IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2010-01-05

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fsufitchaelkner, ping01:11
fsufitchnow i am01:11
fsufitchi had to do some babysitting01:11
fsufitchi wanted to tell either you or yvl that the Makefile that cando trunk comes with is broken01:12
fsufitchit specifies the ST instance type as "cando.cando2007", but that breaks it01:13
fsufitchi had to remove "cando." from it01:13
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replaceafillfsufitch, I just reported it as a bug:
fsufitchreplaceafill, thanks06:39
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ignasyvl, ayt?15:44
yvlhi ignas15:45
ignasgot a user talking to me about plugins on google talk15:45
ignasjust thought i'd get a "handle" of you in case I need to "forward" him ;)15:45
ignas this one15:46
ignaswhat's your gmail?15:49
ignasok found it15:49
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fsufitchaelkner, ping23:10
fsufitchanyone here who could get me a cando Data.fs for testing?23:32
Lumierefsufitch: hi23:32
fsufitchi have a ST one, but that's not quite enough, and im not sure what's changed since i last worked on cando/schooltoool23:32
fsufitchLumiere, hi23:32
fsufitchwait, i dont have the ST one either, it's on my broken external hd...23:33
Lumierebroken hdds23:34
fsufitchoh, yeah.23:34
fsufitchit broke while i was traveling down here to VA apparently23:34
fsufitchit sucks, i had a ton of good stuff on there23:35
Lumieredo you have somewhere I could dump one?23:35
fsufitchlol no23:35
Lumierecan you paste a pubkey to me in pm?23:35
fsufitchoh wait, i thought u were talking about dumping the HDD23:36
fsufitchyes i do have somewhere you can dump one, let me give you an account on opensourcenerd.com23:36
fsufitchok, use ssh/sftp to jstraw@opensourcenerd.com23:37
Lumiereyou can call me a pass if you need23:37
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