IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2010-03-01

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th1aGood morning yvl, aelkner.16:30
yvlgood morning guys16:31
aelkneri didn't go to sleep this time, so i couldn't set the alarm to P.M.16:31
aelkneryvl: sorry about missing the thurs meeting16:32
yvlno problem, aelkner16:32
yvlhappens to everyone :)16:32
aelkneri did get your notes so i went ahead with the strategy i suggested16:32
aelknerit's all done now16:32
yvlall done?16:32
aelkneryou may have a number f comments before accepting into trunk16:32
yvlhmm, I'll check...16:33
th1aaelkner has flip-flopped!16:33
aelknerbut the security tests all pass16:33
aelknerand it's ready to have jelkner use16:33
aelknerhe can use my branch16:33
aelknersince tom is going to be shifting our focus16:33
aelkneri figure there's no need to have any pressure to get it into trunk16:34
aelknerjust as long as jelkner can use it safely (and my tests insure that)16:34
th1aWhose in charge of installing it on jelkner's instance?16:34
aelknerhe can get started using it with his collegues this week16:35
aelknerhe already has a procedure for testing the instanced16:35
aelkneron his own machine before deploying live16:35
aelkneri can coordinate this with him when we run into each other16:36
aelkneranyway, my plate is otherwise clear for the new focus16:36
th1aHe'll probably turn up here in a minute.16:36
th1aOtherwise, send him an email.16:36
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th1aDid you guys read my questions to Javier and his responses?16:37
aelkneri didn16:38
aelknersee the response when i read it16:38
aelkneri'll check that out now16:38
yvlFeb 26th / 27th conversation? yes.16:39
th1aSo let's try to break this into big pieces.16:39
th1aWe've got splitting persons into students/teachers and for now I'm just going to say "administrators" for everyone else.16:40
th1a(for all administrative types).16:40
yvl[yvl excuses himself and runs off for few minutes]16:40
th1aI guess I'll just keep typing then.16:41
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th1aAh, aelkner, talk to replaceafill.16:41
replaceafillgood morning16:41
th1ahi replaceafill.16:41
replaceafillsorry i'm late16:41
aelknerreplaceafill: my intervention branch is ready for jelkner's instance16:41
replaceafillaelkner, ah ok, i'm going to update it then16:42
aelknerit's not merged to trunk, but you can let jelkner use it16:42
aelknerreplaceafill: remember to use
replaceafilli can use lp:~aelkner.... right?16:43
aelknerit has a lot of evolution scripts, so be sure to backup the current Data.fs16:44
aelknerif you have any problems, look for me on irc16:44
aelknerif i'm asleep, i'll get to your email as soon as i awake16:45
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th1aWhat's bedtime now aelkner?16:45
aelkneri'm not sure yet16:45
aelkneri might be able to make it passed noon today :)16:46
replaceafillaelkner, what about your branch depending on changes to the schooltool trunk?16:46
replaceafillshould i branch the new schooltool trunk too?16:46
aelkneryvl: you merged my new widget rows to trunk, right?16:46
replaceafilljelkner's cando is using eggs :(16:46
aelknerdefinitely use trunk at least16:47
aelknerif the widget rows aren't there, then you'll have to use my branch16:47
replaceafillah ok16:47
aelknerwe'll wait for yvl's response16:47
aelkneranyway, i was telling th1a that you test out the instance locally before deploying to jelkner16:48
aelknerthat's a good policy16:48
yvlaelkner: didn't merge to trunk, merged to sprint branch16:48
replaceafilli always create a testing instance16:48
yvlthey will fall into trunk along with the rest of your intervention changes16:48
aelknerreplaceafill: you can use my branch16:48
yvlfirst glance at your branch getMarkerInterventionStudent looks fishy16:49
yvlvery, very fishy16:49
yvltwo thing: multiple __parent__ uses make the structure tight, thus fragile16:49
yvland it's not very desirable in adapters16:49
yvlsecond: removeSecurityProxy should be avoided there16:49
yvlbut you kind of depend on me fixing person cataloging I think16:50
yvl(I'm not sure, need to check the code, as I don't remember what IInterventionMarker marks)16:50
aelkneranyway, you and i should meet to discuss the intervention code outside of this meeting16:50
yvlyes, but I'd like to come prepared :)16:51
replaceafillyvl, multiple __parent__ use -> object.__parent__.__parent__ ?16:51
yvland then obj.__parent__.student16:51
yvl    obj = marker.__parent__.__parent__16:52
yvl    if interfaces.IInterventionStudent.providedBy(obj):16:52
yvl        return obj16:52
yvl    student = obj.__parent__.student16:52
yvlouch, sorry16:52
yvlbut that was the code I disliked16:52
yvlbasically, adapter does a lot of guessing how the objects are aranged in the system16:53
aelknerwhen you have time, could you put into an email how you would do it differently?16:53
aelkneri thought adapters should do that kind of thinking so the rest of the code doesn't have to16:53
yvlroughly, this is the logic you want, just maybe implemented a bit differently16:53
aelknerthat's the way ignas made it sound16:53
yvlyou got that right16:54
yvlbut I'll comment on that later, if it's ok?16:54
aelkneranyway, do me a favor and be specific how you want things implemented differently16:54
aelknerwhen you email me about the code16:55
yvlof course!16:55
aelkneri can make any changes you suggest and email you back16:55
aelknerreplaceafill: you can use the schooltool branch from the rhode island sprint16:56
th1aDo you guys have that settled?16:57
yvlso... any more non-Cambodia things to chat about?16:57
aelknerreplaceafill: ?16:58
th1aOK, so, getting back to Cambodia...16:59
yvlyes, please :)16:59
th1aWe're shooting for a prototype by the end of the week.16:59
th1aThis is kind of the opposite of a normal prototype because the back end is solid and we're messing with the front end.16:59
th1aSo it may be a little rough looking but it should actually still work.17:00
th1aAs I was saying, main parts:17:00
th1a* persons represented as students/teachers/administrators.17:00
th1a* simpler entry points: admins see "Manage" when they log in, teachers see gradebook.17:01
th1a* sensible defaults and limited options in management and config screens for managers.17:01
th1a* simple report sheets for grade reporting.17:02
replaceafillaelkner, sorry, in the bath :/17:02
replaceafillaelkner, ok i'll use that one17:02
th1aI don't know if it would be better or worse if we switched to video conferencing.17:02
th1ayvl: Does that sound like the initial scope?17:02
th1aFor this week.17:03
yvlsounds right to me17:03
yvlcan I have my go, from dev's point of view?17:03
th1aYour turn.17:03
yvlthanks ;)17:03
yvlthe way I see it done, is starting fresh, with an empty skin17:04
yvlI did a new egg that mimics schooltool (without gradebook or journal):
yvlnext I want to remove everything I can from it17:04
yvlthen we can:17:04
yvl* start adding action buttons to views that are fine by us17:05
yvl* start adding top buttons, like Manage17:05
yvl* re-implement (mostly hack-in) the main pages like, Manage list, person's home page17:05
yvl* add subscribers and whatnot to handle their data model17:06
yvl* add views to handle their data model17:06
yvl* the implementation will be custom-import-export-heavy17:06
yvlwell, that's rough outline for the long run I think17:07
yvlfor the short run, we want to customize import/export to handle sections/courses17:07
yvlthe format will be custom, I guess17:07
th1aI don't want to do import/export this week.17:07
th1aThis is more about how the application looks.17:07
th1aThis is more... "see, we can change this for you."17:08
yvlok, even easier then17:08
th1aWe need *visible* changes.17:08
yvlwe'll use existing import mahcinery17:08
yvl(for sensible defaults)17:08
yvlso, we need just *several* custom views, that fill in the rest of the information silently in the background17:09
yvl- add teacher17:09
th1aI'd rather focus on really simple forms that make a lot more assumptions.17:09
yvl- add student17:09
yvlthen, it becomes more complex17:11
yvldo we want to show them the gradebook?17:11
yvland I can bet they will never need schooltool.gradebook, but will need schooltool.lyceum.journal (NOT for attendance)17:11
yvlso maybe - show the journal17:12
th1ayvl:  No... we're not using the journal for grades.17:12
th1aWe'll use report sheets.17:12
yvlumm... but why?17:12
th1aThat's the standard mechanism in SchoolTool.17:12
yvlok, not my place to ask17:12
th1aGrades go in the gradebook.17:13
th1aIt will work fine.17:13
yvlagain, not my place to ask17:13
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th1aAs far as I can tell, the only screen a teacher needs to see in the whole system right now is their gradebook, which will only contain a report sheet(s).17:14
th1aAnyhow, aelkner and I can work on that part.17:14
aelknerth1a: i think you have a good plan17:14
aelknerif we hide the action buttons17:14
aelknerthen the user will only be able to enter grades17:15
th1aThey have no choices.17:15
aelknerbtw, i think hiding the action buttons is the easiest17:15
aelknerbecause everything goes through the viewlet manager17:15
aelknerwe can just disable it system-wide17:16
aelknerthey get a whole line of screen real estate in the bargain17:16
th1aI'd like to go ahead with the assumption that it would be a desirable strategy.17:17
th1aBut see how it goes.17:17
aelknerlike you said, any links we need can go right in the the views17:17
* yvl is thinking...17:17
yvlfor the initial demo going with the gradebook seems reasonable17:18
yvl(here reasonable = a very good idea)17:18
yvlth1a: can you ask Javier about their score system, and at least some forms of how MoEYS trains teachers to fill in their grades?17:19
yvlas we'll have to mimic that17:19
yvlat some point17:19
yvlI'd really like to see the paper version17:19
th1aYes, I was going to follow up and see what their standard score system actually is.17:20
th1aI'm sure their current grade reporting forms are very simple.17:20
yvlI'm interested in everything, as always...17:21
yvlhow, when they grade17:21
yvlwhat initial forms look like?17:21
yvl(the teacher fills in in classrom)17:21
yvlwhat reporting forms look like?17:21
th1aWe're just worried about end of term grades now.17:21
yvlI know17:21
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yvlthat's why I agree the schooltool.gradebook is better for that17:22
th1aThere's really a limited range of possibilities.17:22
yvlwell the way the grades are entered, can be:17:22
yvl1) activity bound17:22
yvl2) time bound17:22
yvland I want to know which one17:22
yvlor we'll end up with a very sucky data model below17:22
th1aWell, that's a different question.17:23
yvlyes, but I'd like to know that upfront17:23
yvlso we'd have more time when we need it17:23
th1aIt really doesn't matter.17:23
th1aBecause we can make the journal grades show up in the gradebook.17:23
th1aThat's the idea going forward.17:24
yvlok, I see where you are going with this17:25
th1aAh.  good.17:25
yvlso - we have term grading17:26
yvlaelkner and th1a will be teaming up on this?17:26
th1aThere's not that much to do.17:26
th1aBut you don't have to worry about it.17:27
aelknerthing is, if we are all to help this week, we need to come up with one branch17:27
aelknerand separate out our filenames as much as possible17:27
aelknerso i could work on and even gradebook.zcml17:27
aelknerto make merging easier17:27
yvlno problem, aelkner17:28
yvlyou will have schooltool.cambodia.gradebook all to yourself ;)17:28
yvland yes, that's the intended directory structure17:28
aelknerjust like schooltool.sla, right?17:28
aelknerand different in what way?17:29 will be the main skin AND the definition of the instance17:29
aelknera new app object?17:29
yvlno, just the new naming17:29
aelknerwhy do we need new naming?17:30
yvlbecause the old one sucks and is broken :)17:30
aelknerdefinition of the instance?  what do you mean by that?17:30
aelknerhow does the old one suck?17:30
yvlaelkner, I won't get into that discussion now - simply it will take too much time17:30
aelknerthat's fine17:31
yvlbasically, there's never been a clear separation between skin / instance and eggs / applications17:31
aelknerbut otherwise, much like schooltool.sla17:31
yvlyes, you'll see17:31
yvlso schooltool/cambodia/app/configure.zcml will include other components we customize17:31
yvland customize == enable17:31
yvlso you add <include "schooltool.cambodia.gradebook" />17:32
th1aSo it seems like the new person views and the rest of the new management views are two fairly separate chunks.17:32
yvland define all the buttons and views you want enabled / customized there17:32
aelknerhow soon will you have a branch that we can branch from in a convenient fashion?17:32
yvltomorrow morning17:33
yvl(what I have now is still not convenient)17:33
aelkneryou'll leave me the shell of  <include "schooltool.cambodia.gradebook" />?17:33
yvlyes, I think I'll define some "entry points"17:34
aelkneryou'll have the new skin configured, part of ftesting.zcml, etc.?17:34
yvlyes, it's already "partly" done17:34
yvlI don't want other people to waste time on things like that now17:34
aelkneri'd like to be able to start writing gradebook.txt for the functional tests17:35
aelkneryes, i agree17:35
yvlyou will be :)17:35
aelknercould you also please email me a couple of bullet points of what you think i need to do in
yvlok, in one form or another17:36
aelknerjust broad strokes17:36
yvlagreed :)17:37
yvlthe other chunk is customizing persons (and later contacts maybe)17:37
yvlthis includes adding, searching17:37
aelknerreplaceafill may be ideal for that part?17:37
th1aCan we simply integrate one contact into the person creation form(s).17:38
yvlwe can do something along the lines17:39
yvlI kind of wanted to play around with persons / contacts17:39
yvland see how hard is to extend / modify them17:39
yvlor mold them together17:39
yvlbasically - to check what is inconvenient for yer common developer17:40
th1aI'm happy with our implementation... it is just more of an advanced case than Cambodia probably wants to see.17:40
yvlthe thing is - good luck simplifying17:41
th1aSomeday they'll be happy they can make multiple contacts.17:41
yvlsimplifying should be straightforward17:41
yvlif it is not - the design is broken17:41
yvland badly17:41
yvland, well, the best way to find that out17:42
yvlis to walk a bit in devs shoes :)17:42
yvlso yes, I want to do something simple17:42
yvland see where I fail to do that quickly17:42
yvland make notes :)17:42
yvl(but not spend the whole week trying to reimplement some thing)17:43
yvlthere are few more things left17:43
yvlcourses and sections17:43
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yvlth1a: ideas of what we need?17:44
th1aAh yes...17:44
th1aWell, the trick is how to implement the "classes."17:44
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yvlah, yes, the classess17:44
th1aFor now they can just be groups, I'd think.17:44
yvlgroups are definitely the right way to go17:45
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th1aBut again, presented as "classes."17:45
yvlespecially after the SchoolYear implementation17:45
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th1aGoing forward they may become more distinct.17:45
th1aFrom regular groups.17:45
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yvlwell, the way I see the data model...17:46
yvlthere is a thing, that defines a "level"17:46
yvlthat's basically a set of optional and mandatory courses17:46
yvlthen, there's a hard-coded logic, that creates groups with a relationship to the "level" every time the new schoolyear is added17:47
yvlfor example: "level" = "12 grade"17:47
yvlgroups: "12a", "12b", "12c" in 2009-201017:48
yvlauto-linked to level "12 grade"17:48
yvlset of courses imported or something for "12 grade"17:48
th1aThat sounds pretty good.17:48
yvlsections auto-created for any new term in 2009-201017:48
yvlas hidden from user eye as possible ;)17:49
th1aAutomatically generate sections for each group/course?17:49
*** alga has joined #schooltool17:49
aelknerthe gradebook context exposes the concept of sections and switching between them17:50
th1aOK, that's phase 2.17:50
yvlso, assuming this is the way it will work17:50
yvland we just want to show how it will look17:50
yvlwe can import the groups from XLS17:50
yvlall in a single level17:51
yvl"12" for now17:51
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yvland add a dropdown in student adding view17:51
th1aThe groups are just a certain quantity, right?  Make 10 groups for this school, "a" "b" ...17:51
yvlgrade: "[12b, 12c]"17:52
*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool17:52
th1aOr, # of groups per level in a form.17:52
yvldon't know now17:53
yvlI kind of think of it as a table:17:53
yvlgrade | groups17:53
yvl11 | 11a 11b 11c [   ]17:53
th1aI'm just saying, you don't need to import that, you can do it more easily with a form.17:53
yvlhmm, yes17:54
yvla simple, new, view17:54
yvlto create the groups17:54
yvlafter that - as we have the ordered list of levels - it will be easy to add the "transfering" view to the new group17:55
yvlname, group last year, new group17:56
th1aOK, I think we're on the right track.17:56
yvlStudent Smith |  10b |   [10b] [10c] ... [11c] [11d]17:56
yvl(the last list is dropdowns)17:57
th1aOne thing I'd like to do before this goes on infinitely is figure out what replaceafill is going to focus on.17:57
replaceafillme too :)17:57
th1aPerhaps yvl should do the groups and replaceafill the new person forms?17:57
yvlI'm good with any of this17:58
yvlflip a coin or something :)17:58
yvlas I think these are three main things to do first17:58
yvl(as Javier kind of emphasized on student transfer next year being easy for the teachers)17:59
yvlso... replaceafill17:59
yvlwhat do you want to do?18:00
yvlnew person views?18:00
replaceafillperson forms18:00
yvlcool :)18:00
th1aOK, so I think the first thing to do there is keep the forms the same but do the split up into "add, etc... student" "add, etc... teacher"18:01
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th1areplaceafill seem to be having connection problems...18:01
yvlth1a, please go on - we thankfully have irc logs...18:01
*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool18:02
yvlok, I'll go on then ;)18:02
th1aI mean, basically they should initially act just like the persons forms.18:02
th1aBut in three categories.18:02
yvl( replaceafill: please check IRC logs after the meeting - just in case ;) )18:03
*** replaceafill has quit IRC18:03
*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool18:03
th1aSo again, we're using groups but kind of hiding it.18:03
yvlagain - yes18:03
replaceafillyvl, will do, been having troubles with the network :(18:03
th1aSo you're looking at the Manage screen and you have "Students" "Teachers" "Administrators"18:03
th1aNot "Persons."18:03
yvl(later we may have "Staff")18:04
yvlnon-teaching staff18:04
th1aWe probably have to also do more to just hide the non-current year.18:04
th1a(we probably always should)18:04
th1aSo the assumption is you're acting in the current year.18:04
th1aThe "active" year.18:05
th1aClick "Students" you get the Students group index.18:05
th1aYou have either a Add Student action button or just a hard coded link.18:06
th1aI mean, I guess for these simple forms it doesn't necessarily make sense to re-do the two obvious action buttons.18:06
th1aIt is kind of a toss up.18:06
th1aAnd if you do "Add Student" you  essentially get an add person view that assumes you're adding a student.18:07
th1aAnd... that's pretty much it for starters.18:07
yvland do the same for teachers and clerks (or whatever it's called)18:08
yvlbasically the same person index view, just with pre-set filter18:08
yvland maybe it would be nice to write a new addPerson.html18:08
yvlto remove garbage like "password", "username", "group"18:09
th1a(garbage in this context)18:09
*** replaceafill has quit IRC18:10
th1aYes, you'll need a new addPerson.html.18:10
yvlI think, three: addStudent, addTeacher, addClerk18:10
*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool18:10
yvlwith the same base class18:10
th1aI think we should assume the third group is "administrator" for now.18:11
yvlfine by me ;)18:11
yvlin replaceafill's case, if he's really eager to start now... :)18:12
th1aAre you with us replaceafill?18:12
yvlhe can just add simplified views to a branch from current schooltool18:12
replaceafillth1a, yes18:12
replaceafillyvl, ok18:13
th1aDo you want to start on that?18:13
yvlthen just rip the code and put in into schooltool.cambodia.persons18:13
yvl(I'll have that branch ready by tomorrow morning)18:13
replaceafillyvl, i have one question18:13
yvlgo! :)18:14
yvlumm, I mean, shoot!18:14
replaceafillwill we add three new views, like addStudent.html, addTeacher.html and addAdministrator.html? or can we send parameters to a new view?18:14
th1aBefore your connection goes down!18:14
replaceafillth1a, :(18:14
replaceafilllike addCambodiaPerson.html?group=student18:14
yvlwe can, but I think the students and teachers will diverge in the very near future18:15
replaceafillah ok18:15
yvlwhen we'll need to add to certain classes, etc.18:15
yvlwell, at least I'd expect them to diverge18:15
replaceafillnew views then18:15
th1aYes, student and teachers are going to have different demographics very soon.18:16
yvlbasically - just a base class, and three almost empty inheritances from it - for now18:16
yvl(I'm talking about the view class)18:16
yvlallright then18:17
yvlas for the gradebook, I suggest to postpone implementation until tomorrow18:18
th1aThere is no rush.18:18
th1a(on that)18:18
yvlbut you can always discuss what buttons you want added / removed18:18
yvlhow the views changed18:18
yvlwhat thing hardcoded18:18
yvlhow the tables should look18:19
yvlstuff like that18:19
th1aI'll send out an email tonight on changes to other management forms.18:19
yvlwait, what other management forms?18:19
th1aLike, timetable definition.18:20
yvlyes, there are those things18:20
yvltimetable definition18:21
yvlprinting rosters18:21
yvland maybe event defining schoolyears or terms18:21
th1aWell, I'm considering collapsing terms into years as well.18:21
th1aThe dwelsh strategy.18:21
yvlsorry, I didn't get that..18:22
th1aI mean, just defining one term per year by default.18:23
yvloh :)18:23
yvlyes :)18:23
th1aIf you aren't switching sections mid-year, that works fine.18:23
th1aWell, it works better now since the multi-term section implementation is still a bit bumpy.18:24
yvlmultiple group18:25
yvl(as in groups redefined each year)18:25
yvlis also still bumpy18:25
yvlI took notes while making the new egg today18:26
yvlyou know - too many things for a person to remember18:26
yvlwe'll definitely automate this at some point18:27
yvlth1a, how about some gravel?18:27
th1aOh, one more thing.18:29
th1aCan we have a short meeting at this time every day this week?18:29
yvlI'm all for it18:29
replaceafillme 218:29
th1aThis won't be a regular feature, but I'd like to keep on top of this day by day.18:29
th1aOK, cool.18:29
th1aSee you tomorrow then.18:30
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:30
yvlyes, following common sense is usually a good idea :)18:30
yvlsee you guys tomorrow!18:30
th1aaelkner: I assume you've got something to keep you busy today?18:30
replaceafillth1a, i'm going to start with the new views then18:31
*** replaceafill has quit IRC18:31
aelknerwell, i have cleanup i can do to intervention18:31
aelkneri'll await the email from yvl with the branch address18:32
*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool18:32
aelkneryvl: any comments on the intervention code i will immediately address18:32
aelknerth1a: could you please email me a summary of the automatic functions you'd like in the gradebook18:35
aelknerlike auto report sheets, etc18:35
aelknerand then i can get started thinking abot the code before i even have the branch to add it to18:35
aelknerreplaceafill: what do you expect the deployment timing to be with jelkner's instance?18:36
aelknerassuming all goes well, live deployment tonight?18:36
th1aaelkner, I have to sort out how terms will be done first.18:36
aelkneri see from your discussion that this issue is complex18:37
yvlaelkner: I'll get home, get some food, then I'll check your branch18:39
yvlIt would be nice to merge everything to trunk and be done with it :)18:39
*** replaceafill has quit IRC18:40
*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool18:40
replaceafillaelkner, yes, i'm thinking about doing it around 3:00 pm my time18:40
replaceafillaelkner, if that's ok18:40
aelknerthat sounds great18:40
yvlby the way, aelkner, can you update CHANGES.txt in your branch?18:40
aelkneri've never done that18:41
aelknerlet me look18:41
yvlfor examples, see schooltool.intervention/CHANGES.txt18:41
aelkneryvl: what do i need to update it with?18:41
aelknerit looks like release info18:41
yvland more recent entries in schooltool/CHANGES.txt (the schooltool trunk)18:41
aelknerbut i don't do releases18:42
yvlyeah, something like that18:42
yvlit's the main features you added18:42
aelknershouldn't the release manager update that file18:42
aelknerand ask me for an email with notes if need be?18:42
aelknerit justs seems like a file that needs coordinated editing18:43
yvlit will be harder for the release manager to manage that :)18:43
th1aIt is your job aelkner.18:43
yvland it's easier to change it on the release I think18:43
yvlthan to run around asking who did what and when, and what got ported and what didn't18:43
yvl(it's kind of a new tradition in ST)18:44
yvl(the CHANGES.txt)18:44
aelknerthat sounds cool, a new tradition18:44
aelknermore thought sharing and all that18:44
aelkneri'm not sure what a new entry would look like18:45
yvlthe purpose is for other developers to see what they get when they upgrade their branches18:45
yvlamongst other things18:45
aelknerdo i fill in the unreleased section?18:45
aelknerdo i supply a date?18:46
yvljust add items18:46
yvlthey pile up in unreleased18:46
aelkneri guess not18:46
yvland pile up from different branches18:46
aelkneri can just copy my commit messages?18:46
yvlyes, but that's undesired18:46
aelkneror should i have fewer lines?18:47
yvlbecause we can always look at the revision history for the commit messages18:47
yvlwhat we want in CHANGES.txt18:47
yvlis overview of modifications18:47
yvlbigger bugfixes18:47
yvl(not "changed a typo")18:47
aelkneri get it18:47
aelkneri know what to do now18:47
aelkneri can include that work in my cleanup work18:48
yvlplease :)18:48
aelknersmart to give me such tasks while i await something from you :)18:48
yvland... what should and should not go into CHANGES.txt is partly open question, from my point of view18:48
yvlwell, aelkner, this will save some time for menesis or me when we don't have the spare time - when doing the release18:49
aelknerlooking at what's there so far18:49
aelkneri see a lot of reference back to bug numbers18:50
yvlalso check the schooltool.gradebook and shcooltool CHANGES18:50
yvlolder entries are copied from release notes18:50
th1aYou just need a short description and a reference to the longer bug report.18:50
aelknerhow does one dig up old bug reports in launchpad?18:52
yvladvanced search or something similar18:53
aelkneradvnaced search is crap18:53
aelknerthere's no where to specify sort18:53
aelkneri only get back ten bugs when i don't even filter anything18:54
aelknerList all related bugs seemed to help18:54
aelknerstill, i only get 31 bugs18:55
aelknerthree of which i recently committed fixes for18:55
aelknerin fact, the most bugs i'm able to see is 3118:56
yvlfor which project?18:57
yvlthey also may be targeted to milestones?18:57
aelknerwell, i started with just general bugs assigned to me18:58
aelknerthat's where i get at most 31 bugs18:58
aelknerthen i decided to go directly to schooltool.intervention18:59
aelknerthere i find only eight18:59
aelkneri mean, what gives with these search results?!18:59
yvlLP has something messed up there19:02
aelkneri'm glad it's not me :)19:02
yvlah, finally19:03
yvluse edge.launchpad.net19:03
yvlI think they fixed it there19:03
*** replaceafill has quit IRC19:03
yvl(or at least partially fixed it there)19:04
aelknerstill only 8 bugs19:04
aelknerok, i got it now, i can see as many bugs as i need to19:12
*** yvl has quit IRC19:16
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