IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-06-25

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aelkneryvl: ayt?10:15
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aelknerhey ignas10:42
aelkneryour pointing out the fact that the demographics forms were dynamic helped me a lot10:43
aelkneri got my form to work using the adapter with speical __setattr__ methods10:44
aelknerhave you worked with HtmlFragment fields?10:44
aelknerignas: i'm trying to use them in the gradebook, but the widget that z3c.form creates is a TextAreaWidget10:45
aelknerinsstead of a FckeditorWidget like in need10:45
ignasI have only used FCKEditor explicitly10:46
ignasby setting it to be the custom_widget10:46
ignasi think10:46
ignasI am not sure how and why is TextAreaWidget the default for HtmlFragment field10:47
ignasbut i am 100% sure you can change that10:47
ignasby registering FCKEditorWidget for HtmlFragment field on SchoolToolLayer10:47
aelkneri was looking for FckeditorWidget in the sla package where Justus used it10:49
aelknerbut i can't find it yet10:49
aelkneri mean, it's the type of widget that comes up in the pdb trace10:50
aelknerbut there's no mention of it anywhere in the code for sla10:50
aelkneri guess maybe it's in schooltool10:50
ignasit's only a field10:50
ignasbut i *think*10:50
ignasz3c.form is using different way of mapping fields -> widgets10:51
ignasnow that you mention10:51
ignasI am not even sure z3c.form supports FCK widget!10:51
aelkneri man, that would hurt10:51
ignasnot 100% sure though, you should investigate the code yourself, or ask Justas to do it10:54
aelknerwill do, but thanks for the moral support10:54
aelkneri am managing to learn wuite a lot about zc3 form in the process10:55
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replaceafillth1a, ping19:39
th1ahi replaceafill19:45
replaceafillhey th1a, just asking for permission to steal this bug from aelkner
replaceafillit's the one related to the gradebook export19:45
replaceafilli can help with that19:46
th1aFeel free.19:46
th1aThanks, replaceafill.19:46
replaceafillcool, thanks19:46
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