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ryanpgI'm unable to install schooltool using the ppa20:53
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ryanpgschooltool-2009 depends: python-schooltool but it is not going to be installed Depends: python-schooltool.stapp2008fall but it is not going to be installed E: Broken packages20:54
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ryanpgattempting to install python-schooltool produces a very long list of unmet dependencies20:58
ryanpgmy theory is the ppa does not have current builds for the PPC architecture - thoughts, suggestions?20:59
th1aryanpg: Ah, you're on PPC?21:01
th1aYes, that's the problem.21:01
th1aIs that even supported by Ubuntu anymore?21:01
th1aryanpg: You can do a source install, but probably you wouldn't want to run it in production with a whole school depending on it.21:05
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ryanpgth1a, not the answer I wanted21:18
th1aAre you on an old Mac?21:18
ryanpgI'll do a source install though, I've built plenty already21:18
ryanpgyeah, an old plastic grey tower21:19
th1aDo you literally want to run a school on that box?21:19
th1aOr are you just experimenting?21:19
ryanpga school of 35 students and 20 staff, yes :)21:19
th1aWhat kind of school?21:19
ryanpgtherapeutic day21:20
th1aWhere are you?21:20
ryanpgIllinois USA21:20
th1aI'm in Providence.21:20
ryanpgAh, East Coast21:21
ryanpgare you a school IT person?21:21
th1aI was a teacher & tech coordinator.21:21
ryanpgI was a teacher too, but currently just tech coordinator21:21
ryanpgI'm really missing teaching though21:21
ryanpggrrr... "unable to find a source package for schooltool-2009"21:22
th1aI didn't mean *that* source package.21:23
th1aJust a sec...21:23
ryanpgth1a, I just wanted to get build-dep so I could pull from the repo21:24
ryanpgit's missing from the ppa for karmic, but not for jaunty - guess I21:24
ryanpg'll just pull jaunty build-deps21:25
th1aOr try this:
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ryanpgoh crud, schooltool doesn't use autotools?21:28
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th1aWe use the Zope/Python build chain.21:30
ryanpgoh my, hehe complicated21:30
th1aThat's what I was saying about probably not wanting to base a production install on it.21:31
th1aActually, you can skip some of those instructions...21:31
th1aYou can skip this: Set your buildout eggs and cache directories21:32
th1aAnd then most of that is about doing development, not just running the server.21:32
ryanpgok, thanks21:34
th1aLet us know if it works.21:35
ryanpgwill do, what branches do I *need* to checkout?21:36
th1aWell, it will run without the gradebook and journal.21:37
th1aBut you won't have a gradebook or attendance.21:37
ryanpgok, currently - bzr branch lp:schooltool21:38
ryanpgdoes nothing21:38
ryanpgwhat's the full url for the bzr repo?21:38
th1aDoes that work?21:39
ryanpglet's see21:39
th1aThat pause earlier was me switching the documentation to the shortened URL for you "convenience."21:40
ryanpghaha well thanks!21:40
ryanpgdoesn't work21:41
th1aI'll try here...21:41
th1abzr branch lp:schooltool works for me.21:42
th1aDoes anything happen for you?21:42
th1aDo you get a prompt back or do you have to crtl-c?21:42
ryanpgnot that I can see... just sits there for a long time, no prompt, I ctrl-c to kill it21:43
th1acan you ping
th1aI assume you have bzr installed?21:43
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th1aHow long did you give it?21:44
ryanpgjust started again now21:44
ryanpgI'll wait more patiently this time21:44
th1aFrom time to time there do seem to be latency/connection problems with these bzr connections to Launchpad.21:44
th1aIt is probably just that.21:45
ryanpgbzr branch lp:schooltool is running21:45
ryanpgwell, I mean I don't have a prompt yet anyway21:45
th1aYou should get some feedback if it is working.21:45
ryanpgnothing yet21:45
ryanpgno source tarball around then?21:46
th1aAh... well, Zope 3 is lots of little packages.21:47
ryanpgyeah, I don't think it's working :)21:47
th1aSo we have many, many little dependencies.21:47
ryanpgsigh... well, I guess I'll just let it sit for a while21:48
th1aHm... I wonder what the problem is.21:48
th1aIf you have an x86 box, that'd be a lot easier.  ;-)21:49
ryanpgyeah it would21:49
ryanpgwell, I'm going to give up for today (again) and try next Monday21:50
ryanpggotta go try to convince staff to check re-check and triple-check that they are sending email to the people they MEAN to send it to!21:51
ryanpgputting on my 'serious mean guy' demeanor21:51
ryanpgthanks for the help th1a21:51
th1aryanpg: Thank you!21:53
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menesisryanpg: schooltool does not work on karmic yet22:37
menesisyou can install from jaunty ppa, but server won't start22:39
menesisbecause karmic universe has some zope packages that are too new for current schooltool22:40
th1amenesis: So it might work on jaunty PPC architecture?22:41
th1aDoes that even exist?22:41
ryanpgmenesis, yeah I just discovered it will install on x86 karmic but the server does not start - as you said22:46
menesisshould work on PPC, it is just not available from PPA22:46
menesisI think22:46
menesisbut you can rebuild, source packages are in the PPA22:47
th1aFor Karmic.22:49
menesisfor jaunty22:53
menesisnothing is available for karmic yet22:53
th1aYou know, I get these damn names confused.22:54
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