IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2009-05-22

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phuffordreplaceafill: Hi00:03
replaceafillphufford, hey man00:03
replaceafillsorry i was away00:03
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moquistth1a: yep. "boo" to remote requirements gathering, I say...19:16 has locked up :( I tried to install schooltool on it, that did not finish, and I cannot ssh to the machine anymore...19:20
th1amenesis: OK.19:21
menesisis anyone able to reboot the machine?19:21
th1amoquist: Yes.19:22
th1aI'll send an email.19:22
th1aI mean menesis: Yes.19:22
th1amoquist: At least it is a little more clear what they have in mind.19:22
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