IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2010-01-15

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ignasth1a, good morning ;)15:59
th1aHi ignas.16:00
th1aWhat's up?16:00
ignasdo you know any awesome but cheap copy writers? :D16:00
* ignas is working on our consulting texts :)16:01
ignasmore like website texts16:01
th1aI'm awesome but I procrastinate alot.  ;-)  And I'm not cheap.16:02
th1aBut no, I guess I don't.16:03
th1aI only know programmers!16:03
ignasis it just me or is the "awesome + procrastinate a lot" a very common combination :)16:04
ignasbalance in life, I guess, else the world would be overrun by awesome ;)16:04
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openyostDo we know if anyone is using school-tool for NCATE assessment for higher education?18:07
th1aopenyost:  It is highly unlikely.18:21
th1ai.e., not that I know of.18:21
openyostth1a: it seems like the CanDo would be really useful for tracking student progress based on set standards and assignments that meet those standards18:22
openyostwhen i checked the logs online someone was asking this stuff in 2006.  I just don't know if reddux was successful18:23
th1aI've been trying to push CanDo to be more generally useful for tracking standards.18:23
th1aIt has a few limitations based on the local needs in Virginia, where the work was done and funded.18:23
openyostCan it generate spreadsheets that we can then throw into SPSS for analysis based on gender, ethnicity, etc...18:24
th1aopenyost:  Since I haven't heard from him in a long time, I'd assume reddux was not successful.18:24
th1aYou can define whatever reports you want if you can write a little Python.18:25
th1aI'm not even sure what reports are built into CanDo at this point.18:25
openyostyeah, i wish i could write a little python....  hmmm...  Maybe this summer i'll look into it more18:26
th1aIf you just want reports we can point you to examples.18:28
th1aYou definitely don't want to start by trying to learn SchoolTool from the ground up.18:28
openyostyeah, i tried that last summer...  no luck to say the least.  I just didn't have time.18:28
th1aBut if you know you want a csv with certain data, it should at most be a matter of rejiggering a similar csv report.18:29
openyostok sweet.18:29
th1a*of course sometimes things are more complicated than they should be*18:29
th1aAlso, don't hesitate to ask for help *first*.18:30
th1aI'd rather you didn't bang your head for a week before asking.  ;-)18:30
openyosthaha thanks a bunch.18:31
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