IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-06-24

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Lumierenice password?18:53
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yvlth1a, are you there?19:36
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th1ayvl: I'm here.19:47
yvlI have a question about SchoolTool book19:49
yvlwhat server do you run the Selenium tests on?19:49
yvlI mean - what's your Base URL in the Selenium IDE?19:50
th1aOh... right.19:50
yvlI guess...19:51
th1aHave you tried it?19:52
yvlwhat do you run as a server?19:52
yvlapt-get installed schooltool?19:52
yvlI'm trying to run tests now19:52
yvlfinally got it running19:57
yvlth1a, do you remember in which test calendar did not display weekly events?19:58
th1aIn the teacher's calendar.19:58
th1aIt clicks past it in the script, I think.19:58
th1aOnce you get down to sections.19:58
th1aPretty cool, eh?19:58
th1aGot this idea from replaceafil.19:59
yvlvery cool :)19:59
yvlit may be worth mentioning that these tests are built against apt-get'table SchoolTool20:00
yvlor the dev version20:00
yvland that you need a fresh database20:00
yvloh, and that you better specify "lang en" if your system language is not English ;)20:03
th1aYes... I'll also need instructions for translating the selenium scripts to make translations of the book.20:04
yvlI'll try to help, when I get more familiar with it20:06
yvlI got a failure after the user test20:13
yvlit logs out as a manager20:13
yvlyou need to manually log in after that20:13
yvllog it to Launchpad somewhere?20:13
th1ayvl: um...20:17
th1aWhere is the failure?20:17
yvlat the beginning of the demographics test20:17
th1aRunning them all straight through on an empty database?20:17
yvlclick-and-wait login-logout20:18
th1aIn the user section it should logout as manager, login as the user, logout as user, log back in as manager and go on.20:19
yvlthe last line tries to log out after logging in20:19
th1aLast line of user?20:20
lisppaste5yvl pasted "untitled" at
th1ahuh.  that's not what I have.20:21
yvlthese are the last commands of the  "user" test20:21
yvlthat's not what I have either20:22
yvlmy bad20:23
yvlit seems I clicked *something* and it most likely cut some of the test20:23
yvlsorry :)20:23
th1abtw, the most common bugs are when there is a "click" but not a "clickAndWait" (because you aren't waiting for a pageload) that doesn't have a pause to let the change happen.20:24
yvlthanks, I'll keep this in mind20:25
* th1a goes to get lunch.20:25
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th1ajelkner: I'm home.20:55
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