IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-09-10

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jlf`hi folks, anyone around?22:11
th1ahi jlf.22:17
jlf`hi th1a22:20
jlf`shot in the dark: i'm looking into the possibility of writing some software to generate master schedules and student schedules for schools and looking for a sample data set (info about teachers, classrooms, students' class requests, etc.).  anyone know of such a data set?22:22
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th1aAh... hi again.23:01
jlf`of course it could also be a real data set from a school (suitably anonymized of course)23:02
th1aI'm not sure because the other open source systems are more "timetabling" oriented -- which classes go in which rooms at which times --23:02
th1athan scheduling oriented -- fitting kids into sections.23:03
th1aHave you poked around FET and Tablix?23:03
jlf`th1a: i'd be doing both pieces23:03
jlf`no, haven't heard of those *googles*23:04
th1aThose are the two major open source projects.23:04
jlf`thanks, i'll have a look23:05
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th1aJust the person we need.23:08
pcarduneth1a: ?23:08
th1aaelkner and I are discussing adding pop-ups to the gradebook for when you have a discrete score system.23:08
th1aAnd we definitely don't want to add the code for each menu into every cell.23:09
th1aAlso, the styling is tricky.23:09
th1aSo we're thinking "can we do this with javascript and/or jquery?"23:09
pcarduneth1a: yep23:10
th1aAny pointers?23:12
pcardunewere you talking about an actual pop up window (which I would discourage) or more of an overlay type thing?23:12
pcarduneand when you say menu, is this just like a drop down select box or something with multiple controls/23:13
th1aSelect box.23:13
th1aJust select [A+ A A- ...]23:14
pcarduneand are the choices going to be the same for the whole gradebook table, or just for specific assignments/columns?23:14
pcarduneand my final question is, do you submit the entire gradebook in one big post, or is each grade saved via ajax on change/23:15
th1aPer column23:15
th1aEither way.23:15
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th1a(whichever gets us rolling)23:15
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aelknerit would definitely be per column23:15
pcarduneth1a: well how do you do it now?23:16
aelknerwe have an input type=text field23:16
aelknerone for each cell in the gradebook23:16
pcarduneso, it should be pretty straight forward.  make a row in the table that is hidden which has a <select> tag "template" with all the choices for that column, for each column in the gradebook23:17
aelknerof course, that has its own complexity issues23:17
pcardunethe add a class or some other kind of queriable marker to all the cells where you want the select box to show up, like a class="discrete-field" and the jquery might look like this...23:18
pcardune$("td.discrete-field").click(function(){  });23:18
* pcardune where inside the function you have:23:18
pcardunebasically it figures out which column the cell you clicked on is in, goes and picks the cell from the discrete selector templates row that is in that same column, clones it, adds it to the cell you just clicked on, and updates the name attribute to something the backend will understand when you submit the form23:23
pcardunein practice you would have to add a few additional things for setting the current value, protecting against double clicks, and other little things, but that is the brunt of it23:24
th1aaelkner is making faces.23:25
aelknernot fair23:26
aelkneri'm just not able to say "of course"23:26
aelknerso what happens here is that the field is copied into the dom at the point of the field that was just clicked23:27
aelknerso the <input type="text"  ...>23:27
aelknergets replaced with23:27
aelkner<select name="foo"> <option ...23:27
pcarduneyeah more or less, and even more, if javascript is disabled, they can still use the text input, so it will work in lynx too23:28
aelknernow if the width of the widest option, ex/ 'Can teach others'23:28
aelkneris wider than the table column up to that point23:29
aelknerthan the table column will widen right before the users eyes23:29
aelkneras long as th1a is ok with that behavior...23:29
aelknerpcardune: you know what i mean by that, right?23:31
pcarduneaelkner: or you could make the column width fixed, and have the select box just overflow out of the column, and on blur the select box disappears and whatever smaller text representation can show up in its place23:32
pcardunethat would at least not cause this big jolt affect in the table every time you click on a cell23:32
aelknerright, the jolt effect, that's what i was referring to23:33
pcarduneand you would probably want to use focus and blur instead of click so that when you tab between input fields, it will convert to selects at that point too23:33
aelknerwhen you say 'column width fixed', you mean that each cell in the column has css that fixes the column width, right?23:36
aelkneror is there another way to fix the width of a table column that overrides the implied widths of cells?23:37
aelknerin other words:23:38
aelkneri'll assume that each td in the fourth column of a given table has class=fixed5, which fixes the width to 5em23:39
aelknerthen the resulting column will have width 5em23:40
aelknerif we clone a field with a select box that is of larger width, and we don't use the fixed5 class23:40
aelknerwill the table column still be 5em wide23:40
aelknerand the cell with the select in it will overlay the column?23:41
aelknerthat would be ideal, but i'm not sure that would be the case23:41
aelknerpcardune: any thoughts?23:41
pcardunei was thinking with style="width: 50px; overflow: some css I cant remember"23:42
aelknerthat's the stule, but doesn't every cel in that column need to use that style?23:42
pcarduneI mean, you would use a css class23:43
Lumierejust make an overx class23:43
pcarduneor you could just add it when you append the select element23:43
Lumierethen you do class="fixed5 overx"23:44
Lumiereiirc that makes it use both classes23:44
aelknermy fear is that the html table wiill widen the column simply because ne of the cells is wider than the rest23:45
Lumiereaelkner: max-width23:45
Lumierein your css23:45
aelknerthus, the jolt effect23:45
Lumierewill lock the size23:45
Lumiereand the overflow css is there to prevent it23:45
pcarduneLumiere: except in ie where max-width isn't supported23:46
aelknerproblem is: we don't want to lock the size23:46
aelknerwe want the rest of the column to stay locked23:46
aelknerso that we don't have the jolt effect23:46
aelknerthe dynamically created select box23:46
aelknershould have whatever width necessary to render all the options without cutting any off23:47
aelkneris that possible?23:47
Lumiereaelkner: you don't care about the size of the select box it self23:47
Lumiereyou care abotu the options in the box23:47
Lumierewhich when you drop it down should show full size regardless of the width of the select box (iirc)23:48
aelkneris it possible for a field, in this case, our select box23:48
LumiereI'll be the first to admit that it's not something I've done a lot with...23:48
aelknerto not be part of the table23:48
aelknerbut still render on top of a cell on the table23:48
aelknerscrap that23:50
aelknerwe need to rely on the feature of an html table that locates a cell synamically23:50
aelkneracording to browser settig and font sizes23:50
aelknerthe precise location of a cell is not something that is programmatically predictable23:52
aelknerit's the browser that decides at render time23:53
aelknerpcardune: do you see the dilemma i'm referring to?23:53
* pcardune paying attention to presentation23:54
pcarduneaelkner: you can figure out the dimensions of a cell at runtime with jquery and use that when you append the select tag23:54
th1aI think we're going to fix this by changing the requirements.  ;-)23:56
th1aJust require each score to have an abbreviated version.23:57
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aelknerit looks like we would need to do that to avoid the jolt effect23:58

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