IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-07-29

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fsufitchLumiere: ping19:30
fsufitchLumiere: is there a special way i should process competencies that are required vs optional vs sensitive?19:35
fsufitchrequired, optional, additional19:36
fsufitchforgot that changed19:36
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fsufitchLumiere: ?19:40
Lumieresorry back19:41
fsufitch'tis ok19:42
Lumierefsufitch: check with welsh for sure19:42
Lumierebut I would suggest show anything graded19:42
fsufitchi do show all graded things19:42
Lumiereregardless of req/opt/additional19:42
Lumieresensitive is a separate flag now19:42
fsufitchbut should i mark them as req/opt/add, or ignore that?19:42
Lumieredoes it matter for whether they know it19:43
fsufitchi wouldn't know, i dont deal with the end report and who sees it :-P19:43
fsufitchi just write it19:43
fsufitchokay, for now i won't mention it19:44
fsufitchit shouldnt be hard to add if i need it19:44
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Lumierefsufitch: I get that19:47
Lumierethat's why I said to poke the welsh19:47
Lumiereor the elkner19:47
Lumierethey're the ones who care exactly what is on it19:48
fsufitchbut im poking you since they're not here :-P19:48
fsufitch*poke poke*19:48
fsufitchok ok19:48
Lumierefsufitch: you know what his email is ;)19:48
Lumieremy job is merging and releasing19:48
Lumierenot reading welsh's mind!19:49
fsufitchuhh my internet is down right now, i cant send emails!!! <_<19:49
Lumierefsufitch: bs19:49
fsufitchalternatively: im not using antiquated email anymore! it's waves for me!19:49
Lumiereexcept it isn't released in a wild version19:51
Lumiereand I fully expect wave to work with email19:51
Lumierethrough a robot19:52
fsufitchshush >.>19:52
LumiereI love ruining peoples excuses19:54
Lumierewith logical bombs19:54
Lumiere(I hate when people try to shoot mine down with illogic...)19:54
fsufitchbut manbearpig is real!19:54
Lumiereat least it isn't the manfaye19:58
* Lumiere goes to hurl and twitch for the next hour19:58
fsufitchis that a QC reference?19:59
Lumiereit's a cosplay reference20:01
Lumierehave you seen any pictures from Cowboy Bebop?20:02
Lumierebtw... I hope you haven't eaten anything lately... I finish this and you WILL want to hurl20:02
Lumiere is faye20:03
Lumieremanfaye is exactly what you think from there20:03
Lumierefat man dressed as faye20:03
* Lumiere twitches20:03
* fsufitch twitches20:04
fsufitchand no, i havent lately :-P20:05
Lumierebuilding change20:08
Lumiereback in a bit20:09
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