IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-01-12

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aelkneryvl: ping11:11
aelknermenesis: ayt?11:12
yvlpong, aelkner11:12
aelknerdid you make the changes to buildout.cfg, creation base.cfg?11:14
aelkneror was that menesis?11:14
yvlboth of us, I think11:15
aelkneri'm not sure what i'm supposed to do now in that area11:15
aelkneri can send you my old sandbox diff to show you what i needed11:16
aelknerbut it's going to look a lot different now11:16
yvlumm, just paste it11:16
lisppaste5aelkner pasted "sandbox diff" at
aelkneryvl: note how i have several parts for testing separate packages11:18
yvlI see...11:18
aelknerand i needed to change together with buildout.cfg in order to handle version of publisher necessitated by schooltool.cas11:19
aelknerwill it be easier to do the same to the new setup or harder? :)11:21
lisppaste5basic buildout.cfg annotated #93272 "untitled" at
aelknerah, i can still do the same stuff for versions11:22
aelknerwhat the test parts11:22
yvlyes, the goal was to have the most common configuration moved out of buildout.cfg11:22
yvlI'll get to those in a moment :)11:23
yvlwhere is your buildout.cfg located?11:23
yvlI mean, is it schooltool checkout, or shcooltool.gradebook, or..?11:23
aelkneri followed your lead a while back, switching from schooltool.stapp... to schooltool11:24
yvlcool :)11:25
aelkneri figure, the more i do things the same, the easier for all of us11:25
lisppaste5basic buildout.cfg annotated #93272 "untitled" at
yvlok, this should work11:26
yvlalso - the default bin/test now uses all packages specified in [package] eggs = ...11:26
yvlso you can run tests like:11:26
yvlbin/test -vs schooltool.gradebook11:26
yvlbin/test -vs schooltool.lyceum11:27
aelknerso i don't need the other test parts11:27
yvlnot really11:27
yvlunless it's more convenient to you11:27
aelknerbin/test -vs schooltool.lyceum -f README.txt11:28
aelknerto test only that file?11:28
yvlI use: bin/test -vfs schooltool.lyceum -t README.txt11:28
aelkner-t for file?11:28
yvlyes, -t for a test11:28
yvlthe testrunner does regular expression on all test names11:29
menesisbtw zope.publisher is 3.4.9 in versions.cfg so you don't need it in your buildout.cfg11:29
yvlso you can do: bin/test -vfs schooltool.lyceum -t README11:29
yvloh, right!11:29
lisppaste5basic buildout.cfg annotated #93272 "untitled" at
yvlthe last one should work11:30
lisppaste5basic buildout.cfg annotated #93272 "untitled" at
yvlsorry - this one11:30
yvl(had schooltool.gradebook duplicated and shcooltool egg missing)11:30
lisppaste5basic buildout.cfg annotated #93272 "finally" at
yvlman, I just can't type right today11:31
lisppaste5basic buildout.cfg annotated #93272 "no, really. final version." at
yvlapologies for the mess, aelkner11:33
yvlcan you try that last one?11:33
aelknerno prob11:33
aelknertrying now11:33
aelknerappreciate the help11:33
lisppaste5aelkner annotated #93272 "build errors" at
aelkneryvl: oops11:37
aelknerdid you look at my annotation?11:40
yvlhmm, it looks ok from the first glance11:41
aelknerit's at the end11:41
aelkneri included everything just in case the info would help you11:41
yvlRestrictedPython spits warnings11:42
yvlbut it's ok11:42
yvleggs were updated11:42
aelknerae you saying that the build was successful?11:42
yvllooks like it11:42
yvlthe last warnings are from omelette11:43
aelknerquestion is: how do know when the build succeeds?11:43
yvlwhen there are no errors, I guess11:44
yvlthose 4 errors were actually warnings: RestrictedPython/tests/ Warning: 'with' will become a reserved keyword in Python 2.611:44
yvlin python 2.6 compatibility tests11:44
yvldon't know how to shut them up :|11:45
menesisyou won't see them any more11:45
menesisthe egg was installed11:45
aelknerok, i can deal with that11:45
menesisI had to remove those tests when I made RestrictedPython debs11:46
yvlaelkner: you might want to run "make clean", then "make" again sometime, to get rid of older bin/test-* thingies11:48
yvland you might want to check the /home/aelkner/sandboxes/january_fixes/schooltool/parts/omelette/ directory11:49
yvlit has browsable zope and schooltool11:49
yvljust be cautious and never ever edit files opened from there11:49
aelknerwhat is browsable zope and schooltool?  in what sense?11:50
yvlnot a bunch of eggs, but all pulled into their respective directories11:51
yvlalmost all packages we use, including schooltool are agregated there11:52
yvlso you have /omelette/schooltool/gradebook, /omelette/schooltool/app, etc.11:52
yvlor just "cd /omelette/zope" and "ls"11:52
yvlyou can see the zope's code we use, if you need it some time11:53
aelknerlike any time i need to pdb zope source, like all the time :)11:55
yvlbut really - be very very careful not to edit files opened from there11:56
yvlthey are actually symlinks11:56
yvlso you'd be editing your ~/.buildout/eggs/ something11:56
yvlif you forget the edit...11:56
yvlevery other checkout will get it11:56
yvlsame goes for omelette/schooltool/11:56
yvlyou would be actually editing in various places on your disk11:57
yvland omelette does not care if its develop or a cached egg in ~/.buildout11:57
yvlso, with these warnings issued, enjoy ;)11:57
aelkneri appreciate the warnings11:58
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yvlzcml executed in *unit* test setUp looks... interesting.12:41
mgedminyvl, IIRC ignas was very proud of that idea13:28
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yvlhmm, I haven't seen it yet in ST13:29
yvlreinventing the whee* :)13:29
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th1aWe have jobs for another year.  :-D14:10
* th1a goes to take a shower.14:10
yvlgood new, th1a!14:11
yvl(about the jobs ;)14:11
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