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th1amenesis: ayt?17:31
menesisth1a: yes17:38
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th1amenesis: I'm back.17:41
th1aAny guesses about this: ?17:42
menesisI don't see what an error is17:48
menesisi.e. why that happens17:48
th1aDoes she just not have a complete checkout?17:48
th1aAnyhow, thanks.17:50
th1aI don't know what's going on with the LP login not working.17:51
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menesislooks like lxml build dependencies are not installed, but they are not installed by `make ubuntu-environment`17:56
menesisand this is my fault17:57
th1alxml will bite you in the ass.18:08
ignasit's still way better than libxml2 that we used to use18:20
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ignasmenesis, she ran "make" then it failed, then she did "make ubuntu-environment" (because I suggested it), but that did not get it working, because virtual env only picks up libraries that are installed at the moment you run it18:40
ignasmenesis, so the solution *proably* is make clean && make run18:40
menesiswe don't use virtualenv18:41
menesisthe missing step is apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev18:41
ignasyou don't? you have replaced with a new one?18:42
* ignas does bzr up18:42
ignasstill can bet that you do use it18:42
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ignasyes you do18:42 that schooltool is using18:43
ignasis a special one that was created by me18:43
ignasit is virtualenv + buildout bootstrap18:43
ignasthough I don't see "apt-get build-dep python-lxml"18:44
ignasin your ubuntu-environment18:44
ignasso that might be missing too18:44
ignasbut even after installing it18:44
ignasyou need make clean18:44
ignasor else - the virtual env that is in "schooltool/python"18:44
ignaswill not pick up new libraries18:46
menesisoh ok18:47
menesisI see why18:47
menesisI have added libxslt1-dev to `make ubuntu-environment` to solve this18:50
ignasas long as it works, I'd rather do build-dep, even though it pulls in some stuff that might be not needed18:51
ignasI would not do that18:52
ignastotem-mozilla is not something I want to install for schooltool :)18:52
ignasoh, sorry - remove for schooltool18:53
menesisbuild-dep lxml will remove half your system because it conflicts: python-pkg-resources18:53
menesisand build-dep needs deb-src enabled in /etc/apt/sources.list18:54
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ignasmenesis, it used to be more gentle in jaunty18:55
menesisbut why question #97276 still fails I don't know18:55
ignasshe had "no space" problem18:56
ignasmaybe she has to delete18:56
ignasthe externals cache18:56
ignasor whatever that thing is18:56
ignaseggs = # set to package name in buildout.cfg18:57
ignaswhat does *that* do?18:57
ignaseggs = schooltool18:57
ignasshould override it18:57
ignasbut maybe it does not?18:57
* ignas is trying make test18:58
menesishe has a bad buildout.cfg19:00
ignasi think it's a she19:01
ignasJan 05 15:42:48 <thom43thdhtl>I am Miss Thom :)19:01
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