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fsufitchLumiere: ping18:20
fsufitchLumiere: is there any APS logo or something i should use on the certificate?18:25
Lumierefsufitch: the RML stuff should define a header18:25
Lumierethat is setup somewhere else18:25
fsufitchno, it only defines a footer with a schooltool logo on it18:25
fsufitchill show you how the stuff looks right now18:26
LumiereI see it18:28
Lumierecompsci with aviation comps?18:28
LumiereI suggest something like the standard H2 from media wiki18:28
Lumiere(with the line under it)18:28
Lumierefor the headers18:29
LumiereI dunno what welsh wants on the top18:29
Lumierebut I think that looks ugly as sin18:29
th1aThe header functionality in SchoolTool is still not complete.18:29
LumiereI would say something more along the lines of "Achievement Record: Last, First\n"18:29
Lumiere"For Computer Science 101"18:30
Lumierebut that's just me18:30
Lumierewe need a header functionality18:30
Lumierethat puts the school info in (it shouldn't be hard coded)18:30
fsufitchlol, i have no idea in certificate aesthetics :-P18:30
Lumierenor do I18:30
fsufitchjeff told me the school info should be hardcoded for now, since it's only the ACC that wants it18:30
Lumierethat is why I say stuff like I dunno what welsh wants on the top18:30
Lumiere...... grr18:31
Lumierethis is the sort of thing that jeff drives me nuts about18:31
fsufitchlol XD18:31
fsufitchwell, the blueprint spec has this:
Lumiereimo he's violating XP18:31
Lumierebecause we know other people do want it, they just haven't expressed needing yet (because they don't know they need it :) )18:32
fsufitchlol yea18:33
* fsufitch agrees18:33
fsufitchi dunno, though18:33
fsufitchth1a: should i hack together my own solution or wait for the header feature to be finished?18:33
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th1afsufitch: Hack.18:53
th1aI can't remember exactly what the hangup was... oh, I think just because all the reports (of which we have like, three) aren't RML yet.18:54
fsufitchRML is a pain to start with...18:56
Lumierefsufitch: but?18:56
fsufitchLumiere: there's no but :-P i'm gonna do some pretty header i guess18:56
th1aRML is less of a pain than writing Python Reportlab scripts.18:57
fsufitchtrue, since we can use ZPT with it18:57
th1aEspecially if you aren't a wizard programmer.18:57
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Lumierehi jelkner18:59
jelknerLumiere: hi18:59
fsufitchjelkner: hi19:01
jelknerfsufitch: hi19:03
jelknerwe need to talk19:03
jelknertomorrow is the day19:03
jelkneru around then?19:03
jelknerok, i'll contact you19:03
jelknerneed to get back to work...19:04
fsufitchbtw, im mostly done with the certificate19:04
fsufitchi only need a couple more things19:04
jelknerthat's what i want to talk about19:04
fsufitchthe school logo at the top, and the teacher signature19:04
jelknerlet's talk tomorrow19:04
fsufitch*school logo + info19:04
fsufitchth1a: hardcoding the header in would require modifying the header in the <pageTemplate> tag, something that the current schooltool rml macro doesn't allow19:06
fsufitchso i'd need to throw macros and the schooltool skin to the wind to do this...19:06
fsufitchi can do it, but im just letting you know that this code will need big refactoring later if i do19:07
Lumierefsufitch: how about writing a rml macro to add to the skin?19:08
LumiereI'd suggest yelling for yvl19:08
Lumierebut :)19:08
fsufitchLumiere: im not sure i understand what you're saying19:09
fsufitchwriting a whole new macro just for this one page?19:09
Lumierejust a macro to add the header19:09
Lumierein the global rml macro19:09
fsufitch... that's schooltool code19:10
fsufitchhooray, a whole new checkout of code >.>19:11
Lumierefsufitch: the bzr checkout is not too bad19:11
Lumierebut I hate the idea of writing it in a way that is broken19:11
Lumiereby design19:11
LumiereI'd rather fix st19:12
fsufitchthats why im having qualms about it19:12
th1aI don't know.19:15
th1aDo you see any code written by yvl dealing with custom headers at all?19:15
fsufitchthe only header thing fills in a big string with whatever is in view/title19:16
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th1aI just don't know if yvl did some work in another branch or something.19:16
fsufitchi mean, i can build off that and hack together the logo, but the rml page template isnt flexible enough to do it from outside st19:16
th1aIt is just something that yvl should have been asked about before the last possible moment.19:17
fsufitchsorry, i didnt know about these issues beforehand19:18
fsufitchfirst time i work in rml :-/19:18
th1aWhat's happening tomorrow?19:23
fsufitchtomorrow jelkner and Lumiere are disappearing i think19:23
fsufitchor at least this weekend19:23
th1aOh... when do you have to push the code out?19:24
fsufitchjelkner wants it by tomorrow, so he can give it a seal of approval19:24
fsufitchsince he's a customer19:24
th1aWell, can you do the design and get that approved without settling on how it will all be wired together.19:25
Lumierefsufitch: my job ends tomorrow19:25
th1aGet the layout approved?19:25
Lumiereand I think Jeff and David haven't figured out that I won't quit working on CanDo19:26
Lumiere(although me coming to a 9:30 am dev meeting might be hard if I was up till 5 am the night before cause I no longer have a job)19:26
fsufitchLumiere: wait, *won't*? awesome :)19:26
fsufitchhow is not having a job being reason to be irresponsible with your sleeping schedule?19:27
Lumierefsufitch: because I can sleep till noon19:27
Lumiereand noone will care?19:27
th1aThis is just a case where chatting for five minutes tomorrow morning with yvl will save a lot of confusion down the road.19:27
fsufitchforgot about that perk19:27
Lumierefsufitch: I agree with th1a19:27
Lumieretry and grab yvl and I think he'll get you setup pretty quick :)19:27
th1aJust get the layout approved on way or another.19:27
fsufitchwell, i can send you all what it looks like right now19:27
fsufitchthe layout is fairly simple19:28
th1aWell, *I* don't need to see it.19:32
fsufitchi guess ill get a hold of jelkner tomorrow and get him to approve it :)19:33
Lumierefsufitch: he is on gt19:34
Lumiereand showing as non-idle19:34
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fsufitchtechnically he's in here too19:34
fsufitchi think he has class though19:35
Lumiereoh yea19:36
Lumiereit started 5 mintus ago19:36
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