IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-06-01

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krushikhi. where can I read changelog between dev and release versions?01:58
ignashmm, give me a sec02:00
ignasok, don't know how02:02
ignasbzr missing is giving too much info02:02
krushikok. Does it have a lot of noticable changes? I've deployed stapp2008fall, but haven't noticed any at a glance02:08
ignasnot much, maybe a couple of commits02:09
ignasthey should be pretty much identical at this point in time02:09
krushikI see. Do you have a definite plan of new features to develop?02:12
ignasI am not 100% sure02:12
ignasbut I think at the moment "team schooltool" is fixing some bugs, adding a couple of small features requested by our new users and trying to come up with the plan for the comming 6 months02:13
ignascan't really say for sure, as I am not really working on the project anymore02:14
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th1ahi yvl.16:19
yvlhi th1a16:20
th1aHow are you doing in assimilating the Big Picture of SchoolTool?16:21
yvlslowly, but steadily16:21
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yvlI guess I'll just have to sit and write it all down some time this week16:22
yvlI'm currently on navigation and permissions16:24
th1aJust don't get too bogged down.  There are lots of little bugs I'd like to see cleaned up, and that gives you a nice tour of the various parts.16:24
th1aYes, those are two tough nuts.16:24
yvlactually the small bugs often reveal some things to think about16:25
th1aThose could both stand some love between now and October.16:25
yvlfor example when using lyceum journal, there are "Journal" links in events16:25
yvland students shouldn't see them16:25
yvlI'd like some form of automated permission checking for this kind of viewlets16:26
yvlso that "edit section" "edit individuals" and similar viewlets / links would be validated16:27
yvland I wouldn't need to think about them anymore :)16:27
th1aThat's a longstanding problem.16:27
yvlanother thing is "metadata"16:28
yvlpersons are already extended with demographics, now CanDo needs additional info for courses16:28
yvlthat don't have edit views, by the way16:29
th1aThey don't?16:29
yvlI didn't find them :|16:29
th1aI guess that's a bug.16:30
yvlwell, there's nothing to edit at the moment16:30
yvlexcept description16:30
yvlI'm starting to think that users will come up with more optional fields for other things16:31
yvlsections, resources16:31
th1aYes.  I'm sure that contributed to it not being a priority.16:31
th1aI don't know that I want to march down that path at this point though.16:32
yvlI'm pretty sure you don't :)16:32
th1ahi aelkner_, replaceafill, menesis, Lumiere.16:33
replaceafillgood morning16:33
aelkner_good morning16:33
yvlby the way, do we want to add fields like "Credits" to schooltool course?16:35
th1aThat's what I'm saying.16:35
* Lumiere wants a permissions refactor too :)16:35
th1aI think the concept is pretty widely used.16:35
th1aWe just need a permissions audit.16:35
yvland Goverment ID?16:36
Lumiereyvl: that is needed for va16:36
th1aI don't think it is a weird case.16:36
Lumiereth1a: it's stuff like automation and a clearer chain for how developers implement permissions16:36
Lumierethere should be 1 ST standard method of implementing permissions16:37
Lumiere(and CanDo needs to be refactored to use it at some point)16:37
th1aWe need to be able to review what the permissions on a deployed system are.16:38
th1aThat's something I'd like to have done before October.16:39
th1aSo should we have the new course metadata for a release tomorrow?16:40
yvlLumiere, currently schooltool widely uses crowds...16:40
yvlth1a, yes16:40
yvlmenesis, how about a release tomorrow afternoon (morning in USA)?16:41
th1aMake sure to do release notes.16:41
yvlthanks for reminding16:42
menesisyvl: can do the release16:42
th1aAlso, perhaps we should point dwelsh to
th1aSo he won't be so surprised.16:43
menesisyvl: but together, because I have to know what branches need merging and what they change16:43
menesisand I want to know if I should post any announcements or make releases on launchpad16:43
menesisbecause so far I posted nothing, I simply upload packages16:44
th1aWhy don't you do it after I get online, so I can do the announcements as the packages are being built.16:44
th1aSo around this time tomorrow.16:45
th1aBeyond that, make sure and take time to knock down the small bugs that are being reported and that I'm filing as I do documentation.16:46
th1a^ yvl16:46
th1aOtherwise, it will itself become an overwhelming pile.16:47
th1aOK... on to aelkner_.16:48
aelkner_ok, after our meeting last week, i felt under the weather for the rest of the week16:48
aelkner_i did read the chat you and jelkner had about the gradebook16:49
aelkner_and to be honest, i couldn't understand what you guys were talking about16:49
aelkner_but i think i can straighten it out with jelkner on the phone16:49
th1aJeff just needs to sort out the rest of the mess himself.16:49
aelkner_you mean, no code changes from me?16:50
th1aHe just ran too far in front of the pack.16:50
aelkner_he can use what i gave him?16:50
th1aWell, he might have to do a little mental calculation or something.16:50
th1aAverage four grades in his head.16:51
aelkner_or on a calculator :)16:51
aelkner_ok, so i won't worry about that issue16:51
aelkner_here's what's on my plate16:51
aelkner_i merged trunk into my branch (it won't be ready for tomorrow's release, btw)16:52
aelkner_it resulted in five different conflicts, so that will take some sorting out16:52
aelkner_then, i need to add the generation package to move the score system utilities to the site manager16:53
aelkner_getting rid of the manual registration of those utilitiies in the process16:53
aelkner_then i can do the merge request16:54
aelkner_next, i have a bug to work on, namely the redirect to a help page you and i discussed in the way back from the meeting16:54
aelkner_that's the case where the user has no term set up16:54
aelkner_i don't think i have any more pressing gradebook bugs, but i will check16:55
aelkner_finally, i can shift my attentions to the intervention package16:55
aelkner_i'll give you a mid week report as to my progress16:55
aelkner_so that's it for me16:56
th1aOK.  Thanks.16:56
th1areplaceafill: Did moquist get in touch with you?16:56
replaceafillno, not yet16:56
th1aOK, so here's the status of the California thing.16:57
th1aThey've got a signed contract for mostly planning and some development in June.16:57
th1aWith the assumption that there is money to execute the plan in the next fiscal year (July ->).16:58
Lumiere(most schools have a July 1 -> June 30 fiscal year in the US)16:59
th1aThe main development goal will be WSGI middleware (or something) to handle the particular key-juggling quirks of mnet communication with Moodle.16:59
th1aSince this should not require touching SchoolTool at all, moquist is contracting that out to a local developer he knows.17:00
th1aThe actual SchoolTool development should start next month, and I'm strongly encouraging moquist to get a developer who already is familiar.17:01
th1a(i.e., replaceafill)17:01
th1aIn the meantime, we've got a lot of figuring out to do about how SchoolTool and Moodle should work together.17:02
th1aDid you guys see the email I sent about lovely.remotetask?17:03
replaceafilli got moodle and mahara working together17:03
replaceafilli did and started to read about it17:03
th1aDid you take a peek at it yvl?17:05
aelkner_lovely, isn't that the project stephan worked on?17:05
yvlnot yet, sorry17:05
replaceafilli have a unicode question for yvl or aelkner_17:05
th1aaelkner_: It is the same company.17:06
th1aAnyhow, I just have a bit of personal trauma around trying to get SchoolTool to send web services requests from the SIF days.17:06
Lumiere*#(*(#* SIF17:06
th1aSo I'd be happy if there was a module that would handle the annoying parts of that process.17:07
aelkner_yes, leveraging what lovely got working would help us17:07
th1aReceiving XML-RPC requests should be easy.17:08
th1aAny other news replaceafill?17:08
replaceafilli worked on the "Can't enter spanish characters in course import box" bug17:09
replaceafilland also found the "Server error when viewing person's details with non-latin data in It"17:09
th1aActually, there is at least one new unicode bug in the tracker.17:09
th1aThat one, perhaps.17:09
replaceafillmy question is related in both of them17:10
replaceafillif you create a person with a last name with "spanish" characters17:10
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replaceafillyou get the error because the class is doing self.context.last_name inside a urlencode call17:11
replaceafillthat self.context.last_name should be encoded17:11
replaceafillmy question is: is it safe to encode it to "utf-8"17:11
Lumiereimo all data in our system that is string-text17:11
Lumiereshould be utf-817:12
replaceafillthe same applies to the csv handling bug17:12
Lumiereall input should be converted17:12
replaceafillwhen you use the textarea to send csv data instead of a file, you get a unicode string17:12
replaceafilland the csv.reader is expecting regular strings17:13
replaceafilland tries to encode it using "ascii" so you get the error17:13
replaceafillagain my question here is: is it safe to encode the unicode string using "utf-8"17:13
yvlfor urlencode, this is the way to do that, as far as I remember17:14
aelkner_utf-8 is what i've been noticing around schooltool17:14
replaceafillyvl, so it's ok to do urllib.urlencode([('SEARCH_LAST_NAME', self.context.last_name.encode("utf-8"))]) ??17:15
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replaceafillif i do this the person view works again17:15
dwelshgood morning17:15
th1aWhat does UTF-8 not do?17:15
th1agood morning dwelsh.17:16
yvlreplaceafill, yes17:16
dwelshaelkner:  you there?17:16
replaceafillyvl, cool, will do it then17:16
th1aA quick scan over the UTF-8 Wikipedia page makes it look like the right solution.17:17
replaceafillth1a, yvl i'm going to take bug #382251 since i already know how to fix it17:17
replaceafillthat's all from me17:17
th1aWhats the svn>bzr status?17:18
yvlreplaceafill, I looked briefly at csvimporter, not sure about blunt UTF-8 encoding17:18
Lumiereth1a: Online Testing = pain in my ass17:19
replaceafillyvl, when we the view gets csvtext for some reason the charset is set to None17:19
Lumiereth1a: hoping to do the work today17:19
Lumieremenesis: can I have access to replace the cando repository?17:20
menesisLumiere: yes... not sure what you need to be able to write to?17:21
Lumiereto do the svn2bzr I have to first kill and replace the cando repository17:21
LumiereI may have wht I need17:21
Lumierebut I can't tell17:22
th1aanything else to add menesis?17:25
th1aI'm still feeling like writing documentation is more pressing than finishing weeding out
th1aBut I'll give you some warning when I want to turn to that.17:26
menesisactually don't know if there will be much to release tomorrow. I have been making packages last week and schooltool should now upgrade and restart without crashing17:26
menesisthere is one change from justas to merge, the removal of groups from sections17:27
th1aThat's fine -- I just wanted to push out those small changes.17:27
menesisI have pushed a few timetable bugfixes last week17:28
menesisalso have updated translations from Launchpad17:28
menesisand removed some old translations (that had less than 10% translated) from source17:29
th1aThanks... we've really needed someone to give translations some love.17:30
menesisbut I'm still puzzled how the roundtrip between rosetta and the source works. I've tried to upload those translations again, but they sit in Import queue for two weeks already17:30
th1aAre they trying to change the system so that it just works through bzr more?17:31
th1aAsking on #launchpad is usually helpful.17:32
th1aAnyhow -- translation love is greatly appreciated, menesis.17:34
menesisthey are improving that17:34
menesisbut we have three templates in two branches17:35
menesisand that is a problem, since rosetta supports only one branch17:35
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menesisthat is, lyceum.journal cannot be made to work automatically17:35
th1aHm.  Perhaps we should merge them into one branch now?17:36
menesisand I am not sure why schooltool.commendation is a different template although in the same tree17:36
th1aCan you just combine them?17:37
th1aI mean -- there is no reason.17:37
th1aFeel free to rationalize the translations to make them more managable.17:39
th1adwelsh: Anything to add?17:40
menesisI can, but i'm interested why they are different. was schooltool.commendation supposed to be split out as a separate package?17:40
th1aIt is essentially a demonstration package.17:41
th1aIt is documentation.17:41
Lumiereit may not be a bad idea to have a schooltool.i18n package...17:42
yvlwe're tossing this idea around :)17:43
yvlor, to be more precise, I'm tossing it at menesis ;)17:43
Lumierethat way we *can* have a different template for each package, but keep them in one place17:44
menesisyou don't need a python package for translations17:44
Lumieremenesis: but you do need a bzr branch that keeps them in the same place...17:44
Lumierefor rosetta to auto-load the changes17:45
menesiscurrently the situation is like this: gradebook strings are merged into main schooltool template, but lyceum.journal has it's own template17:46
th1aYeah, just merge that.17:46
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menesismerge all templates into one? schooltool.locales?17:47
th1aWell, I don't know were to merge it.  ;-)17:48
th1aIt just doesn't need to be the one outlier that is screwing things up.17:48
menesisas I understand lyceum.journal is not used by some users so people may want to leave it untranslated?17:49
th1aWell... that's an argument for having LOTS of templates.17:49
th1aWe should either have one or lots.17:50
th1aI vote for one.17:50
menesishm, lyceum.journal is only 31 string, and commendation 2117:50
menesisbut schooltool.pot is more than 100017:51
th1aI mean, there is a good argument for having commendation separate, and just not worrying about it at all.  Hiding it.17:51
menesisso I guess a dozen more strings is not much concern17:51
th1aThere are quite a few modules in SchoolTool that haven't been turned on at all for years.17:52
th1aThere is weeding to be done.17:52
LumiereDifficulties entering our school intoschooltool-200917:52
Lumiereth1a: schooltoolers email for you :)17:52
th1aI see.17:54
th1aI think we're out of gas here...17:55
th1aHave a great week gentlemen!17:55
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:55
yvlthanks th1a17:56
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moquistth1a: ping22:41
krushikWhat is Is it a vedor, which intoduces schooltool in a particular schools in NY and develops it's own closed components?23:40
Lumieretotally separate project23:42
krushikah. ok23:43
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th1amoquist: It has been around forever.23:57
th1aWe just kind of glare at each other.  TSF actually looked into the trademark.23:57
th1aAnd decided that it wasn't really enforceable either way, or something.23:58

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