IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-07-21

Lumierereplaceafill: no00:02
replaceafilli just go the diff from it00:02
replaceafillsending it to fsufitch by mail00:02
replaceafillfsufitch, sent, it's not the latest one but i should help you get the 2009.04 egg00:03
replaceafilljust apply it to trunk and run the tests00:04
replaceafillah and you should change the "make run" rule00:04
replaceafilljust remove the "cp /home/cando/acc08-instance/var/Data.fs* instance/var/" part00:06
replaceafillLumiere, can we commit again to
fsufitchyeah i did00:08
fsufitchand it's running make update right now00:08
Lumierereplaceafill: I worked with menesis to fix that today00:09
replaceafillLumiere, cool!00:10
replaceafillLumiere, so it's not frozen anymore00:10
Lumierereplaceafill: for now :)00:10
Lumierereplaceafill: I am working on the svn2bzr scripting00:10
replaceafillgreat, i hated to be passing diff left and right :)00:11
Lumierejstraw@yayoi:~/bzrimports/20090720/cando$ ls00:11
Lumierebranches  trunk00:11
replaceafilli was about to put my diff at lauchpad :/00:11
Lumierereplaceafill: I am going to be creating and pushing a bunch of branches on lp soonish00:12
Lumiereonce I start that, I'll lock up svn again00:12
replaceafillah ok, i'll commit tonight then00:12
Lumiereand we'll have to get people to check out from launchpad (that's probably not going to happen till july 31)00:12
fsufitchit works :)00:12
fsufitchty, replaceafill00:12
replaceafillfsufitch, great, let me know if i can help you in anything00:13
fsufitchreplaceafill, nah, i figured my way around st 2009.04, cuz im running it on my server for tjtalk00:14
fsufitchthanks though :)00:14
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phuffordHi replaceafill01:04
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jelknerreplaceafill: what is going on with the california work?01:13
jelkneri've been too busy with summer enrichment classes to keep up01:14
jelknerare we on target for schooltool / moodle / mahara integration by september?01:15
replaceafilljelkner, it's supposed to start this week01:16
jelknerit *is* or it is *supposed to*?01:16
replaceafillmoquist told me we were starting around the 21st01:18
jelknerso you're waiting to hear from him01:24
jelkneri've got my fingers crossed01:25
jelknersince the 21st is tomorrow01:25
replaceafill:D me too!01:25
Lumieremoquist was finishing up another project01:27
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Lumiereanyone familiar with virtualbox here?14:42
* mgedmin used it14:49
LumiereI am trying to get access to a service running on the vm14:51
Lumierefrom outside the vm14:51
mgedminthere's some undocummented magick you need14:56
Lumieremenesis: cando package installed and running on my hardy vm15:08
Lumiere(obviousally needs to be tested)15:08
menesispackages are already available from the PPA, also for jaunty15:09
Lumiereyea, that's where I did it from15:11
Lumieremgedmin: thank you15:14
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Lumierehi th1a18:10
Lumiereth1a: btw, I am about to send a patch to the book to you18:10
Lumiereit may need to be tweaked18:12
Lumierelisppaste5: new18:13
lisppaste5Lumiere pasted "ppa key update for st-book" at
th1aLumiere: Thanks.18:29
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