IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-10-27

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th1ahi menesis, yvl.15:30
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yvlhi th1a15:36
th1aDid you look at the Karmic issues?15:36
yvlfirst of all, thanks for the descriptions :)15:36
yvlso... the plan is to release SchoolTool on old Zope15:37
yvlsome required packages will have to be lower version than the released Zope Toolkit15:37
yvland people who install schooltool will not be able to install full Zope Toolkit via apt-get15:38
yvlbut we can live with that in my opinion15:38
th1aThis is on Karmic?15:38
th1aOr earlier?15:38
yvlwe'll be doing only Karmic release15:38
th1aHow long do you think it will take to switch to the Zope Toolkit packages?15:39
yvla very good question15:39
yvlI guess - Lucid15:39
yvlcurrent ZTK package versions is a mess15:39
th1aThe packages are a mess?15:40
yvlI doubt that Karmic ZTK was intendet to any real use15:40
yvlno, just their version numbers15:40
yvltheir "known good set" is some trunk version a month ago or so15:40
menesisZTK 1.0 contents are not yet defined15:40
yvlah, that was supposed to be my next sentence15:41
menesisand only a few of them are packaged for debian/karmic yet15:41
th1aWell, it definitely isn't complete.15:41
yvlso, we'll start depending on ZTK once 1.0 is defined and released15:41
yvlwe'll also have to start agenda on getting other packages we need to Debian15:42
th1aYou should write an email to Brian Sutherland about it.15:42
yvlI will15:42
yvlafter Karmic release, if it's ok15:42
th1aOK then,15:42
th1aSo what will the install procedure be for SchoolTool on Karmic?15:42
th1aExtra steps?15:42
yvlmaybe switch PPA15:43
th1aDo we have to pin Zope package versions?15:43
yvlI guess that's it15:43
th1aDo their packages have th same name?15:43
menesisI would like to have another PPA15:43
th1aAs ours?15:43
yvlyes, they do15:43
yvlat least few of them15:44
yvlthat's why users won't be able to have both "experimental" ZTK and SchoolTool15:44
yvlinstalled via apt-get15:44
yvlit shouldn't be a big mess15:45
yvlto pin them, I mean15:45
yvlbut that's for menesis to say :)15:45
menesisI will add Depends < 3.5 on some packages and APT should be able to pick the package from our PPA15:46
menesisinstead of karmic archive15:46
th1aOh, you can state the dependency has to be LESS THAN as well as MORE THAN.15:46
yvlthankfully :)15:47
yvlthere's roughly a hundred packages we use, and some twenty released as ZTK15:47
yvla subset of those clash15:47
yvlso the plan is to get the list of our dependencies15:48
th1aWell, I'm afraid getting these packages sorted is going to be your main task the rest of the year.15:48
yvlthen start uploading the big bunch of our zope packages to PPA15:48
yvlI can see why ;)15:49
yvland along the way, we'll need to move to some newer Zope15:50
yvlport SchoolTool15:50
th1aYes, that's probably the first step.15:50
yvlit would be nice to know the KGS of ZTK 1.015:50
yvlbut that's under discussion now, as I understand15:50
th1aYou're going to have to become a player in Zope politics.  ;-)15:50
yvlyou gotta do what you gotta do, right? :)15:51
th1aI'll back you up.15:51
th1aSo what does the timeframe look like now for Karmic packages?15:51
yvlso, in my so very subjective opinion, we have a slim chance to get the release by 29th15:52
yvlmore realistically, middle of next week15:52
th1aI think next week is better.15:52
menesisth1a: please create a new PPA for schooltool-owners, named "1.2"15:52
th1aI'll take responsibility for the lateness.15:52
yvlmy sincere apologies that you have to15:53
menesisnot sure yet if I end up using it, but I can't create that myself15:53
th1aignas didn't teach you how to say "no" to me sternly enough.15:53
menesiswe can release the source this week, but deb packages won't be ready I guess15:53
th1aYes, let's absolutely freeze code on Thursday.15:54
menesisit depends not only on me, but also on the load on launchpad servers15:54
yvlI kind of wanted to do some changes along the way15:54
yvland not freeze code until the last moment15:54
yvlI know - it's a terrible practice15:55
yvlwon't do that again :)15:55
yvlbut first we need to push the zope packages15:55
yvlthat should eat a significant amount of time15:55
yvlwe can change/tweak schooltool at the same time15:55
th1aCan we aim for Tuesday?15:55
yvla moment...15:56
yvlI chatted with menesis off-line a bit15:58
yvlsounds reasonable15:58
yvlwe can run into some unexpected things though15:59
th1aOK.  Sounds like a plan.15:59
yvlWe'll keep you posted on... bi-daily basis.16:00
yvlI mean, at least every other day16:00
yvlI mean, this Thu, when progress is clearer :)16:01
yvlmy english goes on vacation by the end of the day, as always...16:01
th1aOK.  Sounds good.16:02
th1aIs there a word for bi-daily in Lithuanian?16:02
yvljust a common expression, "kas antrÄ…", literally - "every other"16:03
yvland a word "poryt" - "the day after tomorrow"16:03
yvlI guess subconsciously I wanted to use the latter16:03
th1aAlways interesting to not what words don't exist in English.16:03
th1aBecause, you know, we have a lot of words.16:04
yvlnot for snow ;)16:04
yvlbut English is quite fascinating by it's efficiency16:05
yvlok, thanks th1a16:06
th1aThanks yvl, menesis!16:06
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th1amenesis: I created the PPA -
menesisth1a: thank you17:56
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th1amenesis: bzr branch lp:schooltool/2009.04 doesn't seem to work anymore.18:05
menesisth1a: why do you need that branch?18:10
menesisth1a: I have renamed the series to 1.018:10
menesisit is now lp:schooltool/1.018:10
menesisand is a different branch18:10
th1aWhatever works.18:10
menesisthat contains all the same releases but renamed to 1.0.x18:11
menesisbut, why do you need that branch?18:12
th1aI'm just trying to build a sandbox.18:13
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mattva01hey everyone, its that time of year again, I'm going to be supporting a schooltool instance for jeff that will be running gradebook along the rest of it. What is the preferred install method for this usecase?20:55
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th1amattva01: Hm... well, for Jeff, you might want a development checkout.21:56
th1aOtherwise, I'd say use the CanDo deb package.21:56
mattva01th1a : thanks21:56
th1aInevitably, Jeff will want some unreleased changes ASAP.21:57
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replaceafilljelkner, ping22:56
jelknerreplaceafill: pong22:56
jelknerafter much discussion22:56
jelknerit was decided that i should run my on st server22:57
jelknermattva01 will be admining22:57
jelkneryou can have any access you need22:57
jelknercan you tell matt how you want it setup?22:57
replaceafilljelkner, will you need custom stuff?22:58
replaceafillor just the regular gradebook functionality?22:58
jelknerno man22:58
jelknercando + gradebook22:58
jelknerhow can we use external activities otherwise?22:58
jelknersince there will only be two teacher's using it22:59
jelknerdr. kennedy and myself22:59
jelknerit doesn't matter if the css is a little ugly22:59
jelkneras long as it works22:59
jelknerwe can use it while it is being fixed23:00
replaceafilloh well, in that case you could go with the regular cando deb package23:00
jelknerwe need to start the new quarter with a gradebook23:00
mattva01replaceafill:the deb includes the gradebook now?23:00
replaceafillalthough let me try it, ok?23:00
replaceafillmattva01, the check out allows you to integrate the gradebook23:01
replaceafilli dont use deb packages that much, so im testing it right now23:01
jelkneris the deb package the right way to go if we are going to be changing things?23:02
jelknerfixing stuff, i mean23:02
replaceafillif u want bleeding egde, and i know you do ;), then no23:03
jelknerlol, yes i do23:03
replaceafillwe should use a check out then23:03
jelknerso let's do the right way (the way that cuts us ;-)23:03
jelknerno pain, no gain23:03
replaceafillthen we should use check out for cando and check out for the schooltool.gradebook23:04
jelknerok, that's what we wanted to know23:05
replaceafillmattva01, the latest cando checkout uses the schooltool.gradebook-0.4.10dev_r76 egg23:05
mattva01I think that will work23:06
replaceafillim not sure how much the schooltool.gradebook has evolved23:06
jelkneri'm installed karmic server on the machine23:06
jelkneramd64 ok?23:06
replaceafillbut be aware that you could face a little problem23:06
replaceafillwith a gradebook evolution script23:06
jelknerwhat is the danger?23:07
jelkneri don't have any gradebook data23:07
jelkneronly cando data23:07
replaceafillcando wont start23:07
jelknerthat's *bad*23:07
replaceafillif u integrate the gradebook and the evolution script is still wrong23:07
replaceafilli remember aelkner fixed23:07
jelknerok, well, we check23:08
jelknerand fix if it's not23:08
replaceafillbut i remember having the same problem with a new gradebook check out23:08
replaceafillyes, the fix is really simple23:08
replaceafillif it happens, we should tell aelkner about it23:08
jelknerand you'll have total access to our instance23:08
jelknerthe goal is to get this running by Sunday23:08
replaceafillabout karmic i'm not sure23:09
jelknerwhat do you mean?23:09
jelknerst is aimed at karmic23:09
replaceafilli've heard menesis talking about some problems with karmic and the zope packages23:09
jelkneri don't understand23:10
mattva01then what is current ST targeted to?23:10
jelkneri thought ST is targeted at karmic23:10
jelknerwhat do you want us to run?23:10
replaceafilloops :D23:11
replaceafillim sure about jaunty23:11
replaceafilli havent tested karmic yet23:11
jelknerso, we should ask th1a23:12
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menesisjelkner: replaceafill: schooltool is still only packaged for jaunty23:35
menesisit is my immediate priority to create schooltool (and all the dependencies, including zope) packages for karmic23:36
menesisexpected date: next Tuesday, November 3.23:37
replaceafillmenesis, thanks23:37
replaceafillmenesis, can we use a check out in karmic?23:37
replaceafilli mean, using eggs23:37
menesisjaunty packages don't work on karmic as is23:38
menesisreplaceafill: yes, if you know how to run schooltool from buildout, you have an isolated environment that is exactly the same as you have on jaunty23:39
menesiswell, except for minor python2.5 version change23:39
menesisso you can upgrade your development box to karmic23:40
replaceafillmenesis, cool, we're going with a cando check out and a schooltool.gradebook check out23:40
menesisbut I strongly advise you NOT to upgrade a server running schooltool packages to karmic23:41
menesisthat won't work, confirmed23:41
menesiswill report a critical bug now23:43
menesisto make it visible for everyone looking at
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menesisunfortunately, is down23:54

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