IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-05-19

aelknermoquist: who's there? :)00:00
moquistDuane the Bathtub...I'm dwoning!00:00
moquistMy dad's name is Duane. I totally did not get that joke when I was little even though I heard it a million times.00:00
aelkneri get it, down the Duane00:01
moquistaelkner: I'm wondering if the gradebook is pluggable so we could ship some grades over from Moodle and drop them into the right buckets without creating new hoops to jump through and hiring circus people to hold them.00:01
moquistI started looking at code, but I haven't found my answer yet. :)00:02
aelknerthere's no pluggability with the gradebook00:02
aelknerany data swapping would need to happen with import/export00:02
aelknersomeone did something with export while i wasn't looking00:03
aelknerbut i haven't seen the code yet00:03
aelkneri've been focusing on other features lately00:03
moquistsuppose we have a python library that can securly transfer grades from we want to use the import API internally or begin creating a plugin architecture?00:03
* moquist suspects the latter00:03
aelkneri have no idea how a pluggable architecture would look00:04
moquistOK, NP.00:04
moquistI'm just doing some initial investigation, here.00:04
moquistI recommend that we create a common plugin architecture for SchoolTool that will be able to handle auth, enrollment, and grade transfers with external systems.00:05
moquistMoodle has plugins for each of those, and I think it just makes sense.00:06
aelknerthat could in fact be the way we go00:06
moquistI haven't thought a lot about the design of such architectures, but I've used Moodle's a moderate amount, and we could probably learn a lot from it.00:06
moquistaelkner: I have a loose deadline of August. ;)00:07
aelknerare you coming to the late June sprint in Arlington, VA?00:08
aelkneror maybe we will schedule a different sprint just for integration00:10
moquisthm. that sounds tremendous, but I'll be playing the piano at a wedding in IN in late June, as well as finishing up my last 4 days as an employee of it's kinda busy. :/00:18
moquistAnd if I weren't doing those things, there would be (I assume) the yearly Boston-area MoodleMoot.00:18
moquistI wish I could be there, though. That would be very useful.00:18
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moquistLumiere: are you the auth czar like aelkner is the gradebook czar? :)00:23
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Lumieremoquist: nope00:49
LumiereI'm the CanDo release manager00:49
* moquist nods00:58
moquistwho should I bug about auth & enrollments (if anyone)?00:58
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th1ayvl: Was my braindump at all helpful or just more confusing?17:23
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Lumieretcpdump th1a0 > /home/yvl/braindump17:53
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