sheet.17:38
aelknerwhat about the gradebook activities that i'm auto-creating?17:39
th1aThose are what appear on the report sheet, right?17:39
th1aI believe we're talking about the same thing here, aelkner.17:43
aelknerso the user is going to be manually calculating the averages and totals?17:45
aelknerwait, we're not talking about the same thing17:45
aelkneri need to know one thing frst17:45
aelknerwhat activities are gong to appear in the gradebook?17:46
th1aWell, the months and the exams would be the actual activities, I guess.17:46
th1aThe ave and total would be calculated.17:47
aelknerwhat does S1 Exam mean?17:47
aelkneris that one exam?17:47
th1aSemester 1 exam.17:47
aelknerlike a final exam for the semester?17:47
aelknerOct | Nov | Dec | Jan | S1 Exam | Mar | April | May | June | S2 Exam?17:48
th1aThose would be the activities.17:49
th1aBut I'd like the column layout to look like what I have.17:49
aelknerthat's fine, but one thing at a time17:49
aelknerwhat are the score systems for each activity, the same for each based on the number th yvl is going to deliver?17:50
aelkneri'm assuming rangedvaluesscore sytem17:50
aelknermin=0, max=???17:50
th1aStop saying yvl is going to deliver a number to you aelkner.17:50
aelknerbe nice17:51
th1aRight now, it is a ranged scores system based on the credit value.17:51
aelknerah yes, the course credits17:53
aelkneri'm having trouble getting the section's course in my section added event handler17:54
aelkneri'll need to ask yvl about that one17:54
th1areplaceafill, any thoughts about that?17:56
replaceafillaelkner, what's the trouble?17:57
aelknerin my section added event handler, is empty17:57
aelkneri think that might be because the view that is adding the section assigns the course after adding the section17:58
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replaceafillaelkner, you mean, the regular "New Section" form?17:58
aelknernever mind, i'll have to look at the test addSection code and follow it to the view code17:59
yvlreplaceafill: if anything is registered for BrowserRequest18:01
yvlyou can register the same thing for CambodiaLayer or however it's called18:02
replaceafillit can be overriden for the specific layer?18:02
yvlanything that is registered for BrowserRequest or SchoolToolLayer18:02
yvlcan be overriden for another layer18:03
replaceafilleven the table formatters!18:03
yvlas far as I remember, you can override the Filter18:03
yvlyes, even the table formatters18:03
yvlyou can even replace them with NullTableFormatter, if you want to do that for some reason18:04
* replaceafill bangs his head....18:04
replaceafillthanks yvl!18:04
yvlyou're welcome :)18:05
yvlas for action buttons... assume that action buttons you did not register in some zcml in schooltool.cambodia will be gone18:06
yvlif you add/register them, they will stay18:06
replaceafillah ok18:06
replaceafilli've been having trouble with the navigationViewlet directive too18:07
replaceafilli guess we would need to include, right?18:08
replaceafillfor the directive handler?18:08
replaceafilland i see this   <include package="schooltool.common" /> in schooltool.cambodia18:08
replaceafillwhich includes that meta18:09
replaceafilllet me see, i guess it should be <zope:navigation...18:10
replaceafillif browser is the default xmlns namespace18:10
replaceafill<configure xmlns=""18:10
replaceafill           xmlns:zope=""18:10
replaceafill           i18n_domain="schooltool">18:10
yvlnah, schooltool's navigationViewlet directive is actually put into browser namespace18:11
yvlit's basically a wrapper around zope's viewlet18:13
yvljust makes the title translatable18:13
yvlby the way - you can and probably should specify cambodian layer18:13
yvlsee zope.viewlet.metadirectives.IViewletDirective18:14
yvlfor a list of parameters it accepts18:14
replaceafillah ok18:14
yvlaelkner: if you have trouble with the subscriber18:14
yvljust make sure you have the addCambodianSomethingsToSection method18:15
yvland call it manually with a push of a button or something similar18:15
yvlwhatever works18:15
yvlI can bind that to over events later18:16
aelkneri have a handleSectionAdded event18:16
yvlit's a method, right?18:16
aelknerit gets called when I add the section using the addSection test routine18:16
aelkneryes, it's a method18:17
aelknerit's registered as a subscriber to section added18:17
yvldo you still have problems with getting the courses?18:17
aelkneri haven't solved the problem yet, no18:17
yvlif you get stuck solving that18:17
yvljust use handleSectionAdded in some hacky way18:18
yvlto test that it works18:18
aelkneryes, i already hard code the scorsystem18:18
yvlfor example - put a button in some page18:18
yvlthat just calls handleSectionAdded18:18
aelkneri can get far without accessing the course18:18
aelknerit's just something that i'll need eventually18:18
th1aJust a "deploy report sheets" button.  ;-)18:18
yvlok then18:18
aelkneri don't need a new button18:19
yvlhmm it's so crazy it could work :D18:19
yvlwell, I'm just saying18:19
yvlif you get stuck18:19
aelknerare you suggesting that this button will end up in the final version that we give them18:19
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yvlif you don't get stuck, please ignore my ramblings ;)18:19
yvlno, it will not end up in final version18:19
aelknerit's not a problem18:19
aelkneri was just bringing up the issue18:20
yvlbut it will allow you to continue for now18:20
yvlthanks :)18:20
aelkneri'll have more analysis later18:20
aelknerth1a: i have an issue with the worksheet18:20
aelknerat the moment, i create the worksheet as a deployed worksheet18:21
yvlok guys18:21
yvlgotta go18:21
yvlapologies for nor screenshots, th1a18:21
yvlI'm feeling really bad about it18:21
th1aI think Cambodia knows it is a work in progres...18:22
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th1aThanks yvl.18:22
th1aaelkner:  Yes?18:22
aelknerthanks yvl18:22
aelkneri'll be able to make a lot of progress now18:22
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aelknerth1a: you know how we automatically create sheet1?18:23
aelknerwhich, btw, is not a deployed worksheet18:23
aelkneranyway, i create a deployed sheet, so that makes two18:24
aelkneris that ok?18:24
aelkneri mean, will it confure the user to see Sheet1 when there isn't anything there they need?18:24
th1aI don't want sheet 1 there.18:24
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th1aProbably ever.18:25
th1aThe main reason to have it is just so that when you look at your gradebook the first time it looks like a gradebook.18:25
th1aSo you know, "ah, I'm looking at a gradebook now."18:25
algath1a: Hi.  Can we have chat now?  I have around 30 mins until I have to go watch the kids.18:27
th1aGIve me five minutes.  On skype?18:27
algaOk.  Yes please.18:27
replaceafillaelkner, do you know how the gradebook is included in the schooltool.cambodia package?18:32
aelknerits an egg18:32
aelkner    install_requires=['schooltool>=1.3.0',18:33
aelkner                      'schooltool.gradebook>=0.6.0',18:33
aelkneras schooltool itself is an egg18:33
th1aalga, ofc now my laptop is refusing to reboot...18:34
aelknerthis is a real test for us of zope's customizability18:34
replaceafilli thought i had to be activated through zcml18:34
aelknerit is18:34
replaceafilli wonder if it's the autoinclude feature :)18:35
replaceafillwell, never mind aelkner thanks18:35
aelknerno prob18:36
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replaceafilleeeeeehhhhh the widget works! :D19:58
aelknerreplaceafill: way to go!20:25
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aelknerreplaceafill: ayt?23:02
aelkneri figured out the answer to your question from before23:02
aelknerit's a bit of configure magic23:02
replaceafillis it z3c.autoinclude, right?23:02
aelknerline 11 of
aelknerthe line just below23:03
replaceafillincludePlugins comes from z3c.autoinclude23:03
aelknerthat finds any package (including the eggs) that has a plugins.zcml file and uses that23:03
aelknerwhich includes it's own configure.zcml, and that's it23:04
aelkneryeah, that was a new one by me23:04
aelkneryou know how i figured it out?23:04
aelkneri put a syntax error in schooltool.gradebook egg's zcml?23:05
aelknerthen i looked at the stacktrace :)23:05
aelknerthat's how you have to go often with zope23:05
aelknerit can become unclear at times why certain code is reached and when23:06
aelknerwhat with all these adapter lookups23:06
aelknerit's the price we pay for the flexibility that we are rather enjoying right now23:06
replaceafillaelkner, ping23:42

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