IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2009-05-08

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th1amoquist: So... no word from Escondido?16:59
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moquistth1a: yes, but I became a father yesterday so I haven't called him back to start nailing down details yet :)19:27
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th1amoquist: Congratulations!20:02
th1aHow's do you find fatherhood?20:02
moquistso far so good20:10
moquisthe's eating and sleeping and yelling once in a while, so everything seems to be working20:10
th1aToday was Julia's due date.20:10
th1aSeems like she's been around forever though.20:11
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Lumiereth1a: how's everything going?21:34
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th1aLumiere: Fine.21:51
th1aHow are you?21:51
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LumiereI had a pretty long run from my first job to second21:59
LumiereI normally try to get out here before 121:59
Lumiereit was 2:30 when I arrived today21:59

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