IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2010-03-04

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aelkneryvl: ping13:16
yvlpong, aelkner13:29
aelkneri can say that i've read every line of code in our new package13:29
aelknerof course, i have some questions13:29
yvllet me make some coffee; and I'm all ears13:30
aelkner1) no examples of tests? (:13:30
yvl(for now just write shortly the main issues)13:30
aelknersure, go get your coffe13:30
aelkneri see how you set up the skin, the layers and ftesting.zcml stuff13:31
aelknerthere are many ways to create tests13:31
aelkneri prefer the txt file method13:31
aelknerlike one per python file most of the time13:32
aelknerbut if you feel the format with the tests as doc strings to methods13:32
aelkneris preferable, then i would do it that way13:33
aelknerbut i'd appreciate an example of a test that you might have written13:33
aelkneras a guide for writing my own13:34
aelknerother agenda items:13:35
aelknercambodia issues include:13:36
aelkner1) disabling action buttons individually using zcml, i.e., how to do that13:36
aelkner2) i need to write a subscriber to add term to deploy report sheets automatically13:37
aelkner    there already is a subscriber for section added to the term that deploys the term's report sheets to the section13:38
aelknerso all i need is to write the one subscriber13:38
aelkneractually, now that i think about it, tom did mention choosing the weight of the activities13:39
aelkneras a function of an attribute in the course object (i forget which, is it level?)13:39
aelknerbut anyway, that would be the point value for the max score13:39
aelknerfor all activities in the section's gradebook13:40
aelknerthen, somehow, the report card would take into account the weighting of the sections against each other13:40
yvl[I'm back and reading, please continue]13:41
aelknerthe idea being, using the max value of each section's activities as the basis13:41
aelknerfor the calculation of the final grade13:41
aelknercurrently, our report card does not do any calculation13:42
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aelknerit just displays the values of the report sheets that are laid out13:42
aelknerso i would perhaps need to create a new report card pdf view13:43
aelknerthat would take into account the maw score of the activities for each section that it displays13:43
aelknerand display and average thereof13:43
aelkneri'm now wishing that i thought of this issue when i was speaking with tom last night13:44
yvlwhen I looked at the xls they sent13:44
yvlit all seemed quite simple13:44
yvlthey have a set of courses for each level13:45
yvl(specified by the ministry)13:45
yvleach course for each level has the max score13:45
aelknerso we will have that attribute int the course for me to use13:46
aelknerhow will we do that?13:46
yvlI am still adding it13:46
yvlthe data model will look something like this:13:47
yvlfor each year, there will be a container of levels13:47
yvleach level will have relationships to some courses in that year13:47
yvleach relationship will have it's max_score13:47
yvlsomething like 12 level, Math course, max_score=5013:48
yvlthere will be groups for each "class"13:48
yvllike "12 b"13:48
yvlthat will have their related levels13:48
yvl(both levels and groups live per-year)13:48
yvlso, the sections will be created for every group and every course the group should learn13:49
yvl(derived from courses for the level the group belongs to)13:49
yvl12 level has, say, 3 courses: Math, Khmer and Chemistry13:49
yvl"12 b" is a group that is related to 12 level13:50
yvlsections get created for the three courses, all members of "12 b" are signed up13:50
aelknerhow are section created, meaning, are they still sections or some new proxy?13:52
yvlstill sections13:52
yvljust created automatically13:52
yvlusers have NO control over sections13:52
aelknerwhat event?13:53
yvlwhen group is created for level13:53
yvle.g. "12 a", "12 b"13:53
yvlalso, when courses get modified in level, group sections will also be updated13:54
yvlI will be writing the code that handles that13:54
aelknerwhen the relationship is created?13:54
yvlI think so13:54
yvlbut it doesn't matter that much13:54
yvlexpect to have code, that magically knows what max_score of a *section* is13:55
yvlor a *course*, if you need that13:55
aelknerof the section always better13:56
yvlgreat, less problems for me ;)13:56
yvl* fewer13:56
yvlI'd even say, that given max_score13:56
yvla corresponding score system should be created / used13:56
yvlwe have discrete score systems, right?13:57
yvlso if you eventually come up with a method13:58
aelknerthat's the idea13:58
yvlsomething like setSectionMaxScore13:58
aelkneri need a new subscriber13:58
aelknerto section added event13:58
aelknerto replace the one i already coded13:58
aelknercan that be done at the cambodia level?13:58
yvlyes, it should13:58
aelknerhow is that done syntatically?13:59
yvlwell, it will, it's not like you can do that within schooltool.cambodia.gradebook and have it affect the reset of ST ;)13:59
aelknerin zcml i mean13:59
yvlsee schooltool.course.section.py14:00
yvlis same, just replace IObjectRemoved with IObjectAdded14:01
yvlor IObjectModified14:01
aelknermy problem is that i already have a subscriber and i need to override it14:01
aelknerhow do i do that?14:01
yvlit's a subscriber14:01
yvlyou cannot override subscribers, sadly14:02
yvldoes it do something you do not want to happen?14:02
aelknerit adds the reportsheets found in the term deployment to the section14:03
aelknernow that i think about it14:03
aelknerif i never add any report sheets to the term14:03
yvlyes :)14:03
aelknerthen the base subscriber will do nothing14:04
yvlphew, that was a close one ;)14:04
aelknerso i just need to use the max_score attribute14:04
aelknerof the section that is being added14:04
aelknerand my subscriber can create the report sheets it needs to14:04
yvlin general, I would not suggest this, but...:14:05
yvlif you have a helper method like setSectionMaxScore14:05
yvl(and for now, call it from your subscriber: setSectionMaxScore(100))14:06
yvland it would take care of the data integrity problems14:06
yvllike registering score system when it encounters it for the first time14:06
yvl(say, max_score=175 for the first time)14:06
yvland creating activities / worksheets / whatever else is needed14:07
yvland also modifying them in some sensible fashion if they exist14:07
yvlit would be easy then to add the call to the method to other subscribers for me14:07
yvl(possibly replacing the section subscriber, eventually)14:08
yvl(say, when courses for the level are changed)14:08
yvl(or group courses are modified for some reason)14:08
yvland the data would remain somewhat consistent14:09
yvland the best part is that neither you nor me wouldn't need to worry about that :)14:09
yvlnow that I think about it...14:10
yvleventually this helper should become a SectionScoreSystemChangedEvent subscriber14:10
yvlbut, well, one step at the time14:10
yvl[and: CambodiaSectionScoreSystemChangedEvent would be even more precise name for that]14:11
yvlwhat do you think?14:11
aelknerconfusion overtakes me :)14:11
aelknerit may be that you're not exactly seeing the score system issue for what it is14:12
aelkneractually, create report activities is easy to do14:12
aelknerthere is not need for a custom score system14:13
aelknerRangedValuesScoreSystem handles any max score14:13
aelknerso all that i do is create report activities with ranged score systems with the given max14:14
yvlah, so you can set the score system for the activity as RangedValuesScoreSystem, and then change tha max_value at will for that one single activity?14:14
aelknerdoes it need to be any more complex than that?14:14
yvloh, cool :)14:14
aelknerranged values score systems rock14:14
yvlthat's good news :))))14:15
aelkneractuall i lied when i agreed that it is a discreet score system14:15
aelknerbut a range is in itsown way discreet, n'est pas?14:16
yvlyeah, I remember now :)14:16
yvlsorry, my memory is really glitchy most of the time14:16
yvlok then, can you write the method:14:16
yvlthat adds, or modifies the four activities:14:17
yvl1st semester: 11014:17
yvl2nd semester: 10014:17
yvlFinal exam: 12014:17
yvlFinal: 11014:17
yvlAlan, can they please also modify?14:17
aelknermodifies is verboten14:18
aelknerwhat do already entered scores mean in that case?14:18
aelkner15 of 2014:18
aelknermeans what out of 25?14:18
aelkneri meant :)14:19
aelknerbut tom and i have been around this subject more than once14:19
yvlwell anyway14:19
yvladds for now14:19
yvlwell sort the rest of the problems later14:20
yvlI may be over-cautious again14:20
yvlto sum up, I'm good with adds;14:21
aelknerok, i can do that much for now14:21
yvlfor now hard-code the max_score to 10014:21
yvlfor now use SectionAdded event14:21
yvlmoving to the action buttons14:22
aelkneri was just about to ask :)14:22
yvldon't worry about them cluttering everything14:22
yvlexpect *all* buttons that you did not specify in schooltool.cambodia.gradebook.browser configure.zcml14:22
yvlto just dissaper14:22
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yvl* disappear14:23
aelknerah, you'll take care of that yourself14:23
yvl"really soon now"14:23
aelknerwhat about tests14:23
yvlfinally, for the tests14:23
yvlthere's one failing functional test README.txt in cambodia/gradebook/14:24
yvlsorry, /cambodia/gradebook/browser14:24
yvland no unit tests set up14:24
aelkneri could just add stuff there is what you're saying :)14:24
yvlor you can add more .txt files there14:25
yvlthey should get picked up by the test collector14:25
yvlI did not set up unit tests, but I can do that if you need it14:25
aelkneri should test for the presence of the report sheets, right?14:25
aelknerin functional tests, i mean14:25
aelknertest that the subscriber works14:25
yvlgood enough for me now :)14:26
yvlminimalistic copy-pasted "add schoolyear, term, course, section" test14:26
aelkneri can use schooltool setupSchool method?14:26
yvlthen check if the gradebook page looks like what you want14:26
yvlaelkner, for now - yes14:26
yvlbut that will break I think once the UI is cleaned up14:27
yvlso don't spend much time on setting up date14:27
yvlmore on checking that the view looks like it should14:27
aelkneri could add the section using rather than relying on naviagtion buttons14:27
yvl(and ignoring the action buttons of course)14:27
yvlagain, good enough for me at this point14:28
yvlit's prototyping, anyway14:28
aelknerjust like i do in schooltool.intervention security.txt14:28
aelkneryes, prototyping14:28
aelknerbut in tests in general, there should be no reason not to use url)14:28
aelknerafter all, a hacker could14:28
yvlwell, regarding security, you have a valid point14:29
aelkneri mean, it's important to thoroughly test security as a separate test14:29
yvlother functional tests should show that user can actually *navigate* there14:29
aelknerwe should have a navigate.txt file for such things14:30
yvlumm, not necessary14:30
yvlgoal_management.txt; entering_grades.txt and something similar14:30
yvlshould use navigation, not browser.open14:31
aelknerah yes, to make sure the user experience is correct14:31
aelknerfair enough14:31
aelknercertainly in the case of my security.txt, that was not the case14:31
aelknerthough one could argue that i should have tests for existence/absence of action button based on security access14:32
yvljust using navigation in security.txt could leave holes14:32
yvladditionally, you could do that14:33
yvlfor better user experience14:33
yvlbut when testing security14:33
yvlyou want to make sure that user will not get access to data by just guessing URL14:33
yvlso, your test is really nice :)14:34
aelknerthat was the idea14:34
aelknerbut thanks14:34
aelkneranyway, i would like to discuss jelkner's instance14:34
aelknerit is relavent to the topic of security as a matter of fact :)14:35
aelknerhe has an issure, as i'm sure lehmann would, that an advisor is not allowed to look at a student14:35
aelknertom and i discussed this area at length14:35
aelknerfirst of all, the index.html view of a student could have just name and id number and only be accessible for authenticated users14:36
aelknerthe list of courses would be personal info14:36
aelknerso only teacher and advisors could see that list14:36
aelknerthe section view should be available to all authenticated users14:37
aelknerand that view would show only teachers, no students14:37
aelknerif the users is te teacher, they see the members14:37
aelkneradvisors, no14:37
aelkneranyway, this allows jelkner and his collogues to click on students14:38
aelknerand get to their inteventions that way14:38
yvlok, so I got the problem right14:38
aelknerbut also, i will be coding a table into their dashboard for searching for students14:38
yvloh, there's more14:39
yvlplease go on...14:39
aelknerno,you were rght to summarize14:39
yvlaaah, I see why you need that table now14:40
yvlyou might even want to make it a separate view, btw14:40
aelkneronly adminstrators have access to the Manage tab14:40
aelkneri can't see it as a separate view though14:41
aelknerwell, i shouldn't say that14:41
aelkneri actually like the dashboard coming up as it is14:41
aelknerserving as tom envisoned as a dashboard14:41
yvlyou see, the thing is that I think what the advisors need, is the way to search for the students they advise14:42
aelkneronly problem is, jelkner cnfirmed my suspision about how lehmann might react14:42
yvlit just happend that the problem became obvious for interventions14:42
aelknerhow do i find a stdent?14:42
aelknerwell, if schooltool had a view for students that the user dealt with (teach or advise)14:43
aelknerthen they could find the students there14:43
yvlteachers can do that a bit indirectly14:43
yvlvia sections they teach14:43
yvland they have the list of those, right?14:43
aelkneronly thing is, remember that brother of mine14:43
aelkneri always say that we share the idiot user gene14:44
aelkneri had to appologize to him in suggesting to go the the section to find the student14:44
aelknerhe just figured, i click on the Intervention tab, then i find a student there14:45
yvlyes, that would be a usability *enhancment*14:46
yvl* enhancement14:46
yvl(I'm really bad with spelling today)14:46
aelknerwe see this the same way14:46
aelknerthis could wait untit monday's meeting14:46
yvlI agree :)14:47
aelknerbut i wanted to bring it up in preparation for solving this for him next week14:47
yvlas for the real problem... looking at the student's home page...14:47
yvlwell, there's a reason why that is still broken :)14:47
aelkneri'm all ears14:47
yvland the actual problem behind that is several years old, as far as I know14:48
yvlthe problem is, that we cannot *conveniently* specify different security rights for different parts of the object14:49
yvlin this case-14:49
yvltitle, etc of the section14:49
yvlthe least invasive, but a bit hacky solution in this case14:49
yvlwould be use hasAccess to each section14:50
yvlthat you are trying to list in the home page14:50
aelkneryeah, we would need to split up ISection14:50
yvlin this case, sections you are not allowed to see will simply disappear14:50
yvlthat's one solution14:50
aelknerand that would be a huge change14:50
yvland I'm not sure it's the best one :|14:50
yvland it's not like we dont need same "public" representation for other objects14:52
yvlusually - title and description14:52
yvlthere are many ways how it can be solved14:52
yvlbut for now14:52
yvlI would be happy with just checking hasAccess and not listing if it doesn't14:52
yvlor, if Tom approves14:53
yvlalways display section titles14:53
yvlbut have links only to those you have access to14:53
yvlwell, we can ask Tom on Mon about this14:54
aelknertom put it best on the phone as i had been thinking14:58
aelknerwe can use view access14:59
aelknerrather than object access for some of these cases14:59
aelkneri don't see why not14:59
yvlwell, to put it roughly15:00
yvlwhat developers wanted to do15:01
yvlis to say that users that are allowed to see the person's home page15:01
yvlare allowed to know the existence of the sections person is in15:02
yvl(and maybe later to split the access rights to the users who are allowed to see the sections list and users who are not)15:02
yvlbut the existing mechanism makes it hard to do so15:02
yvlso, using the view access is actually a shortcut to go around non-existing functionality15:03
yvland I will so very much add it when the time comes :)15:03
yvlspeaking with Tom about stuff caused several revelations on my way home :)15:04
yvlbut getting back from the shiny future to the reality15:04
yvlyou have two "simple" solutions here:15:04
yvl1) use removeSecurityProxy when listing sections15:05
yvland leave the rest of the view pretty much the same15:05
yvl2) use removeSecurityProxy to obtain title of the section15:05
yvland use hasAccess to determine if the title should be displayed as a link15:06
yvlthe second one takes a little bit more work, but is also more pleasant for the user15:06
yvlI recommend the second one15:06
aelkneri had suggested as much to tom15:06
yvlbut it's not up to me to make the final call :)15:07
aelknerspan instead of link15:07
aelkneri think tom will agree to it15:07
yvlso... anything else on your mind?15:10
aelknershould there be? :)15:11
yvldepends ;)15:11
yvlwell then, I'm going back to coding now15:11
aelknerplease do15:12
yvlhappy coding too you too :)15:12
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th1ahi yvl, aelkner.16:30
aelknerhey th1a16:30
yvlmorning th1a16:31
th1aDid you guys get the spreadsheet from Piseth Auk?16:32
yvlyes, it is quite useful16:32
th1aHow are things coming?16:35
yvl(I'm going to hard-code some levels as default for now)16:35
th1aOh, you're working on levels?16:36
th1abtw, you guys might want to search for khmer in synaptic and install the relevant looking language files.16:36
yvldid that the first time they submitted translations ;)16:37
yvlSchoolTool looks quite nice in Khmer, by the way :)16:37
ignasyvl, hmm, your per attribute security issue, a question - isn't it kind of solved using a view for title and description?16:37
ignasyvl, better than Nepali?16:37
yvlignas, somehow I didn't think of comparing... Missed a lot of fun...16:39
yvlas for security issue - yes, that is one of the nicer solutions16:39
ignasthe biggest downside I can recall is sorting  by title16:40
ignasand manipulating public information in code16:40
yvlthose two16:40
ignasI think that would be solvable using properties16:40
ignasat least sometimes16:40
ignaseven if I dislike properties in Persistent objects16:41
yvlthe feel that there is something obvious about it is getting stronger and stronger16:41
yvlespecially after reading introduction to RDF and looking at relationship implementation16:41
yvlit is kind of obvious what devs want to do, it is kind of obvious that it should be easy to describe that16:42
yvldon't allocatable mindpower now :|16:42
yvl(as usual)16:42
th1aWhere are we yvl?16:47
yvlsorry, sort of wondered off16:47
yvlnot as far as I'd like us to be16:47
yvlmy status...16:48
yvlwell, I'm doing levels / grades16:49
yvl3/4 done on data structures16:49
yvlhave a list of TODOs how to do data integrity16:49
yvlhave an idea how Alan's, Dougla's and my work will be knit together16:50
yvlso on Thursday...16:50
yvlI'm at the point were I actually began implementing the thing16:51
yvlchatted with Alan earlier today16:51
yvlI think he is also at the state were the design issues are solved16:52
yvlso there's not much to report16:53
aelkneri need yvl to deliver the section max score to me eventually16:54
aelknerbut for now i can create report sheets with 100 max scores16:54
th1aNo no no.16:54
th1aDidn't we talk about just using credits?16:54
aelknercredits are the max score i thought16:55
th1aWe already have those.16:55
th1aWe have credits.16:55
aelknerwe do?16:55
th1aThat was the point.16:55
aelkneri'll look at the code16:55
th1aYou could also just look at SchoolTool.  ;-)16:56
aelkneri see that the course object has a credits attribute16:56
aelkneri will have to assume that any new section will have one and only one course16:57
aelknerso that i can use that course's credits to build the score system16:58
yvlok then16:58
th1aWell, I guess technically you could iterate through courses to build the score sheet.16:58
th1aThat would be preferable to just taking [0]16:59
yvlcourse-section will be 1-1 in cambodia case17:00
th1aI'm just saying.17:00
th1aIt is probably just about as easy to make it a loop.17:00
yvlI have hard time imagining how activities created by loop should look like17:01
yvl1st semester, 2nd semester, exam, final, 1st semester, 2nd semester, exam, final,  ?17:02
yvlin case of two courses?17:02
th1aOK, just forget about it.17:02
yvlsorry, th1a17:02
th1aI'm not trying to overly complicate things.17:02
aelknerso do i wait to add the report sheets on section add or not?17:03
yvlI'm really grateful for your comments in that direction17:03
th1aWhy would you?17:03
yvlaelkner, basically do what you were planning to do17:03
yvljust instead of hard-coding score 100, use courses[0].credits17:04
aelknerthat's cool17:04
aelkneris there only one term for the year?17:05
yvlin the prototype, yes17:06
yvllater on - who knows...17:06
*** alga has quit IRC17:07
th1aOK, here's a question...17:07
th1aMy assumption up to this point is that, say, "Mathematics 7" and "Mathematics 8" are separate courses at separate levels.17:08
th1aActually, it is not  aquestion.17:09
*** mgedmin has joined #schooltool17:09
th1aUnless you want to convince me it will be done otherwise in your new levels implementation.17:09
yvlno, it will be Mathematics and Mathematics17:10
yvlone linked to level 7, other to level 817:10
yvlwe can name them differently if we want to17:10
th1aWell, if we do that then we have to dynamically add the level to the title frequently.17:11
th1aWhich often doesn't work well.  ;-)17:13
yvlI see your concerns :)17:13
th1aI forsee "Mathematics 9 (9) -- 9"17:13
yvlmore likekly "Mathematics 9 (9) -- 9a"17:14
th1aAnyhow, let people use whatever titles they want.17:14
th1aI'm thinking we should give aelkner the job of creating all the standard courses.17:15
yvlcan I do that?17:16
yvlit's not like it takes more than near-zero work...17:16
yvland from Alan's point of view (err, gradebook's point of view)17:17
yvlhe will not see levels17:17
yvljust sections with one cours17:17
yvland set to some value for some reason17:17
th1aI'm just trying to keep aelkner busy.17:18
th1aDo we need to think of something else for him?17:18
yvlwell, thats for aelkner to decide, I guess17:18
yvlaelkner, how many hours of coding you have untill tomorrow morning?17:19
yvlsay, 9 AM?17:19
aelkneri would recommend thinking of something else for me to do after i've written the subscriprot17:19
aelknera couple of hours left until i turn it in17:20
th1aI guess laying out the report card.17:23
aelknerfirst of all, which report sheets am i to deploy?17:25
aelknerjust one per section?17:25
aelkneri thought you said something about mid term, final exam?17:26
th1aWhat else would you do?17:26
aelkneri don't know why i think i remember you saying something like that17:26
th1a- First semester grade.17:26
th1a- Second semester grade17:26
th1a- Final exam grade17:26
th1a- Final grade17:26
aelknerthat was it17:26
aelknerso four report activities17:26
aelknerok, so one sheet17:27
aelknerthat was your confusion17:27
aelkneri asked the wrong question17:27
yvlby the way, aelkner, did you clean up the gradebook views?17:29
yvlor maybe there was no need for that?17:29
yvlI'll kill the action buttons17:29
yvlbut worksheets and stuff like that should be completely removed17:29
yvlfrom the pages itself17:29
aelknerall the action buttons need to go17:30
aelkneroh, you mean the worksheet tabs in the gradebook?17:30
aelknerthose can stay becuase there will only be one17:30
th1aYes, leave them.17:30
aelknerthere isn't anything that needs to change in the gradebook view itself17:31
aelknerjust the action buttons need to go, and the report sheets need to be auto-deployed17:31
aelknerth1a: as for the report card layout17:31
aelkneris there a need for one?17:31
aelknerif we are going to be making a custom report card pdf view for them17:32
aelknerwe don't need to worry about layouts17:32
aelknerbtw, that's the other work i can do, the report card17:32
yvlby the way, they mentioned printable rosters.17:33
aelknerso, if all courses that the student attends have the same report sheets17:33
aelknerthen i can just use them for the first four columns17:33
th1aJust do that for starters.17:33
aelknerthen the question of a fifth column with a final calculation comes up17:33
th1aWell, the fourth column is the final grade.17:34
th1aWe'll wait to see if we're supposed to be calculating it automatically.17:34
*** dlobo has quit IRC17:34
th1aWe can only extract a few bits of information a day.  ;-)17:35
*** dlobo has joined #schooltool17:35
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th1aLet's at least try to have some screenshots by the end of the day to send to Javier.17:35
th1aEnd of Friday.17:36
th1aOr at least a cogent report.17:36
yvlscreenshots... good idea.17:36
yvlallright then17:37
yvldo you need me this evening?17:37
th1aI don't.17:37
yvlalways good to know...17:37
*** Lumiere has quit IRC17:38
*** Lumiere has joined #schooltool17:38
Lumiereselenium ftw (hi guys)17:38
th1aHi Lumiere.17:38
th1aLumiere:  Who should I be nagging and/or paying to write up documentation on running multiple ST instances?17:38
Lumiereth1a: manually or from a packaged install17:39
th1aFrom packages.17:39
Lumiereyour packager? :)17:40
th1aSo you guys didn't use the packages when you did it?17:40
Lumiereseriously... menesis should drop me an email and try and find a time to talk17:40
Lumierecando was not packaged at all in 2008-0917:40
Lumierebut the structure should be similar17:41
th1aOK.  I'll try to coordinate that when menesis is back from his honeymoon.17:41
Lumierethe idea of how I did it should work17:41
Lumierebut there will need to be some helper commands with the packages17:41
th1aNeed to be or ought to be?17:42
LumiereI don't thnik we provide make-schooltool-instance in a sane way17:42
LumiereI manually made all the instances... the package should have an schooltool-create-instance 'name'17:42
Lumierethat creates it in /var/.../schooltool17:43
Lumiereand a schooltool-enable-instance and disable-instance17:43
Lumierethat maintains the list of instances to start/stop at boot17:43
Lumierecreate instance will also need to know ports etc17:43
th1aDo we have instructions anywhere for doing this from eggs?17:43
Lumierenot really17:44
LumiereI had scripts written for cando last year that I can dig up (when I am not running around at work)17:44
Lumierebut they were 1 off for the configuration at cteresource17:44
Lumierethere are a lot of little details to cover when doing multiple instances17:45
Lumierealso you need 200-400 mb of memory per instance17:45
Lumierefor database information (by the end of the year)17:45
th1aI'll try to get you and menesis together to just take care of it once and for all.17:46
Lumierethe long term solution is finding a way to create schools inside of 1 instance of schooltool :)17:46
th1aThat too17:46
Lumiereit will likely have to be a weekend... I work 9-5 now and don't really have time to do a lot of chatting17:47
yvlgoodbye guys.  If you see replaceafill tell him I said hello :)17:47
th1aLumiere, OK... I'll pay you to do it.17:48
* yvl runs off to a friend's birthday...17:48
* th1a runs off to pick up Vivian.17:48
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