IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-09-09

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robatronHello all. Has anyone had any experience with integrating SchoolTool with Google Apps?03:03
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th1amenesis: I keep forgetting what we know about these paste.ini bugs.16:27
th1aI must keep not putting them in the bug tracker.16:27
th1aOr something.16:27
menesisI don't think there were any bugs involving paste.ini16:28
menesisexcept a wish to change port to 8016:29
menesisthere was a bug when paste.script module cannot be loaded, but that seems to be solved16:29
th1aI forwarded an email to you.16:29
th1aHm... might he have a CanDo that still has an older bug in its SchoolTool?16:30
menesisno idea what he tried to do16:30
th1aDid we used to have a "can't find paste.ini" bug that was fixed?16:32
th1aMaybe it was in questions...16:32
menesisthe worwarded email was answered by Douglas16:32
th1aMmh... yeah, but something has gone awry in our workflow with this.16:33
th1aIt is my fault.16:33
th1aBecause other people have had this problem and there's no bug report.16:33
menesisthe user installed schooltool on two computers instead of accessing the server from the other16:33
th1aHe's got a paste problem though.16:34
menesisthe paste.ini cannot be found seems unrelated. maybe he installed 2009 and looks for 2008 config16:35
menesisyes... talks about schooltool-200816:36
th1aOh... sorry.  He's not trying to start SchoolTool, he's trying to find that file.16:37
Lumiereyet more reasons for a feature freeze16:39
Lumierein the next week16:40
Lumiereso the last month can have updates to the docs16:40
menesisthe book needs a chapter about proxying schooltool via apache. an example of virtualhost that rewrites to localhost:708116:40
th1aI just mentioned that to Lumiere yesterday.16:41
th1aI don't want to write that chapter myself.16:41
LumiereI hope to get to that this weekend16:41
LumiereI also have to rewrite the cando section16:41
menesissomeone who is running st should have a config ready16:41
th1aI'm sorry I turn into dwelsh sometimes when I get bug reports.16:41
Lumierebtw, let me know when I should move cando into the schooltool project16:41
Lumierebad th1a!16:41
th1aLet's say tomorrow.16:41
Lumiereno dwelsh moments16:42
LumiereI get enough of those16:42
th1aIt really is hard to think straight when someone emails you with a bug report.16:42
th1aWithout leaping to "ZOMG we're doomed!"16:42
LumiereI just think of them as tasks16:43
Lumiereand poof not zomg anymore16:43
th1aIt is harder if you're not the one who knows how to fix it.16:43
Lumiereand I know how to fix anything>16:43
th1aBut still, I should have figured out the paste.ini thing.16:43
Lumierethat's just a well constructed wall :)16:43
menesisa chapter that you can point to when the next question "I can't run on port 80" pops up (
th1aI just thought "Oh no, paste.ini, I can never remember what that does !  Aaaagh!"16:44
Lumieremenesis: assign those to me16:44
menesispaste.ini only contains a host and port16:44
th1abtw, yvl & menesis, I'm still in favor of making SchoolTool remotely accessible by default.16:46
LumiereI'm not16:46
LumiereI understand your view of how it should be easy for anyone...16:47
Lumierebut imo no service should be on an external interface16:47
Lumierewithout the owner knowing the risks of doing that16:47
Lumiere(if zope's httpd does ssl... I would be ok with'ng it16:48
th1aWell... it isn't like we make them pass a quiz on security before modifying paste.ini16:50
th1aIt is just an annoyance.16:50
th1aAnd it is a web server.16:50
th1aIt isn't like you have to explicitly tell Apache, or Zope to be remotely accessible.16:51
Lumierefor me... the security thing is student data over non-encrypted comms16:52
* mgedmin remarks that paste can do ssl; zope's zserver... probably not16:52
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Lumieremgedmin: paste still drives me nuts for the most part16:53
Lumierethe docs aren't great for sysadmins16:53
th1aLumiere: Understood, but making them manually change the setting doesn't solve the problem.16:53
mgedminthe docs are horrible16:53
Lumiereth1a: port 80 is an apache only thing really16:53
mgedminyou have to cargo-cult bits of working .ini files from somewhere16:53
Lumieremgedmin: if you're lucky16:53
Lumiereif you aren't16:53
Lumiereyou go edit the code cause it is easier16:54
LumiereI spent months editing the schooltool egg16:54
Lumiereevery time I got a new one on the main cando server16:54
Lumiereto run the server as a user16:54
Lumiereand not as root16:54
ignasth1a: if out admin password was changeable during apt-get install16:57
ignasth1a: i'd go for a public server16:57
ignasusers should change the manager password before making the service public16:57
ignasthough if we can ask them the password during ubuntu install, we can probably ask them "do you want the server to be public?" too16:58
th1aignas: Yes, good point.16:59
th1aI know I've forgotten passwords I've had to set in a Debian install.17:00
th1aIt is kind of unexpected and annoying.17:00
* yvl votes for a python script to do such things17:01
yvlsomething like17:01
yvlcommand line17:01
yvlblah@laptop$ sudo schooltool-server make_public17:02
Lumierecan that test the password?17:02
yvlblah@laptop$ sudo schooltool-server reset_admin_password17:02
yvlLumiere, we dont have such script now17:03
yvlbut we can write one17:03
LumiereI am asking if said script17:03
Lumierecould test the manager password17:03
Lumiereto ensure it wasn't "schooltool"17:03
yvlit could force you to change the password, for example17:04
menesisdebian package can use debconf to ask questions. make server public? manager password?17:06
menesisI don't know how to do that, but..17:06
th1aI just know we'll get "i forgot the password" mails frequently if we set it in debconf, and that's a worse problem than "how do I make the site remotely accessible."17:08
menesisOTOH if someone installs from source that won't work17:08
th1aOK.  Maybe the status quo isn't so bad ;-)17:09
Lumiereand it only took 40 minutes to get to that ;)17:09
menesismaybe a README, an example paste.ini and httpd.conf in /usr/share/doc/schooltool, and a comment with a link to the book in paste.ini would be enough... that's just documentation17:10
menesisif someone installs schooltool it's not clear how to run it without reading the book..17:10
th1aWe should make a package for the book.17:10
Lumiereth1a: the book should be pdf'd17:11
Lumiereand the package should put that in /usr/share/doc/17:11
th1aI have to see if I can control page breaks in PDF.17:11
menesisoh not really - there is /usr/share/doc/schooltool-2009/README.Debian17:11
Lumieresphinx will handle it17:11
menesisthat says what port it is running on and username and password17:11
th1aI can't find it in the docs.17:12
menesisalso mentions /usr/share/doc/schooltool/examples/ that doesn't exist17:12
th1a(the sphinx docs)17:12
menesisit is only in the debian package17:12
th1amenesis: Yes, the README probably needs some love.17:12
menesisand a section about automatically generated SSL certificates that is not true17:13
th1aWell, I don't like to touch it because I don't understand the sys admin parts.17:13
menesisbut yes we need schooltool-doc package with the book. html is better than pdf IMHO17:14
th1aI'd rather use html too.17:14
LumiereI suggest both17:14
Lumieresome people like to print and book em17:14
menesisI can't generate pdf...17:17
menesismake latex ; cd build/latex ; make all-pdf17:18
th1ayvl: did you get the email I forwarded from Brett about the term issue?17:18
Lumieremenesis: do you have all the latex packages installed17:19
yvlumm, th1a, when did you send it?17:20
yvlwhat's the subject?17:20
th1aI didn't forward it.17:22
th1aI told him to put it on LP, but he hasn't.17:22
th1aI'll forward it.17:22
yvlnow I got it, thanks17:23
yvlhmm, it looks like a bug17:29
yvlI'll investigate first thing tomorrow17:30
th1aHow does it determine which terms are consecutive?17:30
yvlwhen it's linking two sections17:30
yvlit checks if getNextTerm(term_of_section_1) is same as term_of_section_217:31
yvlit may be a bug in the getNextTerm function17:33
th1aCould you let Chris know you'll take a look at it and ask him any other questions that might be helpful?17:35
yvlapologies, but I'll have to leave the office soon :|17:37
yvlI'll update Chris and you as soon as I find anything17:38
th1aThanks.  Have a good evening!17:39
th1aI should have forwarded the email last night : |17:40
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