IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-09-29

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themightychrisHello #SchoolTool04:20
replaceafillhey Chris04:20
replaceafillglad to see you :)04:20
themightychrisyeah, how's your newbie?04:20
replaceafilldid you get that error using my test script?04:20
replaceafillshe's great thanks :) sleeping and eating and sleeping again and so on :)04:21
themightychrisits a fault response04:21
themightychrispasted in private04:22
replaceafillthemightychris, could you paste your buildout.cfg file somewhere?04:25 or in private if you want04:25
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replaceafillaelkner, ping05:22
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th1adlobo: I was telling a blogger from Information Week about what you're trying to do with CiviCRM & schools.21:09
th1aI couldn't find your email address though.21:09
dloboth1a: cool21:09
dlobothe school is quite happy :) (and it saves them a lot of time)21:09
th1aCan you email me your email address?21:09
dloboso we are moving to the next phase now21:09
dlobolobo at civicrm dot org21:09
th1aOh, you have it deployed?21:09
dloboall parents have accounts21:10
dloboover 90% of folks have logged in and do stuff online (scheduling conferences, extended care etc)21:10
dloboso quite a success IMO (i was shooting for 100%)21:10
th1aWhat's the next phase?21:12
dloboall emergency form info / medical stuff etc online and managed by parents (rather than paper, maybe one signatory paper that covers everything)21:13
dloboalso some billing stuff for the extended care stuff and computerized sign out process by parents21:14
dlobodid the school map and directory also21:14
dlobosince i had the information21:14
th1aIt is a whole block of stuff that does fit well with the CRM module.21:16
dloboi think we'll be in quite good shape by winter21:16
th1aWhat's the school again?21:16
dloboand then i'll start looking for a few more schools to deploy it21:16
dlobo(but it is a fair amount of customer support) and i did a lot of that21:16
th1aAnd that's integrated with Drupal?21:17
dlobo(that was a bit surprising as to the % of parents that needed help with logging in / getting user name / password)21:18
dlobodrupal handles the login stuff21:18
dloboand we are moving more content in there21:18
dloboand eliminating one school wide login (which is kinda bad to beign with)21:18
dlobobeign == begin21:18
th1aDo you know Bill Fitzgerald?21:19
dlobowe've exchanged forum messages21:19
dlobobut not personally21:19
th1aThis seems like something he'd like.21:22
th1aI'll try to get a blog post out on it soonish.21:22
dloboif u want i can give u a demo over dimdim or something21:23
dlobowill make it a bit more real21:23
dloboits actually quite simple, but has saved the school a lot of hassle (and phonecalls)21:23
th1aThat would be nice, actually.21:24
th1a(a demo, that is)21:24
dloboseries of blog posts is here:
dlobo(more on the tech side of things)21:24
dlobolet me know what time is convenient for u. typically 10:00 - 2:00 PST is good for me21:26
dlobothis wed/thu are not great :(21:26
th1aPerhaps next week.21:26
th1aI'll let you know.21:27
th1aIf someone signs up for a school tour does that go into CiviCRM?21:27
dlobonot yet21:27
dlobothere are lots of legacy apps on the site (not integrated etc) and that is one of them21:27
dloboi dont think i'll do that this year21:28
dlobolegacy apps == small hackish php scripts21:28
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