IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-05-07

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krushikhi. I've added lang ru to main.conf  and ru language exists in Translation Domains of Manage->App control menu, there is no errors on logs, but site is in eng yet.. what am I doing wrong?02:57
Lumierekrushik: check on launchpad03:50
Lumiereif there is no russian string for it03:50
Lumiereit will show up in the default language (en)03:50
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krushikso, can anybody help with use of schooltool translation? all  messages are compiled, but "lang xx" string at main.conf not working for any lang. no errers in log files17:58
krushiklanguage customisation is not working by auto-detecting lang from browser information too18:00
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Lumierekrushik: idid you see my message yesterday?18:59
Lumierekrushik: I am not sure how much of the russian translation is done18:59
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krushikLumiere, oh. from 77% to 100% already translated in different series. btw I'm trying to switch translation on 1.019:20
krushikdoes incomplete translations should not be applied?19:23
krushikI mean will schooltool be russian-languaged only when translation is 100% complete?19:27
Lumiereno, but anything that is not translated will shw up in english19:53
Lumierekrushik: if you're having issues, you may also want to post a bug report, a couple of the developers are taking a short vacation this week after working for 3 months straight on finishing up 1.019:54
* Lumiere -> work bbiab19:54
th1akrushik: Did you see this -
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