IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-06-02

Lumierewait... krushik -> moquist? :)00:01
* Lumiere files :)00:01
Lumiereth1a: I am running a test00:01
Lumiereof the svn reload00:02
LumiereRepository Root: file:///home/jstraw/newcando00:06
LumiereRepository UUID: 8d698921-9600-0410-a3d1-96c705acec4f00:06
LumiereRepository Root:
LumiereRepository UUID: 8d698921-9600-0410-a3d1-96c705acec4f00:07
Lumierenow I just need to figure out how to move it :)00:09
krushikLumiere, m? I'm not moquist if that is what you mean)00:12
krushikwhat did you mean anyway? =)00:16
Lumiereon which?00:25
LumiereI thought th1a was talking to you00:25
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krushikhe was as I see. doesn't matter now00:36
Lumiereyea, bbl00:50
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th1aHi yvl, menesis.16:17
yvlhi th1a16:18
yvljust sent you the "release notes"16:19
th1aAh, good.16:19
yvlif they can be called so16:20
th1aWell, I just wanted to get this out so dwelsh knows we love him.16:21
th1aIt looks like my Update Manager is grabbing updates now.16:22
yvlumm, we didn't make the release yet16:22
th1aMaybe it is just now getting the last one?16:23
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yvlmenesis updated packages yesterday16:30
yvlschooltool server should not crash on upgrade now16:30
yvlif I got that correctly16:31
yvlor at least crash less :)16:31
th1aWe could put that in the change notes too...16:32
th1amenesis: Any other changes for the notes?16:35
menesis"Restart the server after any schooltool packages have been upgraded."16:35
menesisyvl: send me a copy16:35
menesisthat was the important fix I released last week. yesterday was another bugfix to that16:37
Lumieremenesis / yvl: has 08.10 gotten any updates for dwelsh?16:37
th1aThe contacts.16:39
th1aI mean...16:39
th1aTHe course ids.16:39
Lumiereyea, do we need to merge that to 2008.10 and push eggs?16:40
menesis2008.10 the schooltool branch or intrepid the ubuntu release?16:40
Lumierethe schooltool branch16:41
Lumierethat's what CanDo uses atm16:41
Lumiereignas pushed things to us as needed so that we didn't have to worry (as much) about changes that break stuff16:42
menesisoh. no I do not touch that branch16:44
Lumiereyvl does16:45
Lumiereand I think buildbot does the rest16:46
yvldon't remember anything :)16:46
yvllooking at it now...16:46
yvlbtw, Lumiere, you're using bzr branch, right?16:54
yvlthere's no svn 2008.10 I know nothing about?16:54
Lumiereyvl: I use an egg/egs of 2008.1016:55
yvloh, ok16:55
Lumierewhich is built in buildbot16:55
yvlforgot that, sorry16:56
Lumiereit's fine... you have a lot of stuff to think about :)17:00
yvlok, looked at the branch17:21
yvlI'll push the additional course fields to the branch17:22
yvlbut please test manually before deploying - just in case17:22
yvltrunk has evolution script that sets course.course_id to course.__name__, but I can't push that, because 2008.10 is one evolution script behind17:23
yvlI'd also need to push demographics and removal of groups as section members17:24
yvland I really don't want to do that now :)17:24
yvlso you'll have to do that manually...17:24
Lumiereyvl: I will17:24
Lumiereyea, we're not ready for the evolution on demographics and groups as sections17:25
yvlthe last part is: groups can no longer be added as members of a section17:26
yvlwhich CanDo does not handle anyway17:26
yvlso that is good for you :)17:26
yvlsomething like this should work:
yvlafter the upgrade17:31
yvlone more thing:17:31
yvlcourse_id is not set automatically17:31
yvlso you will want to update your CSV/other import scripts17:31
yvlAnd of course if you would be so kind to click "edit info" for a course and check if that works correctly... I would be grateful.17:39
yvlLumiere, nod that you saw me saying that you guys need to update CanDo import scripts (views)17:43
* yvl washes my hands off that now ;)17:44
Lumierewe'll be using xls import next year17:44
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yvlLumiere, 2008.10 egg should be released now19:20
* yvl goes away19:31
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