IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-10-22

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aelknermenesis: hey12:25
menesisaelkner: hello12:30
aelkneri got to your request, finally12:31
menesisgood. it's just for our convenience.12:32
menesisto see branches grouped by project12:32
aelkneri think it's a great idea12:32
aelknerthe more clean the organization, the better12:32
aelknercould you do me a favor?12:33
aelknercould you please update the instructions ignas made for developers?12:33
aelkneri rely on that page when i'm branching12:33
menesisthis page is owned by ignas12:36
aelknerok, we can ask him at the next meeting if he's there12:37
menesishowever it was integrated into the schooltool book,
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menesisand that one I can update12:37
aelknerthat's all we need12:37
aelkneran unrelated question12:38
menesisit's on my todo, haven't touched at the book yet12:38
aelknerhave you had the chance to merge douglas' email branch?12:38
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menesisnot yet12:40
menesisis it ready?12:40
aelkneri assumed it was12:40
aelknerhave you not heard from him?12:40
menesisok I see it was reported in the meeting12:49
menesismerging now12:49
aelkneryeah, i know it would always be easier for you if the merge requests came via launchpad, but...12:54
aelknerand even if i were to be vigilant about using launchpad for merge requests12:55
aelknerwhat i i made a merge request, and then i push several new changes to that branch>12:55
aelknerit's a common scenario12:55
aelkneri request a merge, but then i must continue to work on more changes12:56
aelknerand i need to newest code (my branch) in order to make the changes12:56
aelknerthus, i'm left with only the option of continuing posting to the same branch12:57
aelknermenesis: does that make sense?12:57
aelkneram i understanding something wrong?12:57
menesisit's ok to continue using the same branch12:57
aelkneri'm glad, so it's ok?12:58
aelknerbut your point about finding the merge request in the meeting text12:58
aelknerthat's too bad, isn't it?12:58
aelknerhow can i help you in the future?12:58
menesisand later I think you can propose a merge again12:59
aelknerusing launchpad?12:59
menesisyou are doing everything ok12:59
aelknerah, so the action of proposing the merge results in a new email each time?12:59
menesisit's me late with some merges and other work13:00
menesisI think so, haven't tried13:00
aelkneri just want to make sure to communicate efeectively13:00
aelknermenesis: thanks for the info13:01
menesisI am learning, too, besides Launchpad changes now and then13:01
aelknerdarn that Launchpad :)13:02
menesisit's getting better :)13:03
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replaceafillaelkner, menesis i just read the logs :)13:06
replaceafilli guess my branch is not ready yet, yvl said he had some comments for me13:06
replaceafillbut i still haven't heard about them13:07
menesisI have just merged it13:09
aelknerreplaceafill: thanks for checking in, i need your help13:09
aelkneri need to get schooltool.intervention up to date with your email work13:09
aelknerthat's why i was hoping for the merge13:10
menesisthe functionality is needed in intervention I guess so it's better to have it merged, and fix later13:10
replaceafillmenesis, agree13:10
aelknermenesis: yes, well put13:10
menesisso, it's merged13:10
aelknerreplaceafill: what do you think needs review?13:10
aelknermenesis: thanks much13:10
replaceafillaelkner, yvl said he had comments on my testing approach13:10
aelknerok, so it's only testing13:10
replaceafillaelkner, i guess i cheated too much on the tests :D13:11
aelknerthat isn't a problem13:11
aelkneri'd follow his advise on that13:11
aelknerbut at least the merge is not a problem, right?13:11
replaceafillno, i dont think so13:11
aelknerreplaceafill: again, thanks13:11
replaceafillaelkner, you're still leaving the module in interventions, right?13:12
aelknerwhy do you ask?13:12
replaceafilli was looking at the code and was thinking about the changes to use the new package13:13
replaceafillnot a big deal13:13 has the module13:13
replaceafillwhich it has the Email class13:13
aelkneri haven't had the chance to look over your changes yet13:14
aelknerbut go ahead13:14
replaceafillwell, maybe i'm talking too much :(13:14
replaceafillhow can i help you? :)13:15
aelknerreplaceafill: no, not a problem13:15
aelkneractually, i was waiting for you to finish your thought13:15
aelknersomething about an Email class?13:15
replaceafilllet me get my code13:16
aelkneri got the new code13:16
aelkneri'm looking now13:16
menesisaelkner: btw intervention also has it's own project:
replaceafillemail = Email(from_address, to_addresses, body, subject)13:16
replaceafillaelkner, email expects (str, list, str, str)13:16
replaceafillsubject is optional13:17
replaceafillthen you can getUtility(
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replaceafilland then util.send(Email(str, list, str, str))13:18
replaceafilland the utility would do the rest13:18
replaceafillsending the mail if it's possible13:18
replaceafillor put it in the EmailContainer (or queue) if it cannot deliver it13:18
replaceafillaelkner, btw, the send method on the utility return True if the email is delivered to ALL its recipients13:19
replaceafilland False otherwise13:19
aelknerreplaceafill: nice work, you outdid zope.sendmail at the very least13:20
aelknerand it's hooked right into schooltool already, so yay!13:20
replaceafillaelkner, remember my "yeah right!"13:20
replaceafillaelkner, :D13:21
aelknerwhat do you mean?13:21
replaceafillaelkner, forget it, lame joke :(13:21
replaceafillin interventions.sendmail13:21
replaceafilli guess you need to get the IEmailUtility13:21
replaceafilland create Email objects where you use to call the sendEmail function13:22
aelknerreplaceafill: sure thing13:22
aelkneryou got me where i need to be13:22
aelkneri'll must hook the rest up13:22
replaceafillthe parameters are the same13:22
replaceafilljust a different order13:22
aelkneri don;t imagine having a problem, but if i do, i'll look for you13:22
replaceafilli'm anxious to see it working :)13:22
aelknergive me until next Monday meeting :)13:23
aelknerunless i get it hooked up sooner13:23
aelknerbelieve it or not, i need to go to bed now (crazy sleep schedule that i prefer)13:24
replaceafillaelkner, me too :)13:24
aelknerreplaceafill: thanks for the email package13:24
aelknermenesis: thanks for the merge13:25
replaceafillaelkner, let me know if i can help13:25
replaceafillgood luck13:25
aelknerwill do13:25
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th1amenesis: Have you given any thought to CAS installation?19:16
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jbichadoes SchoolTool work at all with Karmic?19:41
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th1aNot yet.19:41
th1aWe have to adjust to some changes in how our dependencies are packaged.19:42
jbichaare you ever going to get SchoolTool in the official Ubuntu repositories?19:44
th1aIt should be in Lucid.19:44
th1aBasically, SchoolTool is dependent on Zope 3.19:45
jbichacool, good to hear19:45
th1aThe way Zope 3 is organized was completely changed about two years ago.19:45
th1aBut the way Zope 3 was packaged for Debian/Ubuntu wasn't changed until a few months ago.19:45
th1aSo we used our own Zope 3 packages that were the "new way."19:45
th1aNow Karmic has "new" Zope 3 packages,19:46
th1aand by Lucid we'll have everything rearranged to fit together properly.19:46
* th1a goes to pick up his daughter at daycare.19:47
jbichaI've begun working with the Edubuntu project, so I'd be happy to see schooltool available easier19:47
th1aWe'd like to see that too!20:37
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